The September Eclipse

by Naomi Bennett

Saddam Hussein vs. USA in the News in September 1996 The end of September 1996 marks a major headline period of surprising events and unexpected reactions from September 23 - October 5th. This period is especially strong from Sept. 25-30. Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980) called this kind of event a Moon Wobble. Carl was one of American's major astrologers in the 20th century and was known internationally too. A Moon Wobble occurs approximately every six months when the Sun is conjunct or square the lunar nodes. He noticed that wars begin and end. There can be a unexpected loss of life in fires. People react more impulsively. There are major explosive news events. The Persian Gulf War started during one of these periods and the Oklahoma Bombing occurred during such a period. The ancients recognized the importance of these events because solar and lunar eclipses occurred during these periods so the ancient astrologers/astronomers watched them carefully.

With the recent conflict with Iraq and USA, I noticed that this particular Moon Wobble was strongly placed in Saddam's birth chart and in President Clinton's. In the past week, troops from Fort Hood have moved out to Kuwait and Navy carriers are in position. The coincidence of this aspect to these two men's charts means major news events that could involve both men. The aspect is intensified by transiting Saturn being conjunct this point and in the same declination as the Sun and Moon. The lunar eclipse during period will involve Saturn too. This mixture combines impulsively with the need to contain the individual and make them conform to established laws, rules and codes of conduit. Conformity and restriction of individual impulses can be demanded under explosive circumstances.

Saddam's chart shows a man that can be dogged and bull headed in his needs. He is impulsive and has an explosive personality. I recently saw a program on Saddem on PBS about his history and background. The program claimed he studied all major 20th century dictators (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini) to utilize their techniques of terror and control of the population and of lessor military leaders. This is a man who is fearless in his power of others weaker than himself but will back down in the face of power greater than his. Transits to his chart indicate a more aggressive and impulsive period for him to step out of his own bounds of boldness. During this last conflict, the Arab nations honored Saddam as winning the conflict with the USA by his missile counteracts. He is considered a hero in the Middle East. He is reaching his career pinnacle of success in his life and will receive the most recognition during this time. This period could mark the culmination of his place in history in 1996-1997.

Believe it or not, Ross Perot's chart is affected by this same Moon Wobble. He has gotten alot of press with his threat of a law suit to be part of the presidential debates. He should stay in the news through the end of the month but like Saddem, 1996-7 indicates the culmination or apex of his career. He will fade from public view after the election. Another person in the news that this aspect impacts is O. J. Simpson. His civil trial has started this month and the judge's rulings are going against him. This period is strongly placed in his chart and definitely indicates that the law will be firm and difficult on him this time.
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