Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2002
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK)

On November 19, 2002, we're going to have a Full Moon Lunar eclipse. It will occur a 5:34 PM, PST at 27 degrees Taurus 33 minutes. That means Taurus and Scorpio people, in general, are most affected by this eclipse.

For better or worse, this is a FULL moon eclipse; which puts the power out of the punch into it. On a full moon, the 'tides' of the blood in the body are at their highest ebb. With a lot of excessive water/fluids in the body to put pressure on the sensitive brain, people's emotions are going to be quite as trigger-happy. Drama kings and queens will abound. Over reaction to even minuscule things or situations, are going to be common. Road rage will be big. Someone shooting people in an office could happen. People have their patience on a short leash. Men, especially, are more prone to rash acts during this time when it involves their temper.

Full Moon always signals the culmination or fruition of something coming to a head. Decisions are made. It could involve quitting a job, moving to another city or state or country, starting a new job, asking for a divorce, asking someone to marry you, something you've been working on for a long time, manifests. It could also trigger terrorists events, as well. Especially 5-7 days BEFORE the actual eclipse, we must be watchful of this possibility.

Decisions of all kinds are made now and with an eclipse pushing it, think long and hard about your choices---because they are going to haunt you for the WHOLE YEAR. This is NOT a time to act rashly or quickly. Sit back and think about your decision and how it will affect you as well as others. Think about the ramification of your decision. Think of this action as seeds that are planted now, that will be harvested in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from the above date. Things might now happen right away, but guaranteed you will see action on your planting November 20, 2002, February 20, 2003, May 20, 2003, August 20, 2003 and finally, back to its original position on November 20, 2003. This is because as the eclipse squares and opposes its original position and it triggers off energy that is can be catalyzed.

This catalyzation process is going to be very obvious; for a lunar (moon) eclipse usually triggers INTERNAL events....but what starts out as internal may become external and could manifest outer events, such as a person, a group, or a body of individuals who make decisions and you are influenced by them. How much you're influenced depends up on how close to the eclipse you have a planet or your ascendant, Midheaven, for example.

Just because the lunar eclipse affects us internally does not meant that it isn't catalyze by an outer, external event. With Venus going direct on November 20, 2002, this is a sign that this is going to be a sweet eclipse...unlike others. Acting like the good fairy, sprinkling her fairy dust, Venus going direct less than 24 hours later, is going to soften the hard edges of anything that could jab at you if you are affected by this eclipse. Things will come up smelling like roses instead of rotting.

The lunar eclipse is always about one's inner emotional contents, beliefs, old tapes, new tapes, and harking back to the past to find an answer to the present situation/person/thing that is now confronting you on some level. Lunar eclipses bring us Shadow events....those things that we push away from us, fear, or are ourselves but really don't want to admit it, much less embrace, occur now. HOW you act and respond to this event/person/thing or place, will have reverberations throughout the coming year for you.

A very good example of this inner work is the 9-11 crisis. It touched everyone. And the internal work we did (and are still doing because of it) is changing how we think, how we perceive our reality, for starters. That is HOW a lunar eclipse works. The work, the changes of attitude, emotional adjustment are done within each of us. By doing that, we do CHANGE our outer reality.

Don't ever forget the visual on what an eclipse is: pretend you're in a dark room. You have a flashlight in your hand. You turn it on. There is a sudden illumination of a spot on the wall in front of you where you have pointed it. This visual is symbolic that the eclipse is giving us an opportunity to move through our own unique darkness and "light up" something that our psyche/subconscious wants us to pay attention to and "get." What "get" means is that it (the issue) will become conscious to you (either through an internal "aha!" or an outward, third dimensional event that will give you the "aha!"). When it comes, pay attention. and work on it....do not try to suppress it, push it away or ignore it. The eclipse is telling you where you have work to do--and to roll up your sleeves and get to it. Don't try to avoid what an eclipse illuminates within you. Take it seriously and work THROUGH whatever the issue is and CHANGE it for a healthy, positive position, instead.

Lunar eclipses are also symbolic of women. There could be a daughter, niece, cousin, wife, grandmother, sister or aunt in your life that will highlight it in some way...or you will have to deal on an emotional/visceral level with this individual at this time. It could also be a woman that you work with, as well....but usually Moon-related things have to do with relatives, near or far. Or, it could have a greater fall out on a national field of play. For example, a nation is threatened. The patriotism, the urge to protect and defend, which is a very feminine/woman thing to do (her child is being threatened if you want to look at this is a more macrocosmic concept) and there is going to be high, strong protective emotions that could be unleashed during this period by a specific event that may take place (terrorists attacking the USA again in some way and form that would involve a region or a city in our country). Or, it could be a terrorist attack on another nation somewhere in the world where those people will feel this same reaction (protection/defend) on a visceral, gut level emotional response to it.

Who is Affected?

This time, it is Taurus and Scorpio sun sign people. Or, those people who have planets in either of these signs. Taurus people born between May 15 through the 19th, with emphases on May 17th, will feel the full effect of this eclipse.

By opposite sign, Sun in Scorpio people born between November 17 through the 21st with November 19th being the most important, are the most affected by this lunar eclipse. For them, there is going to be decisions made, because this eclipse is opposite their Sun. This is "put up or shut up" time. The rubber meets the road here, for Scorpio people. It is not time to stand or retreat. It is a time for pro-active movement FORWARD. Scorp isn't always in forward motion--they hang on until the last, dying moment. But not today! Situations, a person or an event is going to repeat itself on the above dates, throughout 2002 and 2003; so you might as well bite the bullet and "just do it" and make a final decision and move on.

The key here is not to "leap before you look" on this eclipse, Taurus. You have a penchant for doing just that in your regular lifestyle; and this time, it could hook you and hamstring you (Taurus rules the neck region...you may be visiting your chiropractor for an adjustment....) you but good and hobble you. DO look. Investigate. Sit and mull it over. Get the input of others you trust. FIRST. If you don't, this one could bite you in the butt, big time. And Taurus isn't happy being sick.

Scorpio rules our movement with other people--people in power, your boss, a corporation, your editors if you're a writer. It also rules over sex and sexuality, as well as money--BIG money. The eclipse is by opposition, so there will be a burden and gift all in the same day--but at least its out in the open and a decision is made and something come to fruition that will replace the status quo in their lives. You get to make decisions--once and for all--on things. Don't tarry on this. You're being given a chance to 'put up or shut up' once and for all. If you tarry or hem and haw in November, you'll get 3 more chances at this as the eclipse moves around the zodiac in 2003. If you want it off your plate and out of your face, do it NOW when it presents itself. Don't wait.

Because it is an eclipse, and Venus, the ruler of Taurus becomes involved secondarily, as does Pluto, Scorpio's ruler. This may well be a highly emotional time, lots of happiness, because Venus is about the nice things in life....getting the goodies. Getting rich. Getting a break (well earned, by the way...). Getting lucky. Being happy. Feeling joyful. Being glad to be alive and kicking. Venus is an early Santa Clause this year for all those people affected by this eclipse. Take your gifts and run!! Enjoy them--every morsel of them.

If you are going to be with family members in the Thanksgiving holiday in November here in the USA; be on guard about this period. Do you have to travel? I would be careful, because eclipses bring the maniacs out of the woodwork (and this included terrorists making an attack). I'd plan a nice family downtime with a picnic at home. Take the high road should a person (family member, stranger, coworker) becomes nasty, belligerent, angry or snotty. They are in pain. Try to rise above your own flash points and triggers, and know that they are needing help...especially your compassion, understanding and love. It will be a real test of you as a person; but knowing that the eclipse, light a light being snapped on in a dark room, something out of the darkness is going to raise its head and everyone is going to see it. It is HOW we deal with things at that time, that count. And forewarned is forearmed.

And with Venus touching this eclipse, whatever trouble are in the family, may well get smoothed out, worked upon in a gracious and far more loving atmosphere than it usually recieves. All thanks to the benefic Venus.

Planets in Taurus or Scorpio?

If you have a planet between 25, 26, 27, 28 or 29 degrees degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, you are affected as well. Particularly, if you have any planet at 27 degrees Taurus or Scorpio, you are going to get a full blast of energy and opportunity from this eclipse.

HOW this eclipse affects these people is entirely dependent upon what HOUSE the eclipse falls in, what PLANET it affects either by conjunction or opposition, as well as the other ASPECTS to that planet, to either modify or intensify this eclipse.

This requires a professional astrologer to look at your chart to tell you the possibilities. Carol B. Willis is our core faculty astrologer and can be reached at: cbwillis@lightlink.com

I'll release the ASTROLOGY KEYWORDS list so if you haven't saved it (filed) on your hard drive (you should), then you can look at it to get a "flavor" of what might happen with this eclipse either conjuncting or being in opposition to a planet in your natal chart. You can also look at the houses and see where it falls for more information.

Ascendant or Midheaven Involved?

If you have an Ascendant (rising sign) at 27 Taurus or Scorpio, or your Midheaven (10th house cusp), then you are going to be directly affected by this eclipse. How?

If the eclipse highlights your ascendant, expect a person or several people within your circle of friends and acquaintances, to get in touch with you. It might be by phone, e-mail, a letter, or they may be coming to visit you in May or you'll hear from them. Since this is Lunar eclipse, and because these two signs have to do with money (Venus) and transformation (Pluto), I think we can see the stock market knee-jerk (again) and rally--finally.

If the eclipse is conjunct your Midheaven, then you can expect to have ideas or have contacts with people that you work with or for. It may be that you're going to a business in early November; with your boss or someone from work. Pay attention if this is so, because some very good long-term things can come out of it for you and your career.

Just remember, the 5-7 days BEFORE the eclipse are usually when it "pops off" and there's a lot of action and energy. (This will be November 14, 2002, and onward. Drive safely. Don't invite road rage. Watch for people becoming emotionally unstable or who aren't too tightly wrapped in the first place--steer clear of them.

IF there is a terrorist attack on US soil, it will come now. They are well known to hit during holidays to "make a statement." The US government is already fearing a nuclear attack or a "dirty bomb" that would spread radiation into a relative small area. The Feds have given the word to get everyone Potassium iodide, just in case they are caught in the radiation after the bomb is detonated. With Venus going direct, we may dodge the bullet this time.

Eclipses tend to cause chaos. Things are falling apart for people internally as well as the world around them is crumbling and falling apart, as well. If this is happening to you, take a deep breath. BREATHE. It will be okay in the long run. Expect to make more mistakes than usual in the bracket time. This is a time of intense learning for many of us. Don't be hard on yourself if you screw up. Just learn from it and don't repeat the mistake, that's all. With Venus hanging around, it won't be as bad as it could have been...you will slide through unscathed.

Our world is being plunged into a 12-year cycle of CHAOS. The Mayans and many others have predicted this. From 2001 to 2013, we are, quite literally, in global chaos. How do you handle chaos? You don't try to. What you do instead, is be FLEXIBLE, bend and change as the chaos walks into your life. Don't fight it. Don't dig your heels in. Earth and fixed sign people, in particular will want to knee-jerk into this mode. Don't do it. You will get run over with a Cosmic Bulldozer that will take your breathe away and level everything in one fell swoop. So, don't fight this. Roll and bob along with it. Pretend that you are a cork in a swiftly moving river that you can't get out of, you can't reach the banks of safety. Just ride it out. Bend, twist, turn, and roll. Let go. Surrender over to a higher power and have FAITH that you are being protected and led even if you can't see it right now.

I guarantee you, that if you will let go of the control of your life that is now disintegrating around you, and these eclipses, back-to-back, are going to insure this slide to continue, that good will come out of this. It is always darkest before the dawn and we are in the dark right now. That is what eclipses are about: our darkness. Let us know be afraid of it. Try to embrace it openly and without fear. Understand we are deeply loved and cared for on the other side, and all our guides and teachers are assembled and with us every moment of our 24 hour day down here. Even if 'bad' happens, there's good reason for it. If a mindset by humans will not change or bend, then Chaos must come in and shatter it to smithereens in order to recreate and redraw it into something healthier and more positive for all of us. Just keep this in mind if this happens to you. The reordering is painful. But the end product can be beautiful and positive. We are at a point in our spiritual consciousness that we MUST have faith....a deep, abiding faith in the unknown and unseen to get through this mine field we're presently created for ourselves. The good news is, we can negotiate it and get to the other side. So, keep the faith!

POsitive Use of Eclipse Energy

A good attitude is essential around any eclipse; particularly a full moon, because emotions are running at 'high tide.' Practice patience with others--a lot of it. Give people more room to run around on their leash, understanding, they are feeling the same effects of this energy as you are and probably don't have the awareness of what is triggering it in them.....so you know, and it's your responsibility to rein yourself in accordingly with these uneducated folks.

That said, you can use this energy to "clear the air" with someone or a group. HOW its done, of course, is key. One does not want to get confrontational about it, because that will trigger an aggressive reaction on some people's part. Diplomacy, setting boundaries and being honest about how you're feeling emotionally without using the "you" word, is best. This can be utilized to help all parties know where they stand with one another...key here, though, is DIPLOMACY with FIRMNESS. Not attack. Not assaulting verbally, mentally or emotionally. Those things will garner a real fast visceral reaction on the other party's part and you won't like what's coming down the pike at you at all. Just try to instill the Golden Rule here: Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

Meditation is wonderful here. Eclipses are about our Shadow contents, our own, inner darkness and thanks to it, a "light" is shined on our "stuff." Shadow work is essential, and looking at what we hate or dislike the most in others, is usually what we have alive and well (and untamed) in us. So, make a list and check it twice and look at what's on it. Then meditate on these things and ask yourself how are you like that yourself. For example, if you absolutely cannot tolerate someone who lies, then ask yourself: "Do I lie to others?" "Do I lie to myself?" How do I do it? And take a ruthless look at yourself and be honest about it all. That is how you can use an eclipse to dig yourself out of your own personal emotional/Shadow hole.

It is also very good for going into psychotherapy to plumb the depths of ourselves and see what's going on, what is acting out (usually the suppressed male or female energy is, and/or Shadow is jumping up and down and wanting attention). To make key breakthroughs the full moon lunar eclipse is a dandy to do just that--so use this energy for forge new paths of understanding into yourself.

With Venus giving its blessing to this eclipse, no matter how bleak it looks--trust me--it is NOT going to be! There are blessings being handed out now, with grace, to people who have worked long and hard, without complaint. And now, the good fairy, Venus, is going to dust you with happiness and good tidings!

Warmly, Eileen


Copyright 2002 Dr. Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved. Republished by permission of the author. Dr. Nauman is the author of Poisons That Heal (homeopathy/epidemics), Path of the Mystic (Learning To Be Your Own Best Teacher For Your Inner Journey), Help! and Homeopathy (Homeopathy and Emergency Medicine), and Medical Astrology. Visit her website, The Medicine Garden.

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