Predictions for 1999-2007
by Tom Chase

August 1999, the Grand Cross Astrology Pattern

On August 18, 1999 there is a Grand Cross Astrology pattern, where the planets are grouped in a cross shape. This is the most unusual Astrology pattern of the last two thousand years, and consists of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Leo; Mars and the Moon in Scorpio with Pluto close by in Sagittarius; Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus; and Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. And if Scorpio is considered to be the Eagle, and Aquarius the man, then the Grand Cross has the four beasts seen in Revelation 4 of the Bible, where they are sit at the throne of heaven, and they have the faces of an eagle, a man, a lion, and a calf.

And this will be just a week after a total solar eclipse in Europe which passes over parts of France and Germany.

Also consider that 666 is the Satanic number of the Antichrist in the Bible's Book of Revelation, and 1998=666x3, and 1999 has 666 upside down. And the Grand Cross is actually a bent cross, giving it a Satanic connection to the Antichrist idea. Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible, consists of prophecies of future events, including the rise to power of the Antichrist, who will be a Satanic imitation of Christ, and also a military genius.

And August 18, 1999, the day of the Grand Cross Astrology pattern, is the same day the Cassini space probe to Saturn passes by earth, passing very close to earth, on its way to Saturn, carrying a Plutonium power source. It could be that Cassini's trip to Saturn may symbolically represent the Earth's trip to "Satan", because of a series of catastrophic events over the next few years-- economic chaos, the Y2K software bug, wars, and diseases. Cassini passing by earth on August 18, 1999 may symbolically represent earth having some kind of nuclear conflict in August 1999, possibly caused by China or Russia. Note that the Antichrist is said in Revelation 13 to have the mouth of a lion and the feet of a bear, and that he gets his power from the dragon. The dragon is usually interpreted to be Satan, the devil. But maybe the bear is Russia, the lion is Iraq (the lion was a symbol of Babylon, the ancient kingdom located where Iraq is today), and Red China would be the dragon. This could mean that a Russia-China-Iraq military alliance agaist the West is forming, and that somehow mlitary conflict in August 1999 will result. Or it could be that the chaos after August 1999 will be due to the Y2K software bug causing world economic disaster and power failures.

Also, Cassini reaches Saturn on July 1, 2004, and orbits Saturn for several years, and also sends the Huygens space probe to land on Saturn's moon Titan in November 2004. Possibly earth then reaches "Satan" in 2004 because of a series of catastrophic events that began with the August 1999 events, and result in Armageddon by 2004.

The Southern Cross Effect

The 1987 Southern Hemisphere supernova should reach visible brightness again by year 2007, because it is brightening again because of a collision of gases in space. A series of positive events in the Southern Hemisphere seem to have begun with the 1987 supernova, in what I call the "Southern Cross Effect": democracy and economic stability came to the countries of South America after that, and positive political change came to South Africa. So after year 2007, I believe that hope for the world will come from the Southern Hemsphere -- South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and the brightening Southern Hemisphere supernova represents this hope.

A New Bright Comet Soon?

I believe another bright comet, as bright as seen from earth as Comet Hale-Bopp, will appear in 1999 or 2000. This is because if the "unholy trinity" of Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet will be appearing, and Satan is represented as a "Star that falls from heaven" like a comet, then there should be 3 comets representing this unholy trinity -- and we have only had 2 bright comets in recent years. So I would not be surprised if there is a third bright comet in 1999 or 2000, and I would not be surprised if it is red in color, has 10 tails, and is discovered by a Russian or Ukrainian astronomer.

Y2K Chaos

I would not be surprised if there is worldwide Y2K chaos after the Y2K software bug hits on September 9, 1999 and December 31, 1999. Y2K hits hard on 9/9/99 because "9999" was frequently used as a test code or other function in software. So I would not be surprised if world economic chaos and power failures result from Y2K in late 1999 and year 2000. This could be related to the Antichrist gaining world power, and Y2K could be an alternative meaning for the Grand Cross of August 1999.

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