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Dengue Fever Alert!
Homeopathy: 21st Century Medicine
by Dr. Eileen Nauman, DHM (UK)

The epidemics have begun in response to the astrology of the planets gear up for the target date of October 15-27, 1995. On September 5, 1995, the Arizona Republic newspaper, on its front page, blasted the following notice to the citizens of Arizona: STATE WATCHING FOR DENGUE-FEVER MOSQUITOS. The article goes on to say that a state health officeal team is on its way to to confirm the mosquitos trapped in Pima County (Nogales and Tucson) to see if they carry Dengue Fever.

Aedes Aegypti mosquitos are known to carry Dengue. CDC, the Center for Disease Control, is fearful that the Carribbean, which is now a hotbed epidemic of two types of mosquitos that carry Dengue Fever 1, is non-lethal variety, and Dengue Hemorragic Fever 2, which is a killer. The "tiger mosquito" carries DHF2, the lethal variety. Thusfar, there's been 2 cases of Dengue Fever in Arizona in 1994, in Santa Cruz and Pima County. Last week, Texas health officials began to notify 14,000 of its physicians to watch for Dengue Fever because they know it's coming up from Mexico, via the Caribbean Basin, which the CDC has been fearful that could happen.

Here's what you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Mosquitos like to breed in stagnant, still water such as in the bottom of flower pots, pain cans, birdbaths, coolers and old tires. Dump out any water collected in your back yard to keep yourself self.
  2. If you live along a creek or lake, wear long sleeves. If you must be out on water, wear insect repellant.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever 1 (non-lethal variety)

Incubation Period: 2 1/2 days to 15 days.
Transmission: Mosquito to human. No human can infect another human with this virus.
Orthodox Treatment: no drug is available to halt this virus.

  1. Horrible headache. There is intense pain in the forehead and behind the eyes.
  2. Pain in eyes; it hurts to move the eyes, neuralgia type pain.
  3. Swelling and achiness in all the joints of the body. Known as "breakbone" fever, this symptom is worse than all your achy flu symptoms put together. It hurts to move. Your bach will ache and there is a chilliness accompanying it.
  4. Sudden onset of symptoms in 50% of the cases. A high, stunning abrupt fever, face becomes flushed with severe, attacking back pain (lumbar region) and joint pain.
  5. High fever (up to 104 degrees). This fever will be a "saddleback" kind of fever. It will be there for 5-6 days, then abate for 3-4 days, and then come back for 5-6 days. There may be profuse sweating.
  6. Muscles will be extremely sore and ache.
  7. A red rash (sometimes misdiagnosed as measles) may break out all over 6 to 12 hours before the onset of the fever.
  8. Lack of apetite.
  9. Pulse may be slower than expected with the high fever.
  10. Lymph glands become englarged.
  11. Skin: the rash may appear between day 3 and 5, which will appear slightly raised, red patches and if pressured with finger, the redness will disappear. Usually appears on torso first, and then spreads to extremeties and chest.
    NOTE: DHF1, even without any kind of treatment, the person will recover and death from this variety is very low.
  12. Diarrhea.

What To Do

  1. CDC advises: "The symptoms of Dengue can be treated with bedrest, fluids, and medication to reduce fever, such as acetaminophen; aspirin hould be avoided."
  2. If you think you've got Dengue, get to your doctor right away for diagnosis. Once confirmed, here are several well known Dengue Fever remedies listed below. Match your set of symptoms with there symptoms. Call your local homeopath to prescribe the remedy in the potency they feel is best indicated for your condition. If you don't have a homeopath, call the National Center for Homeopathy, 703-548-7790, and find out. Do NOT prescribe for yourself without a professional homeopath following your case! Carry the following remedies in your epidemic kit: Aconite (for shock), Belladonna (for sudden, high fever).

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever 2

This lethal form which is carried by the Tiger Mosquitos, Aedes Albopictus. What makes this more compounded is that in the guts of this female mosquito, she carries more than just DHG2. She can harbor a multitude of viruses that are not yet known to humans. Aedes Aegypti carries on DF1. So, if the newspapers or television news start reporting that they've trapped A. Albopictus, we are in for the killer Dengue Fever and every effort to protect yourself should be undertaken immediately.

Orthodox Treatment: no drug is available for this viral infection. Only homeopathic treatement coupled with swiftness to a hospital emergency room can save your life. Call 911 and take the homeopathic remedy that best fits your symtpoms on the way to the hospital.
NOTE: If it is a child, it's vital to get them to the hospital just as soon as possible. The mortality rate is high for an infant under one year of age.


  1. The intial 3 to 4 days are the same as DF1.
  2. After that, there is a sharp, shocking change. Fever skyrockets suddenly, without warning and can reach 107 degrees.
  3. There is physical shock and collapse.
  4. Hemorrhage under the skin (bruises, bleeding) everywhere. Bleeding from the nose, from the gums, blood in the urine and in the vomit and stools (black and tar-like).
  5. The skin is clammy, the extremities, cold. As hemorrhaging begins, the skin has blue and red spots over it known as "petechiae'.
  6. The face become a mottled blue color (cyanosis).
  7. Blood pressure drops rapidly and may not be detectable.

Mortality: Merck Manual estimates between 6 to 30% die from DHG2.

Worse Case Scenario: CDC says that people who get DF1 are immune only to DF1 for up to two years. Worse, if, even during that time or after that period, you are bitten by a DHF mosquito, then your chances for survival become even less. Having DF1 does NOT protect you from DHF; it only exacerbates the problems and increases the possibility of death.

Homeopathic Remedies for Dengue Fever 1

EUPATORIUM PERFOLATUM will probably be the major remedy of choice. It comes from the herb, Thoroughwort and is known as "Bone-Set." It was used in the 1800 and 1900's by homeopaths when Dengue became epidemic during those time periods.

  • MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Person feels as if they are losing their minds. Anxious feeling, along with moanig. Restless and cannot sit or lie still, although they wish they could (every movement hurts them).
  • HEAD: Throbbing pain, as if a cap of metal were pressed over the entire skull,pushing downard. Vertigo with falling to the left. Top and rear of head painful. Headache may be peridical--every 3rd and 7th day. Upon lying down, the rear of the skull (occipital region) feels very heavy and there's a weighted feeling to it.
  • EYES: soreness of the eyeballs. Worse: light of any kind. Even the lids feel sore.
  • MOUTH: tongue has a thick yellow coat. Cracks or soreness at corners of mouth. Very thirsty for cold liquids. Bitter taste in mouth.
  • STOMACH: Liver region sore to touch. Vomit may contain bile, green color. Vomiting preceeded by being very thisrty. Hiccups. Doesn't want any tight clothing around the waist or stomach region.
  • STOOL: diarrhea, green, watery with cramps.
  • RESPIRATORY: Sneezing. Hoarseness with cough, worse: morning, and a sore chest. Great soreness of muscles and bones of chest. Cough is relieved by getting down on hands and knees. Cough worse from 2am to 4am. Worse breathing in. Unable to lie on left side. Worse lying on back. Cough with heat attended by soreness in throat and bronchial region. Face will be flushed with tears in eyes from coughing so much.
  • FEVER: Sweating relieves all symptoms except the headache. Chills between 9pm and 9pm, preceeded by a great thirst for liquids. Soreness and aching of the bones attend the fever.
  • EXTREMITIES: Ache in lumbar region of back. Chills will start in low back and move upward. Arms and wrists ache. Knees and calves painful and stiff. Muscles stiff, generally and person is unable to move or bend very much. Back may have a trembling sensation to it during the fever portion. Arms and legs feel as if they have been badly bruised and severely beaten.


  • MIND/EMOTIONS: Feeling of extreme restlessness, will change position constantly. Senses become muddled. Apprehensive about nightfall and will refuse to stay in bed. A feeling of great helpslessness coupled with deep sadness. Mental perceptions are dulled. With high fever there can be delerium and delusions.
  • HEAD: Feels heavy and scalp is super sensitive. Pain in the rear of the skull (occiput) and painful upon touch. Pain in forehead and headache moves up and over head to the rear of it. Worse with motion, better: morning, heat (cloth) and lying down. A sensation as if someone were pushing down on your forehead and driving head into the pillow.
  • MOUTH: Gums sore. Tongue has a red triangle at the tip of it/ Fever blisters around mouth. Pain in jaws. Bitter taste.
  • STOMACH: Unquenchable thirst. Desire for cold milk. Mouth and throat feel very dry. Feeling of stone in stomach.
  • EXTREMITIES: Hot, swollen, painful joints that are better with motion. If sitting or lying down, stiffness sets in along with pain. Neck very stiff, but feels better with warm cloth applied to area. Better: heat of shower or bath. Tearing pains in joints. Worse: cold air, cold cloth on affected parts. Limbs become so stiff person may feel partly paralyzed until they can begin to move and "loosen" up.
  • FEVER: Chilled but later, feels hot and wants to stretch limbs. Skin is cold and clammy feeling to it. Shivering or shaking in open air along with a great thirst for liquids. Pulse weak and very soft; cannot be felt sometimes. Odd sensation of chill and cold on the back, but a feeling of heat on chest and torso. Fever in evening, first shivering, then heat and thirst, with sweating, and then followed by diarrhea. Fever strikes every 3rd or 4th day.


  • MIND/EMOTIONS: person wants to lie still, in a dark, quiet room and remain undisturbed. If bothered, becomes extremely irritated and angry. A 'grump.' Fears he's going to die.
  • HEAD: Has a red face after being angry. Faint feeling upon rising. Pain is bursting, splitting feeling in rear (occiput) of head. Feels as if hammers were being struck inside his head. Worse with any motion. Headache comes on upon waking and as soon as he opens his eyes. Left-sided over eye, brow and across top of head to back of the skull (occiput).
  • MOUTH: Very dry feeling with urgent sense of thirstiness. Everything in mouth is dry, including tongue, throat region. Tongue has a thick, white coating or a dirty yellow one. Burning blisters on sides of tongue. Wants to drink large amounts of water.
  • STOMACH: Vomiting after drinking water. Worse: warm drinks, which are vomited even more quickly. Sore stomach. Pressure in stomach after eating. Knife-like pains felt in stomach.
  • EXTREMITIES: Stiff neck, red spots on the sides of the neck. Shooting, tearing pains all over the back, especially under left shoulder blade. All symptoms worse around 9pm. Worse: any kind of movement, better: lying still. Feels better lying on something very hard. Worse cold of any kind and better for heat of any kind.
  • FEVER: Pulse is full and hard. Chill, worse in evening. Cold and shivering all over, even under covers of bed. And then, followed by heat with sweat and thirst. Dry, burning heat felt throughout body. Always needs cold drinks. Unique symptoms: chill and heal alternate., and then heat and shuddering alternate.


It's especially important to work with a homeopath if you think you've got this type of Dengue. Besides the ones mentioned above, others that should be considered if you're diagnosed with DHF2, are: Crolatus Horridus and Lachesis for severe hemorrhaging. For the swift onset of shock, Veratrum Album or Carbo Vegetabilis should be considered. Your homeopath will know what potencies and how to prescribe them. Take this article to him or her and discuss it. They will help you lay out a sensible course of action.
NOTE: Never take a homeopathic remedy BEFORE onset of symtpoms! They are not innoculations or vaccines against a disease that you would take beforehand. You must wait and at first indication of symptoms, call your homeopath.

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Copyright 1995 - 1997 Dr. Eileen Nauman.
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