The Two Pictures

By Eric Francis

Growing spiritually is about making the transition from hell to heaven, from a world of fear and guilt to a life of love and freedom. It's a lot less about being "good" and a lot more about being happy. But there are no courses taught in schools about how to be happy. Our parents generally didn't have a clue, so they weren't very helpful. And all you learn on television is how to be paranoid and spend money, so forget that. Isn't it strange, though? The most important thing in life is happiness it's supposedly all we work for, all we want from our relationships, what we wait for, expectantly or not and yet its actual existence is barely acknowledged except by little kids and a few very hip adults who know they're really kids at heart.

On the other hand, I would propose that most people who are unhappy either don't know it or haven't admitted it to themselves. And if you're unhappy and want to be happy, you have to look within, admit to being where you are and start there.

The astrology of this autumn gives a clear map for people who want to be happy. What we find in the fall 1996 charts are two clear pictures to choose from, one of a world of fear, structure and boredom, and another of excitement, adventure and real spiritual consciousness. These are the two choices you have.

But remember: You have a choice, and if you want to be happy, you need to choose happiness. If you want love, you have to love and be loving. If you want freedom, make the choices that get you there. I know there are a few cynics in the reading audience who may say that this is too good to be true, that it's a bunch of New Age Cool-Whip. But it's the way life works. If, for example, you want to know what's happening in the community, where to have fun any night of the week, read Chronogram, not the supermarket circular. What you tune into, you get.

The Oct. 12 solar eclipse is the chart of the month, and it's a gorgeous piece of astrology. This is also the Libra New Moon chart, exact at 10:14 am EDT. Here's the message, in simplified terms (it would take about 16 pages to give a technical explanation, but it's all in the chart, in lights):

Because this eclipse is in a conjunction with Chiron in Libra, the planets are set up for a revolution in our personal relationships. We all know there are serious problems in this area of life, and now is the time to start fixing them. When Chiron transits into Scorpio early next year, the emphasis shifts to sexuality, and you have the best sex in clear relationships. That would be incentive enough for me.

Find radical new solutions to old problems, including your health. They're there if you seek them, and they will often come from your own imagination. If you need help, ask the Universe out loud. A good affirmation is, "Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved." As the old Jewish adage goes, if it doesn't have a solution, it's not a problem. Turn over a new chapter in life by clearly stating your intentions and goals. This is as basic as metaphysics gets; this is where it all starts, from Voo Doo to the Catholic Mass to Deepak Chopra.

Astrologically, the New Moon, particularly an eclipse, is the best time to state your intentions. So start a list in your notebook of everything you need or want to accomplish for the next six months. Forget about how it's all going to happen. The most important thing is that you communicate with yourself.

Make decisions. All freedom stems from decisions.

Most of our problems come from unconsciously adopting the ways of our parents. We need to take a giant step away from everything they taught us and did to us, and take a good look at it. We need to release their unhappy values, their world view, and even consider leaving the locale in which you were raised.

Getting your life together means being different and standing out from the people around you. Being happy is as nonconformist as it gets. And remember, beauty is power, in all its forms.

Copyright © 1996. Eric Francis.

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