John Denver Crashes to his Death
by Naomi Bennett, October 14, 1997

News reports yesterday stated that John Denver crashed his experimental plane into Monterey Bay, Ca. on October 13, 1997 at 5:57 pm PDST. An eyewitness stated that she heard a pop, saw a puff of smoke, saw the plane stall, and then fall straight down plunging into the Pacific Ocean.

John Denver was a very successful country music singer who reached the peak of his career in the 1970's. He was also noted for his love of the outdoors, the environment, fast cars and aviation.

Famous people in the limelight give astrologers an opportunity to explore their horoscopes confirm their characteristics and explain the timing of major events in their lives. The parts of Denver's life that we know about from news reports strongly demonstrate these principals.

He was born on December 31, 1943 at 3:55 pm in Roswell, New Mexico. He was a 9 degree Sun in Capricorn, 14 degree Moon in Pisces on the Nonagesimal (equal house tenth cusp) with Mars conjunct Uranus on the Ascendant of 10 Gemini. His Capricorn Sun gave him a respect for traditions and made him a young achiever but it was also on the nodes of Jupiter so he had an social reformers outlook, he wanted to change the world into a better future for all of us. His Moon in Pisces gave him the desire to make his living in music by touching into the mass consciousness of his society. The Mars-Uranus on his Ascendant made him the risk taker that loved the adventure of speed for the adrenaline rush it provided. People with this aspect are drawn to the mechanical, like cars and things that can provide the excitement that they crave. Downhill skiing and high risk mountain climbing are activities that put them on the edge that are highly attractive.

The fatal plane crash shows a very high risk period for him this past two weeks. If I had been his astrologer, I would have advised him to stay way from all high risk activities from September 25-October 20. The exact timing of his takeoff and crash shows in detail the correspondence of potential tragedy in the horoscope. This is not fate but the choosing of action taken during times that are extremely negative in their potential. Choosing not to fly at this time, he could very well be alive. In astrology, all moments in time are not equal. Time has quality to it not just the sequencial passage from the future into the past. Each moment of the Now is filled with potential if action is taken.

The Ascendant of his takeoff of 5:00 pm had 13 Pisces rising within a degree from his Moon which is a body-survival point. Transiting Pluto, Venus and Mars were in opposition to his Mars, Uranus and Ascendant. The transiting Moon was in a square to all of these points. He was having difficulties in his relationships with others during this period. Life was difficult and stressful in his personal relationships, especially with the women in his life. Note that the conjunction of Mars to Pluto was separating by 6 degrees but Mars was the trigger point coming to his Descendant and the Moon added to this tension that afternoon with the squaring aspect. He was having a high risk, difficult year with the long term transit of Pluto, but it takes Mars to bring events into a crisis point. The opposition aspect of transiting Mars-Pluto to his Mars-Uranus brings in the element of the unexpected, abrupt, explosive into the mix.

This wasn't his first exposure to accidents. In April 1989, he was in another plane crash. That month, transiting Saturn, Neptune and Uranus were all in conjunction with his Sun and transiting Mars was conjunct his Saturn. He was arrested for drunk driving on August 21, 1994 when he crashed his Porsche into some trees. That period had transiting Saturn on his nonagesimal (equal tenth cusp) which deals with limits and restrictions with authority. It was also square his Mar-Uranus-Ascendant. Transiting Mars was in opposition to his Sun. He had to face the external authority of the police and the court for his actions with a car, which cost him lots of money, and negative publicity for his public image.

Today, news reports on television claim that John Denver had just bought this plane from another man and this was John's first flight in his newly purchased plane for $50,000. Mechanical equipment such as these should not be purchased during such aspects because they indicate the equipment to be a danger to the new owner. If this turns out to be true, it gives additional meaning to the position of transiting Venus in the middle of the conjunction of Pluto and Mars. This indicates that people around John Denver are involved with the death hazards of this accident. I don't mean foul play but that there could have been hidden repairs or maintenance items that were not revealed at the time of purchase by the prior owner.

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