Lesson 5
by G. Kumar


Astro-Numerology, the perfect synthesis between Astrology and Numerology,deals with the correspondence between the nine revolving heavens and the ninenumbers. It also deals with the effect of many Numbers----the Fadic Number,the Name Number and the Birth Number and the combined Fadic, Nameand Birth Numbers. The Pythagorean Law of Vibration states that each numberhas a particular vibration.

The great Paracelsus averred that the knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe must perforce be occult as they are not for the uninitiated. These sciences play an important role in our lives - for they are pointers to the Ultimate Reality.

Five - ruled by the Prince of the Solar Logos, Mercury

Effects of Fadic Number Five
( Fadic Number is the number resulting after adding all the digits comprising yourdate of birth ).

Your numerological number is 5 and Your Life Controller is Mercury. The basic nature of this planet is frailty and in- constancy. In fact the word mercurial is derived from it.

Despite their inconstancy they are intelligent & shrewd and they jump into fields where they can make easy money hating the hazardous and the laborious paths. They take decisions quickly without much aforethought. They are very greedy merchants and involved in stockmarket dealings. They have remarkable resilience.

No crisis can shake them. Their lucky days are Wednesday Thursday and Friday. The best days they should select for their efforts are 5, 14, 23 . Their main drawback is that they use all their creative energy and becomes subject to nervous complaints. They are irate to a fault and cannot face failure.

Cicero Duke of York & the Prince Of Wales were born under this number.

Personality Overview

Controller of Life ---Mercury

You are ruled by the planet which rules commerce, education and speech. As you are a mercurian you have talent in the commercial field knowledge in many areas fine communication ability and power of speech. This planet is truly versatile endowing you many skills in mathematics , wisdom, music sculpture and the arts. The artistic streak in you can take you to dizzy heights. This artistic ability will be manifest even in the business field in the areas of publicity and ad- vertising where creativity is called for.

Your versatility will make you well liked by others. Always enterprising and dynamic you will fit the role of the busy businessman. Pragmatic in approach and using creativity in the field of economics you will open up many areas of busi- ness hitherto unknown with your innovation.

You are emotionally unstable given to fits of depression. Mind becomes inconstant and fickle at times. Adversity may create havoc in your psyche.

You will shine in stockbroking and law. The speculative stock market has its enchantments for you.

You will shine in publicity and advertising. Reading books will easily make you a scholar as your power of imbibing concepts is truly formidable.

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury represents academic knowledge. High academic degrees are attributable to a strongly positioned Mercury in one's natal chart. Relative scientific knowledge, music, mathematics, sculpture & art are also his significations. Three constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac - Epsilon Hydrae, Alpha Cancri ( Aslesha ) , Antares ( Jyeshta ) & Zeta Piscium ( Revathi ) are owned by him.

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An Analytical Review

The zodiac sign representing your number is Gemini. People under the influence of this zodiacal constellation are always enterprising & aggressive equipped with initiative and entreprenauership. Their pragmatic approach to life and their dynamism make them shine in the economic sphere. ( Do not confuse this with the Birth Sign in Astrology )

Your mercurial temparament can sometimes be a drawback. There will be emotional upheavals, mental depressions and ruts from which you will take pains to come out.

Geminians normally are dynamic people always engaged in ent- erprising endeavours. They are the builders of the economic base of the nation. Their enterprise and initiative always earn laurels for them.

You are a lover of Wisdom and the arts. Sculpture, music and the humanities will attract you in no uncertain measure.

Resilience is your forte. You can come out of any nasty situation because of your inherent fine qualities.

Regarding health as you are always straining mentally you torment your mind and the nervous system. This makes you pr- one to many diseases. Insomnia arthritis are common. Best remedy to diseases are proper sleep rest and living like a recluse. The best fruits for you are carrot oats and all types of nuts.

You should guard against illhealth and excess exercise in the months of June September and December. During the ages of 14, 23, 32, 50, and 68 you may experience important changes in health.

Negative Aspect

Manifests as being too intellectual ignoring the ground econo- mic realities of life. Becomes too heavenly and intellectual. Prac- tical life which is based on Economics takes a beating as Poetry & Philosophy mark you for their own.


Priyangu Kailka Shyamam
Roopena Prathimam Budham
Soumaym SOumaygunopetham
Tham Budham Pranathosmyaham

This sloka if recited 108 times can ward off the afflictions arising from Mercury' maleficence. This is the moola sloka of Mercury.

In Astro-Gemmology, Mercury represents Emerald. Wearing this stone on a Shukla Paksha Wednesday ( fifteen days after the New Moon ) will enhance the luck of the Fivians. The Sanskrit text, The Jataka Chandrika assigns Emerald to Mercury .

Lucky Colour GREEN
Lucky Stone EMERALD
Lucky Days of the Week WEDNESDAY
Lucky Day 14, 5, 23
Lucky Month MAY

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In Transcendental Philosophy the Number Five is considered very sacred. The Absolute Self is enveloped by five concentric sheaths - the material, the mental, the vital, the intellectual & the blissful. The entire Universe is composed of the Elemental Five - earth, fire, water, air & ether. Our sensory world is relayed to us by the Five sense organs. In Sidereal Astrology the Fifth House is important as it is one of the moral triangles. In Transcendental Meditation, the Fifth state is the all-important Cosmic Consciousness. Five is very prominent in the Pythagorean system. No wonder Pythogoras exulted in the mystery of the Number Five!

In the next article we will deal with the Sixians- those who are ruled by Dione or Venus known as Freya in Norse Mythology and as Shukra in Indian Mythology.

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