Lunar Eclipse, August 1999

by Jeri Noble

This is a significant eclipse happening on July 28 for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the eclipse includes other important transits whose energies are emphasized by the eclipse energy. Secondly, it is the prelude to an even more powerful Solar Eclipse that occurs on August 11th.

A lunar eclipse occurs at a Full Moon. This is a time when lunar energies are at their peak in that sign. A Full Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition. Emotional and intuitive energy takes prominence over conscious and egoic energy at this time which is why police statistics soar and mental institutions are more lively during the Full Moon. When the eclipse occurs, the shadow of the Earth passes over the Moon, blanking some portion of it out. Astrologically, the eclipse or "blanking out" creates a condition of reversal. Whatever has been the trend emotionally up until that time is altered by events or inner needs to a completely opposite direction.

Influences of other Planets

As I mentioned, there are other planets involved in this picture. As well as the Sun and Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Mars are all within orb of the critical degrees. This is quite a grouping. The Grand Fixed Cross that is formed by the Sun/Moon opposition and the wide opposition between Jupiter and Mars is a stressful combination, but also very powerful. The fixed nature of the cross is because each of the signs involved is "fixed" in nature, meaning stubborn, stable, tenacious and powerful. They are also known as "earthquake" signs. So, we have the power of the cross pattern plus the power of the fixed signs plus the power of the eclipse. Additionally, during the eclipse, Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Neptune is conjunct the Moon. On a lighter note, Venus is trining Jupiter which is a lucky, benevolent position and Pluto is trine the Sun/Mercury combination. That isn't such a pleasant flow of energy, but may bring forth previously repressed inclinations.

So What does this All Mean to Me?

So, how does all this add up? Primarily, we need to look at the eclipse itself, which takes place in the sign of Aquarius. This means that the Moon is in Aquarius and the Sun is in Leo. A significant interpretation of this is the letting go of isolated tendencies of selfishness, and open up to a more idealistic and humanitarian perspective. This will vary depending upon how the eclipse aspects your personal chart. For example, if this occurs in your 1st and 7th houses, you may need to get a clearer perspective of your own worth in the big picture of humanity. If in the 4th and 10th houses, a need to achieve for the betterment of all, rather than just for one's own family or community. The interesting quality here is that a more spiritual, intuitive and idealistic impulse must take precedence over so-called rational, factual and conscious behaviors. We all have these energies at least latently within ourselves, but this planetary phenomenon can bring it to the fore. There is tension here obviously, but there is also tension from the other opposition. This other tension is normally the nature of excessive risk-taking, and adventure. However, in looking at the whole picture, we may need to take a somewhat different look at this energy. Jupiter is philosophical as well as abundant and Mars talks about our personal needs and wants, as well as aggressiveness and adventure. This interpretation is more complementary to the wholeness of the chart and its conflicted nature between Self and the greater good.

The joker in the deck is the presence of Pluto. Although it trines the Sun/Mercury combo, it forms an aspect called an inconjunct to Jupiter. This indicates that some sort of sacrifice may be called for in order to activate this humanitarian, benevolent impulse. Pluto doesn't easily give up anything, so there could be some resistance involved or on a large scale, even force. This could activate the necessary sympathies which will allow transcendence of ordinary concerns. Since the Americas are directly affected by this eclipse, it is possible that a symbol of the sacrifice is the American icon, John F. Kennedy Jr. By the time of the eclipse, I expect that some sort of determination will be made of that situation and the accompanying mourning may rouse some very emotional reactions. These reactions will typify the nature of the eclipse. Although this is only one possible symptom of the manifestation of these energies, it may serve to demonstrate how we may move out from our sheltered existence into a more inclusive caring and empathy for others.

The Bottom Line

Summary: The nature of the eclipse seems to be that of promoting a wider and more inclusive range of caring for others. The tensions involved may precipitate an awareness of sacrifices which will stir the sympathy and compassion and transcend more petty boundaries.

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