Chiron Excerpts from TRANSITS - by Esther V. Leinbach

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Chiron is here to help us evolve and spread our wings, to make us realize we are all part of the whole as well as an individual self with sovereignty and autonomy. We are at the point in our evolution where we must comprehend humanity as an ocean of spiritual individuals without losing our identity. This is not a new idea even though we have not been able to comprehend it before. Spirit is the intangible space which forms matter according to its ability to make use of consciousness. Saturn wants boundaries to maintain individuality and tangible identity while Uranus wants to break through these walls to freedom and an expanded universe. Chiron encompasses both of them, indicating that we do not loose our identity or our freedom in a wider context. It gives access to ways out and beyond whatever the body it transits represents. It enlarges your options by pointing in directions you have been unable to recognize without also cutting you off completely from where you have been and whatever security you feel is necessary to your survival.

This may vary with different individuals and different times. It is related to time in ways that also makes time irrelevant when it would otherwise be limiting. It increases our ability to exercise some control over forces moving either toward or away with scientific knowledge and hidden power even though the scientific knowledge has not been scientifically checked out but is nevertheless verifiable. Chiron is here to make us more aware of the part "the other" plays in our lives.


The influence here really surprises me. For some reason it seems to be caught between Saturn and Uranus more than any other sign. At least for now and a significant period of time past and future Chiron is outside the orbit of Uranus in this sign. Here it seems to be most involved with women's issues, relationships, childbirth, bleeding heart sympathy, as well as being secretive and authoritarian. It suggests to me a pioneer confronting a wilderness of unexplored possibilities with fervor, determination and sensitivity. Of its maverick nature, it may be the most unpredictable maverick in this sign. "I will be me at all cost," even though the cost is also taken into account. Chiron will not go looking for trouble. Neither will it give up on the goal. Merely the means to get there. If you have Chiron here, you have the assignment to be yourself first, then finding a partnership you can allow without destroying your identity.


Chiron has a tendency to shake Taurus up considerably, especially with what Taurus is most interested in: security in the form of both liquid and more permanent assets as well as earthly beauty and pleasures. If left to its own devices, Taurus can be happily situated in what has all the appearances of being some kind of rut. Chiron at the very least makes the rut uncomfortable. Of course, comfort is also a primary necessity for Taurus. Chiron is helpful in accumulating what makes Taurus happy, especially if it has the characteristic of being some kind of hodge podge. Chiron can be both illuminating and humiliating to Taurus. It will open the door to travel which is not a priority to Taurus normally. It improves Taurus' healing abilities as well as increasing sexual magnetism. Chiron can find peculiar traps particularly with banking procedures. During the last transit through Taurus, Chiron was leaving Uranus' orbit and heading back to cross into Saturn's orbit. Those who have Chiron here will be less like the more traditional descriptions of Taurus. They will cut a path of their own making rather than follow any set of guidelines which follow accepted practices. There is a relationship with Venus, which traditionally rules Libra, challenging as well as supporting only part of what Venus continues to do for Taurus. These two signs quincunx which accounts for two very distinctly different points of view while still sharing much on the surface. They may come to blows when you get down to the details..


Chiron gets its name from Chiros, having to do with time. Chiron in Gemini moves us into the 5th dimension where time is no longer limited by Saturn and chronological time. This sign trines the house I believe Chiron rules. Here, time as we know it is the least relevant. Gemini needs the freedom to move freely in the atmosphere, not attached to anything or anyone which restricts its freedom. At the same time, it is able to focus intently on any and all bits of information for only a short amount of time. Chiron here moves us into the 5th dimension where time can be longer or shorter in the NOW or totally ignored. Gemini is also the adolescent youthful sign not responding to age as strongly as other signs. It is from Gemini and the Third House that we find a way to ignore age at least for temporary moments. Chiron here increases those opportunities. Chiron here also support equivocation where a discussion can be never ending as long as it is introducing something a little different. This position can also be very helpful in making a decision once the information seems to be complete. Judgments are more involved with understanding rather than tabulating the elements or number of items involved. Dissecting to find answers is not acceptable to this position. Each piece must fit somewhere in the whole picture. NOW becomes crucial with little or no thought about what has gone before or what the results will be.. If it is done right you need not worry about the results. Nothing is ever settled until it is settled right and must be subject to change as each new picture evolves. If you have Chiron here you are probably considered more responsible than most Geminis might be. You may be impossible to pin down but also very opinionated with a logic which may not be decipherable. You cannot be detained longer than it takes for you to make a determination. You also cannot change just one thing. You must take in the whole picture. It might seem with all these considerations no decision could be made. However, you are living in the NOW. If anything changes the whole picture changes. You have no time to worry about that.


Chiron broadens the Cancer or Fourth House emphasis horizon to include all of humanity. Nevertheless charity begins at home. Chiron also takes on more emotional characteristics than it normally does. Therefore if you have Chiron here you will need to watch your emotions to deal with the problems you find. Emotions are probably the biggest stumbling block you will find to detract from your natural healing abilities in many areas. It is possible that you could be narrow minded about much that you see that is wrong. Your home may be a popular habitant for rather needy people. Cancer generally does not want to take in the needy who are not part of the home territory under a central direction. Keeping your mental and emotional balance is very necessary to your success. It is a similar challenge as mixing oil and water, difficult but possible and very necessary. Because of your ability to succeed in what you take on you will have considerable freedom to act on your own recognizance. This also increases your responsibility to recognize what the other side of issues you take on have that would increase your understanding if you find a way to remain open minded and objective. Few if any of the people you take under your wing are saints. Neither are those you would like to restrain all bad. You must learn to give the devil his dues and go on.


Talk about freedom! Never have I seen such a responsible demand for freedom than those with Chiron in this position. They are driven by just about everything they decide to do. Leo generally controls health with will power. This combination is most successful at just that. With this position, you carefully scrutinize everything that captures your interest. A trial lawyer with this combination would be unbeatable because of the study put forth and the determination to not only win but be right. You have an awareness that you reap what you sow. You have a sense of responsibility about "I'll do it myself" which I have seen no where else.( I have found what Zane B. Stein says in a VIEW FROM CHIRON to be most reliable, students of Chiron should find his work most helpful. The following comments refer to his insights) These people have major lessons to learn through children and/or lovers, and these lessons will change their whole lifestyle, once learned. They often add a whole new career, after pursuing one career for many years, yet frequently keep the old one as well. You manage somehow to be unique with self taught strategies that somehow mark you as an individual not to be mistaken for anyone else. Much goes on behind the scenes which you never expose to the light of day even though you are not deliberately trying to hide anything. Much of what goes on in your head is not possible for others to comprehend. You really do not wish to stand out as a freak or be in any way offensive with your uniqueness. Just do your own thing and don't fence me in.


Virgo and the Sixth house are known for their involvement with health which goes to the extreme of hypochondriac. With Chiron here health conditions are so unique, even more so than the sign itself would indicate, that what works for the large statistical number literally does not work for you. you are better off paying attention to how you feel than seeking medical advice. If you do seek medical advice it will be most important for the treatment to mean something understandable to you. Virgo also deals with cataloging information which can be invaluable if you are able to deal with the emotional realities that all of humanity is caught up with. Because you are so good at cataloging you often resist the reality of feelings. You tend to feel that others are either more intelligent or more stupid than you are. Even though you may have high intelligence especially with Chiron here you can't be bothered learning from the experts. In spite of the fact that Virgo is not known for its intuitive ability Chiron here seems to give you a quality of knowing that may not be recognized as intuition. Perhaps you have a better filing system. This ability does seem to cut down on your optimism. Relationships are also hazardous. You are very sensitive to being hurt with break ups and resist dealing with your feelings in rational ways. The more you are able to learn to deal with this problem the more valuable you become in helping others particularly in the healing fields, not that you have a solution but that you develop a sensitivity that helps others find their own solutions. From Zane B. Stein "One thing that irks these people more than anything else is to find that something has again gone wrong, once it has been corrected. There is a deep belief that no one should control another, no one should own another, and no one should keep anyone from being himself, and discovering his skills and abilities."


I have come to the conclusion that Chiron has come to a House very much in disorder. We are also in a renaissance period where Saturn's walls must come down and be restructured while Uranus is poking holes in everything we thought was protecting us. These three are working together in ways we have not seen before. Chiron's part in the process is to awaken us to the need to be responsible individuals before we can find or be responsible partners. From my studies, I find it a most remarkable influence which is truly the key (as the symbol indicates) to this particular renaissance period. In my opinion, it is the crowning glory to ushering us into a new and peaceful millennium. So what do we need to learn? We need to learn to be responsible without blaming anyone or anything for what we have to face. We truly are writing our own script and bringing on the consequences for the choices we make. To be critical or insensitive to our pain or that of anyone else is not the answer. In the Society we have built up until now, we just haven't come to grips with this. We are afraid to even consider what really caused our pain and suffering. If we are able to see what is causing someone else's pain, we consider them stupid and go on. If we feel too stupid ourselves, we build up unconscious blocks in our psyches which continue to cause us unrecognized pain. Giving really does more for the giver than the recipient. All of us would rather be on the giving side than the receiving side even though we are far from understanding that. I believe that Chiron is here as the new ruler of Libra to shine a light on relationships in a way we have not been able to figure out before. It is considered a maverick healer because it revolutionizes what society has taught us. It may be wrong to be selfish but not wrong to be self oriented. In the society today, we do not believe in our value and are scared literally to death of our weakness and failure. We cannot forgive or even understand others until we can forgive and understand ourselves. Chiron is currently transiting Libra where it moves the fastest. Here, it is inside the orbit of Saturn checking out the structural limitations we have put up to imprison ourselves in order to feel protected. The walls are weakening. We no longer feel safe with what we are leaning on. If you have Chiron here, you are on the forefront of this restructuring. As Chiron transits Libra, we all are getting a wake-up call.


Scorpio uses Chiron's nature according to its own point of view which is involved with being in full control of relationships. Usually money is a factor. Chiron here is making it more difficult for Scorpio to stay in control. The methods used to control a relationship are breaking down. Domestic abuse is one thing that has been very effective in a society in which women have been given little or no place in the world of money. Committed to their children with no opportunity to earn or be in charge of the means to feed, cloth and house either themselves or their children, they have been saddled with the most menial opportunities with the lowest pay. However, the more evolved Scorpions have realized that, as Ghandi said "there is hope for the brute but none for the slave of love." Women's role in this crumbling society has really allowed very little room for freedom or independence. Of course, many women have found their own ways to remain in control which I feel indicates it is up to women to recognize their worth and focus on that rather than looking for someone to lean on. The responsibility rests on each individual. I believe that Chiron is here to teach us the need for our own independence in order to develop better relationships. It seems to me it is in this sign that the battle of independence will be fought out. Slavery in any guise is no longer acceptable. It will not stop until more individuals accept responsibility for themselves. Free will is what we are here to exercise. Yet we avoid it like the plague. The price is responsibility. The more freedom we insist on, the more we see responsibility as the price.


Philosophical and religious concepts permeate just about everything these people have anything to do with. If you have Chiron here, you have much to deal with. Your search for truth is never ending. You are subject to being mislead by others, although not for long. No stopping place for you. Your curiosity is unlimited when you find a closed door or anything being hidden or kept secret. You want to know! It is difficult if not impossible to find validation for what you believe. You will never stop trying to find the bottom line and what is just around the corner. Restrictions offer a challenge of finding a way out. You have the ability to organize your vast experience in unique and original ways, along with the ability to make very complicated things simple, once you understand them. Chiron here also helps you handle the wealth that Sagittarius attracts, providing more awareness than most Sagittarians are able to acheive. You are impartial in making judgments, building principle guidelines as you go. Healing for you is very much in the mind. You need to understand and feel what's going on in your body and why. Any authority figures, including doctors, will have to help you understand for yourself if you are to accept their treatment.


Chiron is probably more at home in Capricorn than any other planet since it squares both the sign in which it is inside the orbit of Saturn. (that is, in Libra, the sign it rules, in my opinion) and the sign in which it is beyond the orbit of Uranus (that is, when in Aries.) This is probably the place where it is best able to be objective about these two energies as it attempts to usher humanity into a new understanding of relationships. Aries, the loner, and Libra, the significant other. Capricorn, the establishment, provides structure for the spirit in the seed waiting to be sprouted within the human psyche. Those with Chiron here feel a special assignment to promote what they know about the establishment as well as what is involved in playing the maverick role. This position must seek to keep things looking ahead to transforming changes. Chiron is very helpful in keeping you on an even keel without going overboard in either direction. You are more aware of your right to be an individual and less afraid to make changes which are positive and still maintain the necessary support from the establishment. You stay in touch with public opinion but you also are able to recommend things that Capricorn might otherwise be hesitant to try. You understand the need for structure as well as growth. You want what you are suggesting to be reliable and long lasting. You also have the charisma to make others feel good and confident that you aren't too far off the beaten path for them to appreciate your reliability.


Chiron in Aquarius transcends the boundaries of time. Aquarius is interested in both the far off distant future as well as the ancient past. Chiron furthers that interest and awareness here. It also helps Aquarius to appreciate boundaries even though they are challenges to be explored. Nothing must be left unexplored. Aquarius supports Chiron's relationship with Chiros. Time merely allows us an opportunity to look more closely at pieces of the puzzle, thereby helping to know better where to put the pieces. Once the pieces are in place, Chiron can be anywhere, anytime. Chiron here should be an aid in the experience of out of body travel, offering the opportunity to be any place, any time. Chiron here also helps Aquarius to manage their health in what might seem like magic with no explanation except that "time for being sick is up now, let's get on to something else!" There are also hidden treasures in pleasant places to be found and a rich estate to be acquired. It also adds to the cooperativeness of Aquarius without giving up any sovereignty. It makes the philosophy of "the greatest good to the greatest number" mean more in terms of awareness of the value of the individual. This awareness is just seeping slowing in to the consciousness of humanity. Chiron's mission is to make us more independent individuals so that we can be more valuable friends. It is just the influence this friendship sign needs to soften the detachment to a meaningful level where no one feels obligated or enslaved. Aquarius also wants to KNOW. This maverick wants to explore and find out, not only in a detached way, but in a healing way which Aquarius very much needs. Aquarius also is a health and meditation sign which may use illness to slow down to take a better look. When you think you are too important, illness may be just what causes you to take a better look at what is really important.


Those who have Chiron here have an awareness that there is something beyond what they are able to comprehend. This is a frustration which can create mental and emotional problems which don't mix very well. They are often involved with or interested in minerals and medical advice of all kinds. Their curiosity seems to have little or no limits, even though they seldom get close to investigating all that they subconsciously suspect is there. This is bound to give them an inferiority complex which others have difficulty understanding. It comes about because they are keenly aware that there is much they don't know which, in most cases, their acquaintances have little if any problem with. That is, what they don't know. Their nature is implosive, closing in on itself. There is a recognizance which binds them to this consciousness which is too nebulous to describe. They don't easily ignore what they don't know. It bothers them that they are keenly aware of something they have no way of knowing how to explore. They also have no way of knowing that not everyone has this feeling. Most of these people never stop learning. They appear to be unusually intelligent and knowledgeable. They seem to be caught in limbo between the material and the spiritual world, not really knowing which is the real world. Their maverick nature takes them into areas that are not properly appreciated or recognized by society. This may cause them some disappointment as well as make them look down on society for missing so much that they seem to take for granted. Truth is very important. They may go to great lengths to find evidence which does not convince those they would like to educate. Most are so imbued with love that they seldom, if ever, turn violent as a result of the frustration they live with. They really have a need to belong to the society in which they find themselves, even if it continues to fail to make sense to them. I am inclined to believe that these people will be a great help to the rest of us as the renaissance we are in continues to take us in the direction we need to go to build a better world. Right now we have made such a mess of things and are holding on to such unworkable dogma that people with Chiron in Pisces is nothing more than bewildered by what they see.

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