Tribute to Dane Rudhyar Part X


The "infinite and boundless potentiality of existence and the presence of ONE" inherent in every human being was clearly manifested in the man Dane Rudhyar, as shown by the various aspects of the wholeness of his being highlighted by the authors of this publication. The vision of the mystic penetrated all manifestations of matter, while the artist continued to struggle and shape matter in the image of his vision. His immense, inspired creativity and enlightened vision made him a true "agent for the divine power which vibrates at the core of the Earth and in the heart of every human being"!

In the human search for order and meaning in our life, Rudhyar showed the way to transform our individual chaos into universal cosmos, and how to creatively actualize our birth potential at the highest level we can perceive. His An Astrological Mandala shows how astrology is a universal symbolic language by using the cycle of 360 symbolic transformational phases as a contemporary I Ching. His astrology supplies the meaning of our personal and interpersonal problems and answers our longing for inner security with the realization of our place and function in the universal order. It shows us how everything in life is full of meaning: the correlation between our scientific discoveries in micro- and macrocosm, the universe, humanity and ourselves, between inner and outer, above and below, all contained in the same symbolic language of astrology.

Rudhyar was however an example for all of us in another way as well: he remained an indomitable source of inspiration in spite of all the problems he encountered during his life in many ways and many forms. Astrologically we could say that he not only went beyond the Saturnian limits that belong to life on our planet Earth in many ways, but at the same time understood their value, so he could find the way through and instill the depth of meaning in his work necessary to reach all human beings.

Rudhyar's work will always be understood at a vast variety of levels, but the same applies to all universal truth: it is meant to be applicable to all levels and as we grow we will find new meaning in his work. Universal truth is absolute - we are the ones who have to grow in understanding through experience in living here on Earth, with opposites and relativity in a world defined by time/space.

May his work inspire many

Tees Reitsma
Manager & Editor
Foundation "Astro-Circle"


Oh, that there would be the joy
of crystalline laughter
in my eyes
to give you to drink
in the cup of our love!

Oh, that I would be buoyant
with lightness of laughter
on my lips
to raise your heavy heart
from the depths of man's pain!

Oh, that I would transfigure
with the light of laughter
around me
the shadows of your need
in certitude of overcoming!

Oh, that there would be joy
of crystalline laughter
in my eyes
to give you to drink
from the heart of my love!

Oh, to sense it pulsing
in the hollow of our clasped hands!
Oh, to feel it throbbing
in the quiver of our mixed breaths!
Oh, to be it dancing,
to be it echoing
through the myriad chambers
of our vaulted spirits....
our joy,
the whole world's joy,
God's joy,
the incomprehensible, the total, the absolute!
Oh, to be one with the joy
in all dis-enthralled hearts!
Oh, to be one with the joy
of infinite center, endless circumference,
and to hold it,
to press it, softly, till it almost cries
of unbearable ecstasy
the joy
the immense joy of the Divine Heart!

Dane Rudhyar

March 23, 1895 - 1995
(born 00:32:40 GMT, Paris, France)

"Plenitude of being,
the infinite and boundless Potentiality of existence
and the Presence of ONE are latent in every man
and every individual can become an agent for the Divine Power
which vibrates at the core of the Earth
and in the heart of every human being."

Dane Rudhyar

We thank Tees Reitsma for extending permission for us to re-post this series. This international tribute to the brilliant Dane Rudhyar was written by: Joyce Hoen, DFAstrolS - The Netherlands, Jeff Jawer - U.S.A., Drs. Helene W. Koppejan - van Woelderen - England, Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. - U.S.A., Drs. Roeland M. de Looff - The Netherlands, Michael R. Meyer - U.S.A., Alexander Ruperti - Switzerland, Patana Usuni - U.S.A. These kind people gave Tees unanimous permission for publication of this material via Internet. Tees originally posted this series to the Festival mailing list. Copyright © 1996 by: The Foundation "Astro- Circle", 362 Leyweg, 2545 EE The Hague, The Netherlands. The booklet which includes Rudhyar's drawings, poems and music can be ordered at 23 Dutch guilders (= about US $17.-) (Dfl. 27 for airmail) via VISA only: send your account number, expiration date and signature to: Stichting "Astro Kring" (Foundation "Astro-Circle"), 362 Leyweg, 2545 EE The Hague,The Netherlands. Phone 31-70-3294972. Fax 31-70-3290875. Email: We suggest that you write or call first to confirm cost and availability.

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