O.J.'s Civil Murder Trial

by Naomi Bennett

What Will Be The Outcome Of O.J.'s Civil Murder Trial?

O.J. Simpson's civil trial for the murder of his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman began on Tuesday, September 17, 1996. As some background Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were brutally stabbed to death on June 12, 1994 at approximately 10:20 p.m. in Beverly Hills. O.J. was the prime suspect with the most publicized trial in American history. He was found innocent on October 3, 1995. Police mishandling of evidence and the racial bias of Mark Fuhrman were major factors in the jury's decision. California law allows for victims to sue for civil monetary damages so that double jeopardy doesn't occur. Judge Fujisaki projects the trial to last four months.

From an astrological point of view, there were strong factors in O.J.'s and Nicole's charts to suggest that he was the murderer. O.J.'s personality is both the introvert and extrovert with three factors in Cancer and Leo on the Ascendant. These are strong personality factors. To the outside world O.J. can show his outgoing leadership qualities. But at home in his relationship with women, he has a strong need to be mothered and taken care of by his partner. There is also a strong dominance factor where his will/desire must be done. During the year of 1994 he was facing strong frustrations in his life of limitations and responsibilities that could lead him into strong feelings of resentment and punitive actions. The week and night of the murder lifted these frustrations up to an escalation point by the actions of Nicole. There was a strong desire on O.J.'s part to dominate and control. These impluses were strongly expressed several days before the murder and was very active during the murder.

Nicole's chart showed 1994 was a year of drastic changes where she was risk taking to break away from the past. She was attempting to remold and redefine her life. She had just put her condo up for sale and planned to move away with her children. This would take her away from O.J. and out of his control. It is claimed that the week before the murder that he watched Nicole make love to another man through her window. There were angry words and phone messages spoken between them that week. The week of her death was an especially dangerous time for her. She could be reckless, impulsive and highly reactive. The aspects in her chart pointed to a dramatic severance of old ties that could be life threatening. It's very common to find the murder violence in the victim's chart and this was true for Nicole.

Ron Goldman was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. At the time of the murder, his chart shows an minor but little connection with Nicole. The moment of the murder puts Ron's Saturn (which can represent fated decisions) on the pivotal 4th cusp of the death chart. His timing was wrong to deliver the sunglasses at that moment but it wasn't predictable. There could be more here but I only have Ron's birth date and not his birthtime which could provide more information about him.

O.J.'s civil trial starts at a time that spells out strong legal action from third parties in conflict with him (Nicole's parents and Ron Goldman's parents). This period also emphasizes people from his past and old relationships. This symbolizes his marriage and relationship to Nicole, and all the old friends that knew them. This aspect will dominate the entire trial period were their conflicts will be dredged up from the past. This trial will be in the news the rest of September but watch the period of Sept. 25-Oct. 5th. There should be major new reports of importance with unexpected turns.

At the same time, O.J. has mental illusions that are not based on reality. He sees himself and his situation in a false light. He can't get a perspective on it. This period can also be a time of mental depression and mental chaos as his beliefs are confronted with the reality check of this trial.

O.J. is in a power struggle of parental rights and custody with Nicole's parents. The end of September will put him into a power confrontation with them where he will struggle with his temper. Beginning in late November this struggle for power and control will be stronger in his efforts to fight these two issues of parenting and murder. Watch specifically Nov. 2-15 for these struggles. This could lead him into conflicts with his attorneys and his need to be in control are threatened. He can be overbearing during this period but will it show in the news?

Dec. 7-27 is an impulsive, reactive period of time for O.J. This could be a bad turn of events in the trial that are not in his favor. Unexpected surprises and setbacks can happen. He can make mistakes with impulsive decisions and choices.

The culmination or climax of this trial for O.J. will be the month of February 1997, especially the period of Feb. 10-March 8, 1997. February 4-14 should bring shocking news and surprise events in big headlines. The dust won't settle and the situation won't be finally decided and calmed down until early March of 1997. The crisis of February 1997 will be life changing. Aspects of this kind leave their mark behind. After the crisis is over, the scar remains. The structure of his life will continue to go through massive alterations through the rest of 1997 as an aftermath of this trial.

Copyright © 1996 Naomi Bennett. All other publishing rights are reserved by the Author, Naomi Bennett, 3300 Bee Cave Road, Suite 127-650, Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 328-9277 home, fax (512) 328-6957. Naomi Bennett has practiced astrology since 1970 and teaches in Austin. She is currently working on her first book. naomiben@swbell.net

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