Bill Cosby
by Naomi Bennett

Birthdata: July 12, 1937, 1:30 am EDT, GermanTown, PA 40n02, 75W10
Son's murder: Jan 16, 1997, 1:40 AM PST, Los Angeles, CA 34N03, 118W14
Broadcast of Cosby's interview admitting sex with mother of woman blackmailing Cosby as illegitimate daughter: Jan 27 1997, untimed, New York, NY

For the past two weeks, Bill Cosby has been through a horrendous upheaval in his life with the mysterious murder of his only son while changing a tire on a LA freeway. Within a 48 hour period while this news was breaking, a young black woman was arrested in New York City for attempting to blackmail millions from Cosby by accusing him of being her father and going to the press with the relevation.

Bill Cosby has been one of the most successful black comedians in the USA. He is also noted for his strong emphasis on higher education, holding a Ph.D. in Education. He put his money behind his commitment to higher education by funding many poor black students with college scholarships and donating millions of Spellman College. He has a strong concern for young people and children. He is noted for his family oriented sitcom shows and clean family jokes in live comedy.

Prominant Aries Influences

Cosby has a powerful chart with Taurus rising and Uranus on the Ascendant. He is conservative but unconventional. He is willing to look at new ideas and perspectives that haven't been tried before. He can be a risk taker that is willing to be the first one to break new barriers. With a Taurus Ascendant gives him the staying power to keep his commitments to goals and ideas for a live time. He has real staying power that moderates surprising new ideas that have been tempered down to middle America. His Sun is conjunct Mercury and Pluto in Cancer and this triple conjunction is opposed by Jupiter. Here is the power house in his chart that marries his sensitivity to feelings with hard work and fierce determination.

His Cancer Sun on the nodes of Pluto and conjunct Pluto gives him an Aries type personality in duplicate. The nature of Aries is strongly associated with children and the younger generation. They are usually pioneers in their field of work and Cosby broke the color barrier many times to become one of the highest paid actors on television. Jupiter is conjunct his Midheaven in Capricorn which is indicative of his strong support of tradition education as a means of social advancement. He is very public about his position on education and integrates it with his career. He has continuously lectured to the youth of America on the importance of education as a means to personal freedom.

Powerful Transiting Influences

Three points in his chart are strongly activated during this first quarter of 1997:

  1. The day of his son's murder, transiting Sun, Neptune and Jupiter were conjunct in Capricorn and opposing his Pluto. This points to unexpected changes with youth, children or males in his life. It's also in his !0th house of public career and public image. The entire USA is aware of his personal life and in full view of the public. With Neptune, unsolved mysteries can be involved.
  2. Transiting Pluto is opposing his Venus which again points to young people in association with him. Venus is associated with friends and lovers which points to this illegitimate daughter coming into his life with unexpected surprises (the opposition). Transits of Pluto are associated with deeply transforming experiences and sometimes death which can be emotional in nature or physical.
  3. Transiting Saturn is conjunct his Saturn and is opposed by transiting Mars for a solid nine weeks until March 8th. This opposition aspect is also aligned with the transiting Lunar Nodes. This is called a Saturn return and can be a period of stress with one's career and public life . But the addition of Mars and the lunar nodes for nine weeks adds the stress of intense emotions and unexpected changes and surprises. This is a period of extreme emotion, stress and depression. The weight of the world can feel like it's on one's shoulders.

Impact of Natal Cancer Sun

As a Sun in Cancer man, Bill is probably deeply wounded to his core, but with triple Aries qualities in his chart, his will power will give him the energy to put on a brave face and go on with his life. He has already announced that he will go back to taping his television show to put humor into the world. From astrology, I see his period of mourning not beginning to lift until March 1997. He could easily be embroiled with legal issues during this period or face illness as a result of the stress that he is under. But many times illness is a blessing for people who push themselves through life without taking the emotional rest that they really require. These are probabilities that are likely to happen but not absolute.

The nature of Bill Cosby's personality and what he thinks is important in the world strongly suggests an Aries personality. The transits of Neptune opposing his Pluto and transiting Pluto opposing his Venus strongly reinforces my position that Pluto rules Aries since the major events in his life involve his children and a young woman that claims to be his daughter. The majority of astrologers believe that Mars rules Aries and that Pluto rules Scorpio but there has always been a minority of astrologers that differ. The nature of the two planets have strong similarities of jealousy and possessiveness, intense emotion and a need to take action. Associations with war, the military, and executive ability are stressed for both Scorpio and Aries. Before the discovery of Pluto, Mars ruled both Scorpio and Aries.

A more expanded discussion of these differences are posted in my prior article on Pluto. The easiest distinction that can be made between these two planets as ruler of Aries is if one of them can be seen to be strongly associated with children or the younger generation since that is a major quality of Aries, not Scorpio. There are other attributes that are distinct but this is the clearest one for analysis.

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