Venus Goes Direct
by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK), EMT

This article was written for the station of Venus on September 10, 1999.
The information contained applies to ALL occurances of Venusturning direct.
The major information specific to September 10, 1999 is in the boximmediately below.
Venus goes direct on September 10, 1999 and is stationed at 19 Leo when it goes direct.
Those most affected are people who have a planet or a
major cusp at 19 Leoor 19 Aquarius. Those less affected
will be people who have planets orcusps within 3 degrees
of this (16, 17, or 18 Leo or Aquarius)

Venus is the second planet away from the Sun. It is the "evening star' andour "morning star" depending upon what time of year and orbit she is in, weeither see her as a bright, shining diamond in our sky on one horizon oranother.

Aphrodite or Venus, was the Greek goddess of love, pleasure, and all thingsabout relationships, harmony, music, the arts and the beautiful things wehave in our world. She is about fragrance, food, taste, texture and ourfive senses. Our sexuality, our passion for life, our procreative andcreative expressions, are come from her symbolically speaking.

From an astrological association with this myth and goddess, the planet isabout beauty, harmony with yourself and others (this means your co-workers,your spouse, your friends, even strangers you meet in the grocery story,for instance), as well as our own ability to be social, interactive,respectful, kind, courteous and refined. It is also about one's artisticability, ranging from jewelry to clothes, to house decorating to evenbuying just the 'right' car because it looks 'pretty' or sleek or beautifulto us.

Unfortunately, Venus retrograde seems to go in 'backward' motion--but thatis because Earth, in its larger orbit is by-passing Venus. And when thatoccurs, it looks like Venus is going backwards--its not, really, but whenyou consider you have two huge planetary bodies passing one another liketwo fast-moving cars on a solar freeway; you do get energy 'turbulence' outof it that will affect everything and everyone on this planet to someintensity.

Venus only goes retrograde about once every eighteen months; so this isgood news! (in comparison to Mercury which typically retrogrades 3 times ayear, three weeks at a time!). Venus goes retrograde on July 29, 1999, at5 Virgo. This means those with a planet or position such as a Midheaven orAscendant will be directly affected by this retrograde than the rest of us.Thank goodness it is going direct!

The heart and soul of Venus, on a purely psychological level, is aboutlove. First of all, the ability to love and like ourselves. Do we? Thatmay well get tested during this period. And the people whom we love andlike around us are also highlighted. That area of our life may get testedas well. With Venus going direct, we'll get our answers or the muddywater of a relationship will finally clear so that we can see them--andourselves--better. This will be a time of "making-up" with family,friends, relatives, children and spouses. The "white flag" of peace isflown when Venus goes direct and all parties involved will make finaldecisions on the relationship between you and them--and vice-versa.

Venus in the Natal Chart

Venus, natally in our chart, tells us how much we love ourselves; if we'vegotten past the front door with self and gone inside. Or not..... In aVenus retrograde, our 'warts' may show more than usual. We may feel unlovedor disliked. Or, on a lighter vain, just not appreciated. This is anopportunity to find out such things about ourselves. Are we into much of asocial mask instead of being our real, genuine self? Have we carried oursocial trappings instead of being just our plain old, kick-back self? Arewe locked into our physical beauty, the outer package and facade and nottuned in to our heart and where our spirit really wants to take us?Those most affected by this period of retrograde now have those answers.With it going direct, we'll stop being so critical of ourselves; so fussyand nit-picky. We'll begin to soften and accept ourselves--warts andall--and won't be thrown in a tizzy as before.

Any "heart" issue is fair game under a Venus retrograde. If you have asolid relationship, marriage or business partnership; it will easilywithstand this Venus retrograde. However, if its built on feet may well come crumbling down and repairs to the foundation aregoing to be in order by yourself and your partner. With Venus goingdirect, clarity will shine (finally) during this period and you'll feelmore in charge of any answer or decision you make regarding the above.

How to Use a Venus Going Direct


This is a time for you to look at your relationships. Itcan be with co-workers, your boss, your best friend, your associates, yourchildren and/or your spouse. Because Venus rules what we love (our family)there can be lots of interesting things (I call them did-you-know's) getploughed up. There can be fights, bickering, anger or smoldering oldvendettas come flaming back to life. With Venus going direct all of thesedramas chill out and settle down from a boil to a simmer. Be on top of itand try to look at whose doing it and why. If its possible, try to take acompassionate stance with it as this person 'acts out' their shadowprojections on you or whomever is the 'target' of their focus.

Be prepared to dialog and communicate when things calm down. Sometimes amolehill is made into a mountain. By not over reacting to it, progress canbe made. And sometimes, under a Venus retrograde, a relationship that hasbeen ailing or limping along for sometime, just plain breaks down andspills wide open and it's there to look at and then make choices upon.When Venus goes direct, you'll know if you goofed or blew something out ofproportion--but the other party is, now, ready to forgive and forget, too.

When a festering wound breaks open, providing both parties want to try andresolve it, then a Venus retrograde can bring a new level of awareness tous so we can do that. Of course, no relationship gets growth or furtheredunless BOTH people involved want to work toward that end. If the otherparty doesn't, then you may find yourself talking about the end of yourrelationship with that person. Or, at the very least, some 'time-out' fromit so you can digest what has occurred, give it further thought, beforemaking a final decision upon it. And with Venus going direct, you've doneas much 'housecleaning' as you can on the above. Whatever you've decidedis now the new template from which your relationship will evolve forward,from this day forward. (And, of course, you will look at it again,critically, and redefine it once more when Venus goes retrograde in thefuture!)


Thought you knew who your friends are? Don't we all? We'll findout now.... When Venus goes retrograde, we really find out who are friendsare because you may be up to your rear in alligators. It is alwaysfascinating to me to see a person go through a very dark period--and whosticks with them through it--and who doesn't. This is not to say you willbe the person to go through the 'dark night of the soul'. However, you maywell be called upon to help assist one of your friends through such atrying period instead. Will you stay the course or abandon them? Or, ifit is you doing the dark night of the soul trek, you are going to find outrather quickly who will support you and whose going to desert you when the'chips are down.' With Venus turning direct, you have a much more clearsense of who is really a friend--and who really isn't--but was there formanipulative reasons, instead. This may be a period where you might meet anew friend! So keep your eyes open.

You may have a falling out with one or more friends--and the qualifier hereis, people you THOUGHT were friends--who really never were, but you justnow became aware of the situation and made the reality based observation.People may well disappoint you during this time frame. What you expectfrom friends and family in a show of support, may evaporate and you feelnakedly alone, standing out there, feeling more like a target thanprotected. If you get caught in such a circumstance--maintain yourintegrity and faith because we are never completely forsaken. We may wellfeel that way, but it is to help teach us something or to gain an awarenessthat we didn't have or grasp before. As soon as we do the 'aha!' thesituation will cease. And with Venus turning direct, you will be able tolook back and know if your decision was correct--or not. If it was, don'tlook back. If it wasn't, this is a good time to make repairs and renewties.

Social Graces?

This falls under the theme of "Have a nice day...." andthe apt rejoinder I've heard often on a Venus retrograde period is, "Screwyou..." or add some more colorful words here to fill in the blanks--we'veall heard them. A lot of our social refinement goes down the drain on aVenus retrograde. Our usual social graces will fail us--sometimes easilyand sometimes, out in public, and sometimes to our own embarrassment ordetriment. Of course, we have control over what comes out of our mouth andhow we react to certain situations out in public. These are the times whenyou get nailed with a shopping cart at a grocery store, people snarl atyou, sneer, curse, and are just generally in a foul mood and don't mindtaking it out on you at all! And this will, in turn, make you feel bad andmake you wonder if it you said or did something. Probably not; so don'ttake it personally. Just understand that the person is having a 'bad hairday' during Venus retrograde. With Venus turning direct, thank goodness,Miss Manners is once more established between all of us. We put back on abetter social veneer and put our snarly self back inside us. We willbecome more tactful and diplomatic.

Buying Clothes, Jewelry or a Car?

This is NOT a good time to do any of theabove. You will get it home and not like it; it won't fit or it won't look'right' on you. The car will disappoint you after you've put the downpayment on it. This is not a good time to buy 'pretty' things. Icertainly would not recommend any home decoration during this time. Nomatter who does it, you are not going to be satisfied or pleased withit--even if you did it yourself! Still want to buy something? Well, now'sthe time to do it! You'll LOVE whatever you buy and be very pleased withit--forever.


With Venus retrograde, one of two things can happen (depending upon the aspects to your natal Venus in your chart). First, you can find areal "steal" under the Venus Retrograde, at a much cheaper price than you'dordinarily pay. Or, you can buy something that at the time, you loved, butwhen Venus goes direct, it's not as pretty as you first thought. Thatdoesn't mean you'll throw the baby out with the bath water, however. WithVenus direct, this is a fun time to buy and you should remain "in love"with whatever your purchases are!

Cosmetic Surgery

I hope that no one is going to go in for cosmetic orelective surgery during this Venus retrograde because I can guarantee youwith 100% assuredness--you will NOT like the outcome of the surgery. Notonly that, blood clots occur under this transit and that is deadly and canpotentially kill you if it reaches your heart or brain. For a beautifuloutcome, only have your face lift done under a period when Venus is direct.

If you thought you'd give yourself a nose job WAIT until after September10, 1999, to reschedule that elective surgery. Please. Not only that,but surgery performed during this period can end up with nasty scar tissue,keloid scar tissue problems (where it grows at an abnormal rate and scarsmore skin than it 'normally' does). Sutures don't heal up quite right andthere can be infection, pooches, pouches or other problems with thesurgical incision. It's not worth it, believe me. I've seen too manyunhappy cosmetic campers do it under a Venus retrograde and I've never seenone of them happy with the outcome or result of such a surgery. Who wantsto do it twice???

I like to think of Venus as one of the 'guardian angel' planets on awhimsical kind of symbolic level. From a surgery date standpoint, wealways, as medical astrologers, like to see a well-aspected transit ofVenus because this means the patient has a guardian/spirit guide lookingout for their best, vested interests. During a Venus retrograde, one oftwo phenomena seem to happen: either the person feels completely desertedby people on this side and the 'other side' or a guardian angel/spiritguide steps in--literally, out of nowhere--to rescue or help you in thatcritical moment of crisis.

Blood Clots / Phlebitis / Aneurysms

All fall under Venus domain. Venus rulesthe veins of our body. This is not a good time to go for surgery becausebesides scarring problems, there is a threat of a blood clot potential, aswell--and this is nothing to mess around with--it is deadly and can anddoes kill. If I scare you a little; that's good. I've seen it happen.Another area of concern are aneurysms and this is where the wall of anartery or vein 'thins out' and 'balloons out' and eventually, can burst.When it does, it 'bleeds out' or hemorrhages into the area around it. WithVenus turning direct, these problems dissolve--naturally.

Over-Eating--Who? Me?!

Yes, all of us may get some 'cravings' with Venusgoing retrograde. After all, what do we do if we are feeling unloved?Reach for chocolate? A Godiva? A cookie? A huge piece of pie or cake?Yes....we do. More of us are liable to be feeling cravings more thanusual--especially those of us who are getting 'hit' by the retrogradedegree-wise with our natal chart and another planet is involved. We mayfeel desperately unloved. Terribly alone. No one understands us or why wedo or say something. So, we compensate by stuffing ourselves with sweets.Love and sweets symbolically entwine around one another. With Venus goingdirect, the cravings stop--thank goodness! This is an excellent time toconsider dieting--it will work, now.

And therein lies a potential weight gain for those of us who over-indulge.We can, of course, resist, do more gym work outs, grab a veggie instead ofa candy....

Good Money After Bad

As the saying goes; this is a time when we'reoverconfident about money and may "shop 'til we drop" or get a little toobrazen and go out and buy an expensive item we can ill afford on ourpaycheck. This is not a good time to drizzle away our hard earned money.Hold on to it. With Venus going direct, you'll get what you pay for.

Feeling lucky? Think if you hit a casino or do a little betting on theside or buy extra lottery tickets that you'll hit it big? Not under aVenus retrograde. Put it in the bank and let it accrue interest. This isnot a good time to invest in risky stocks or mutual funds, either. Playsafe and conservative and don't overspend. Gambling is out of thequestion; do not attempt it. You will lose until Venus goes direct. Agood day to play is the day Venus does go direct (for some people--pleaseconsult your astrologer on this to be SURE).

Laziness Begets Laziness

You want pretty things? Nice clothes? A this orthat? And you don't feel like working hard to get it? That's a sign ofVenus retrograde. It may foster the attitude that the world or someoneowes you a lifestyle that you're accustom to or think you deserve. Notright now. If you want it; go out and work hard and earn it the good olefashion way: with elbow grease. Some of us are just plain feeling lazyand indolent. We really don't want to put out to get right now. Fine.But don't be whining that the universe owes you--because it doesn't. The"I want something for nothing," attitude is really fostered, alive and wellunder a Venus retrograde. You will generally hear this from raging hormoneteenagers who don't have a good grasp on reality and the real-worlddemands--yet. But they are sure going to 'lean' on you to manipulate youinto buying this or that bauble for them. So, be prepared!

With Venus going direct, we're willing to put some 'muscle' into what weare dreaming of having. The laziness is going to go to the wayside, now.

Feeling Rejected?

You may. Remember, this is temporary, so set aboutdoing something to gift yourself, instead. The world doesn't hate you;although you might feel like it really does. Hang in there. Just rememberSeptember 10, 1999, isn't really THAT far off. This is a good day, whenVenus goes direct, to take you and your spouse or best friend out todinner, a little wine, a gourmet meal, etc....sigh...

Sexual Re-Routing

For some of us, particularly those who are directlyaffected by degree of this Venus retrograde, our sex drive may get up andleave or seem to dim somewhat. Not to worry. This is kind of like aKundalini energy expression. Instead of our root chakra/navel chakraenergy moving down to stir the coals of our passions physically to life, itwill instead, move up through us, up our spine and into our other chakras.This is actually good. If you don't feel passionate in sexual nature, youmay well feel passionate about an idea, an event, a thing that before,seemed unimportant to you--will now shine in your life and capture yourattention.

And for those who actually experience this (men get very panicked when thisoccurs), don't worry, your sex drive will return after Venus goes direct.In the meantime, look at how your passionate nature has been re-routed intoa new and interesting direction. It's not all bad news...

With Venus going direct, we feel hormonally more macho or feminine, as thecase may be. Our lost sex drive will re-establish itself. And we'lldefinitely be looking at our partner with a gleam in our eye.


Unfortunately, our Venusian tastes for drugs, food and alcoholcan be turned up during this time period. Try not to over-indulge indrinking too much champagne or alcohol during this retrograde timeperiod--it could have disastrous results. Those who are hooked andaddicted to drugs, may well find their need or craving for them heightenedpainfully during this retrograde. Other addictions, such as for sweets orchocolate, are going to be stronger than normal, too. Just say no. You'llbe glad you did.

Venus going direct is a good time to swear off any addiction--includingcigarettes. It's the perfect time to say "no" and it will hold.

The Darlness Before The Dawn

We have a chance under a Venus retrogradeto test how much we honestly love ourselves--and one another. How healthyis our relationship with ourselves? With our children? Spouse? Friends?We will find out. One of the most important tenets of this retrograde isto not allow self-disgust, repugnance or rejection of self to over ridewhat we know is our own basic goodness. Suicides can occur because we feelugly, unloved, unlikable and unwanted under such a transit. Nothing couldbe further from the truth--but when you're down in that dark hole, soundreasoning doesn't always peek through the clouds and make us self-aware.

With Venus going direct, pulling yourself out of the depths of your ownpersonal hell and despair will occur. Venus is like sunlight in our life.And happiness. Depression lifts. Hope comes back and pumps through ourveins once more.

Parents, play much closer attention that usual to your teenagers duringthis period. Love affairs go bust and to an adult, it is hurtful enough,but to a teenager, it can be absolutely devastating. A Venus retrogradecan resonate this loss to such a anguished degree that suicide seems areasonable outlet from this pain and suffering--so play 'head's upfootball' with your kids who are in this age group. To lose a child tosuicide is, in my opinion, one of the worst ways. Venus retrograde,unfortunately, can make this energy expression occur. Pay more attentionthan you usually do to them, their habits and patterns. Increase the levelof dialogue you have with them during this time; it can't hurt.

Whatever angst you've been having with your teenagers, children, spouse,are at an end. You can breathe a sigh of relief; things will be going backon track for them--and you.

This is also an opportunity to feed a child of any age, more nurturing andsupport because they are going to feel starved for that touch, hug, smilethat you give them. Give people a smile, a touch, a kind word, too--evenif you're feeling like you're being drawn and quartered yourself. Even ifyou don't feel loved or very loving, reach out. Don't retreat. Don't pullback or away. Stand quietly in the center of your being and know that youare loved--deeply and all the time. Its just under a Venus retrograde, wereally aren't in touch with that knowing like we normally are.

Just because Venus is going direct, don't stop hugging and touching--weneed these in our life. It's easier to reach out now. It's a good day tosay "I love you," to those nearest you.

Our faith can be tested severely right now. The 'higher octave' (orexpression) of Venus is the planet, Neptune. Neptune is about illusions,delusions, faith, spirituality, and our highest Truth, and the best aboutourselves as human beings--or the worst. And it can look pretty dark andmurky right now--but keep your faith. You might not see the light at theend of your individual tunnel, but it is there--you'll begin to see itaround the first of February. If you are feeling isolated, alone, unwantedand unloved, put yourself in situations where you are with other people.Go to a soup kitchen and help serve. Read to the elderly at your nearestnursing home. Volunteer your time at the local humane society. Spend moretime with your spouse or your children. In other words.....counterbalancethis temporary feeling and sense of deprivation of your senses by giving.This is not dis-empowerment; this is just the opposite. A gesture on yourpart like this will halt this inner feeling of emptiness and fill yourspiritual bank account immeasurably.

With Venus going direct, you're coming out of your gauntlet and may befeeling beat up. But don't worry, in a week or two after it has gonedirect, you'll see a lot more, and like yourself a lot more, for how youhandled yourself through this period.

In Summation

We will all be tested on our ability to be compassionate--or not. This is atime of tests regarding our heart and what we love and like. Let's use itas an opportunity for testing and growth....and keep our integrity in tact,our sense of social skills, decorum toward others, in perspective.Otherwise, we become shrews to one another and savaging others is all tooeasy. The choice--as always--is ours.

I've often seen Venus retrograde offer us the gift of learning how to askfor help from others, or to lift our hand out to be helped by others.Don't be shy about asking for help. It's there. Some of us hard headedpeople will learn to swallow our pride at this time and humbly ask. It's apriceless gift and when it goes direct, we'll see that.

And with Venus going direct, we can now look back over this period andre-assess our relationships. Some of us made right decisions; some of usdidn't. The key here is to learn from whatever we've said or done toothers. After all, Venus WILL go retrograde again, so we always getanother chance!

Celebrate September 10th! You've all earned it!

Warmly, Eileen
Moderator - Athena List

Copyright 1999-2013 Eileen Nauman. Republished by permission of the author. This appeared on Dr. Nauman's Medicine Garden Athena listserv. To subscribe to this list go to the web site at .

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