First Quarter 1997 Probabilities
by Naomi Bennett

This is being written on December 21, 1996. We are nearing a Moon Wobble centered on December 25, 1996 but having its effects felt as early as December 18th to 31st. This is a term coined by Carl Payne Tobey for a Sun-Lunar Node hard aspect of conjunctions or squares. The opposition aspect is implied since lunar nodes have both a north and south node that are 180 degrees apart. Solar and lunar eclipses occur near a Moon Wobble period if the Sun is in conjunction or opposition to the lunar nodes. This Moon Wobble is also in a close conjunction with Saturn in Aries. This can represent organized military operations, militant attitudes in governments and stubbornness to stay the course and maintain the status quo with power and force. The unexpected is mixed in here with surprises, legal action and national and international news events.

Current Events

Already some militant guerrillas have 300 plus foreign diplomats hostage in Peru with the world watching. There was a bomb explosion in Israel two days ago. Tensions are building so the news reports will be busy with activity this week. Watch for the unexpected and surprising turns in world events. As the Sun was coming into this aspect last week, it also squared transiting Mars. This came with Saddam Hussein's son nearly being assassinated and the beginning of the Peru standoff. The established order will not be bullied during this period, so the tensions and conflicts can become chronic and punitive. There is a lack of heart for the other side. Defiance of authority will be met with harsh limitations and restrictions. As this news-making period fades in the last week of the year, the events generated this week are not likely to be resolved. They are more likely to become chronic background issues that don't quite make it to the front page or the top of the news hour but they are still with us.

First quarter of 1997

The first quarter of 1997 begins the most astrologically eventful part of 1997. There is a rare alignment of multiple planets in early degrees that make multiple aspects from January 4th until March 8th. February 3-14 will be the most intense part of this period.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in early Aquarius will bring new insights in discoveries and inventions. This is a major aspect for the electronic industry and scientific community. Saturn in early Aries and Pluto in early Sagittarius are both sextile this conjunction. This a major period for start ups of new pioneering ventures, corporate formation, social reform for child advocacy, major changes in organized religion. This is a period of new ideas and the energy to make them take on material form. It's a time that pushes us into the future and makes it concrete.

Mars-Saturn aspects

The negative during this intense nine week period is that Mars will be stationary in early Libra in opposition to Saturn in early Aries. Mars-Saturn aspects are considered to be malefic but this opposition will be extra interesting since it's in the future-oriented cardinal signs of Libra and Aries. Mars is a planet of action, intense feeling, anger, loyalty, possessiveness, executive ability, authoritative-paternalistic caring and sexuality. I associate Mars with Scorpio, the sign ruling the sex organs. Saturn is the Lord of Limits, responsibility, duty and restriction of the individual. It's about law and order, curbing the individual appetites, following the rules, and fearing retribution. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn which is associated with bones, teeth and joints. When fear and limitations meet anger and possessiveness, difficult stalemates can form. The chronic, old and worn break down. People can become aggressive when fear grips them, including governments run by heads of state. They are emotional and reactive too.

From a more universal perspective, the Mars-Saturn opposition is in the progressive, independent signs of Aries and Libra. These factors point to change into the future form, stressing individual initiative, protection of one's family or race, breaking out of the past yet being held back by what's expected and required. These multiple factors that push and pull between the past and future are outweighed by the new. A new form will be achieved but it will be with much effort, work and possible frustration.

The fear of loss and being dogmatic in one's beliefs can lead people to overcommit themselves, overwork themselves and become depressed when they are joyless. Life is taken seriously. If individuals have key important points in their astrological charts in early cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, this can be a difficult period to go through. Life can feel overwhelming and become gray with obligations. There can be a real need to break out of the routines and patterns of life. The need to take care of oneself for exercise, rest and health can compensate to balance these outside requirements. Otherwise, illness can visit under the opportunity of stress. It's then difficult to recover and regain the strength back. On the other hand, this can be life's way of releasing us from our duties and obligations. It's one of society's acceptable excuses to not make our commitments when illness prevents it. Considering the time of year of this aspect, it could be a hard winter with a major flu epidemic as a possibility. The physically weak and frail could become chronic and threatened with their health. The hospitals are likely to have their beds at full capacity.

Some of the famous charts that are effected by these aspects are President Clinton, Saddam Hussein, Benjamin Netanyahu, The State of Israel, Boris Yeltsin and OJ Simpson. They are all likely to be in the news repeatedly during this period. The stock markets are likely to turn bearish during these nine weeks but with strength in the high tech industry.

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