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Tincture of Hydrangea is normally worked with by Naturopathic Doctors and Homeopathic practitioners--not MD's. Additionally, for this treatment, you must seek the care of such a practitioner and under no circumstances attempt this treatment on your own.

Neptune In Libra: Do You Have "Dirty Blood?"
by Eileen Nauman, DHM (UK)

People born between October, 1942 through October 18, 1956, all have their natal Neptune in Libra. Neptune is a very slow moving planet due to its orbit around the sun and being so far away from it. From a medical astrology standpoint, Neptune means WEAK. Whatever zodiac sign it is in at your birth, unless very well aspected, becomes weak for the person's entire life. Libra rules the kidneys and the renal system in general (which includes the kidneys, urethra tubes, bladder and urethra).

So, if you were born with a Neptune in Libra, there's a good chance that you have weak kidneys. What does this mean to you? Kidneys are one of our major filtration systems--sort of like a sewage plant operation, if you will. The liver is another major player in filtration of toxins and poisons from our body, too, but this is another area we'll discuss at a later date.

The kidneys are charged with "pulling off" any poisons or toxins off the blood cells that float through our veins and arteries. This is accomplished through a function called osmosis. If you looked inside the kidneys, you'd see miles and miles of paper-thin tubules, barely larger in diameter than that of a blood cell, that are piled up and reside in each kidney.

As blood comes through a huge vein into each kidney, blood cells are run through these tubules. The process takes place and ideally, any poisons or toxins the blood cell is carrying is resorbsorbed through the paper-thin walls of the tubules and converted into urine. The urine then finds its way down the urethra tube (a tube that extends from the kidney to the bladder) into the bladder itself. From there, when you urinate, you are releasing poisons and toxins from your body. This is called the process of elimination.

Those with Neptune in Libra run the risk of having kidneys that don't filter blood properly or cleanly. If the blood isn't cleaned off, it's referred to as "dirty blood." What this translates into is: dirty blood means the cell can't carry as much oxygen as it could if it were relieved of its other loads it was carrying the poisons and toxins. A cell laboring under this load can't bring fresh oxygen to the muscles, to the lungs or anywhere else, especially the brain, so we can think clearly and concisely. Dirty blood is a condition that creeps up on us over a long period of time, but it can damage our quality of life, just for starters. So, what's the result of this situation? A person can get an array of seemingly unrelated symptoms that will send an allopathic doctor scrambling and scratching her or his head. Let me list the symptoms for you:

Do You Have 'Dirty Blood?' Here Are The Symptoms:

  1. Skin conditions that are frequently misdiagnosed as eczema, dermatitis, dry, flaking skin, or patch of red, itchy skin that either appears and disappears or moves around the body, place to place.

    The reason why the skin is so involved in this condition is that the blood cells aren't able to unload their poisons and toxins via the kidneys, so they go to the next best eliminative organ: our skin! Yes, our skin, which has millions of pores or openings, breathes. When we perspire, our body is "breathing" and eliminating excess water, toxins or poisons via those pores.

    So, if the kidney tubules aren't creating osmosis to take the load off these laboring red blood cells, they then try and dump their load on the doorstep of the next eliminative outlet: the skin. This is why the skin will begin to get dry, itchy, flaking, red, swollen, oozing lymph fluid which is yellow or crusted, in order to try and "clean off" the red blood cells so they can carry a maximum amount of oxygen.

  2. Headaches are frequently a spin-off and symptom of dirty blood. It can be a migraine headache or just a common old aching type that comes and goes; for seemingly no reason. Even if you take aspirin, and you make the pain go away, it does not mean that you've cured the root cause of all these headaches: which is to clean the tubules of the kidneys. As long as the kidneys aren't cleaned up, you will always have headaches that come and go.

    The brain isn't receiving enough oxygen from these red blood cells, and it's getting "bathed" with dirty red blood cells which are loaded down like a toxic waste dump--so, it's no wonder your head starts aching!

  3. Low-grade Fevers that come and go. Whenever the body raises its own internal temperature, it is trying to burn out and destroy an invader or attacker. Usually, it's an invading bacteria or virus. However, if your blood is dirty, it will raise the temperature a degree or so, trying to "burn out" and destroy this waste material. It doesn't, but it's one of the things the body can do to answer the call to get rid of the toxic waste dump being carried inside you.

    The result of this symptom is that if you go to the allopathic doctor, he or she will assume you have a bacteria or virus present in your body and prescribe antibiotics to get rid of it. So, when you're on the ten-day cycle of antibiotics, your "grade fever" goes away, but as soon as you get off the antibiotics, guess what? Yes, the grade fever comes back. Oh, it's not there every day, but it may show up from time to time, with no periodicity or cycle evident.

    After about two or three trips to your allopathic doctor, they may draw blood from you to see what in the world is going on. When they do, often, there will be an elevated or higher white blood count which to them, verifies bacteria or virus still active and in your body. Now, I've seen cases where the white blood count was so high the person was diagnosed as pre-leukemic! Imagine the terror this person experienced when her doctor told her that? Luckily, she consulted me as a medical astrologer and wanted to find out WHAT was causing her condition.

    When I examined this person's chart, she had Neptune in Libra conjunct her Ascendant with three hard aspects, so I told her: "Bottom line is, you have dirty blood and this is what is the root cause of your high white blood count." At that point, I told her what to do to clean out her kidneys. She did that and there's a happy ending to this true story: her white blood count went back to normal and she no longer had grade fevers--nor was she pre-Leukemic. She's fine and in the pink of health.

  4. Allergies. All kinds; you name it, can occur. Why? Because as more and more of the red blood cells labor with their toxic waste dump load that they can off put via the kidneys, the immune system within the body hits the four alarm and goes into major action. It will create more white blood cells, which are the soldiers that protect us from outside attack by bacteria and viruses. If, after awhile the white blood cells don't do their job--and they can't--then the immune system, over several years time, becomes suppressed.

    When the immune system becomes depressed, that means it can't operate at its highest peak function, which is to protect us from any invaders from the external world around us. As the immune system begins to crumble, we suddenly, for no reason, become allergic to something in our environment. It could be anything: ragweed, dust, mold, pollen, cat hair or whatever--the source doesn't really matter. What matters is that allergies are a signal that your immune system is eroding and this isn't good because in the long-run, it leaves you open for all kinds of problems later: such as more frequent colds, flu or other more deadly forms of bacteria and viruses which are now floating around in our atmosphere and environment. Your immune system, which is your main line of defense, your warrior with a shield, has been stripped of its protective powers and is leaving you wide open to all these other risks.

  5. High white blood count. We talked about this in detail in number 2. If someone comes to me with tests showing a high white blood count, the first thing I do is their natal chart, based upon the month, day and year they were born, their time of birth and where they were born, and see if they have Neptune in Libra. If they do, and if there are hard aspects to it, then I know that their kidneys are involved and they need to be cleaned up to work at maximum efficiency.

    If your lab reports come back with a high white blood count and after antibiotics, is still there, consider the possibility of above.

  6. Forgetfulness and other mental signs of deterioration. When the red blood cells cannot carry a major load of oxygen, which they were designed to do, then the brain does not receive it's necessary levels of oxygen, either, in order to operate at maximum efficiency.

    The result is lapses of memory, forgetfulness and the beginning of making lists to remember what you forgot! If your memory is eroding for no reason, then consider the above.

  7. How Can I Clean Out My Kidneys And Get Rid Of My 'Dirty Blood?'

    The only way that I know to truly clean out kidneys is with the use of Tincture of Hydrangea, a homeopathic mother tincture. It is a product sold by Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy, PO Box 61067, Los Angeles, CA 90061. Their phone number is 1-800-624-9659. A one ounce bottle is all you need. Have your health practitioner order it for you and then under his or her guidance, you can take it as per the directions on the label of the bottle.

    Not EVERYONE can use this mother tincture. If you've had kidney stones, you should not use this to clean out your kidneys until you've had tests to prove conclusively you don't presently have kidney stones.

    If you took Tincture of Hydrangea and had stones, then it would kick them out within 24 hours of taking this remedy, there's good chance you'll end up in emergency surgery, too--so forewarned is forearmed. In Boericke's Materia Medica it says:

"A remedy for gravel, profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine. Calculus, renal colic, bloody urine. Acts on urethra. Pain in the lumbar region. Dizziness. Oppression of the chest."

If you have a family history of kidney stones, but have never had them yourself, get the appropriate tests taken before taking Tincture of Hydrangea. If you come up "clean" and without kidney stones (people can have them for decades and never know about them, so don't think because you haven't had symptoms that you don't have any--that's a Neptunian trick at it's best!) then have your practitioner guide your progress with this tincture.

The way I took it was following the prescription directions on the label which is 25 drops in 4 ounces of water, and then a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening. The first time, I took it for a full month. Then, January 1st of every year thereafter, I take it for 7 days to just keep the plumbing clean. I've done this for 20+ years with no problems.

If you have no family history of kidney stones and you've never had them, then discuss this with your health practitioner and if he/she feels it's appropriate, order the remedy and take it as directed.

Don't be surprised to see your urine turn different colors, or the odor changes (and sometimes it's a horrendous odor!), or the consistency of the urine changes. I've seen urine turn from pale to bright gold, to chartreuse green to nearly orange in color. I've seen the consistency of urine go from looking like sand on the beach to stringy mucus or becoming exceedingly cloudy with changes of color. The odor will definitely be noted--and it can be almost ammonia-like or at best, repugnant.

What is happening is that the Hydrangea is acting like "roto-rooter" like a snake cleaning out a plumbing pipe that is partially clogged with debris. Don't be alarmed if you see all the above happen to your urine during that time you're on Hydrangea. Report any strange things to your health practitioner.

Hydrangea IS POISONOUS if used undiluted and taken too often. It can kill a person by suppression of the diaphragm--you just quit wanting to breathe. So, it's absolutely essential that your health practitioner be involved in this cleansing opportunity. Do NOT try to do this yourself without the monitoring by your health practitioner. The old axiom that if a little is good, a lot will do better--is a no-no here. IT CAN KILL YOU.

The only side-effect of using Hydrangea according to the dosage instructions, is that one case, a Canadian, had reported mild backache symptoms for 12 hours, over the kidney region of his back, after taking the tincture. No one else has ever had any discomfort while taking it. And, amazingly, in his case, he'd had two rough patches of skin, diagnosed as dermatitis, for 10 years, right over each of his kidney area. Twelve hours after taking the Hydrangea, he came running back into the medical astrology seminar I was teaching, pulled up his shirt and said, "Look! Look! I don't believe this! They're gone! My skin problem has disappeared!" The entire class of 30 Canadians surrounded him and we all looked at the area where the 'dermatitis' had been. The skin on his back was smooth and even colored with no evidence that 'dermatitis' had been there at all. I suspect that his skin was pouring out toxins and poisons in that region over the kidneys because his kidneys had been clogged. By taking one dose of the Hydrangea, it had cleaned up the tubules and the skin stopped having to be an eliminative organ and the kidneys resumed their full time operation instead. It was a remarkable case.

Once the Tincture of Hydrangea has cleaned out your kidneys, the above symptoms will slowly begin to go away over a three to six month period. It took you x-amount of years to get that way, and as your blood begins to be cleaned off efficiently, these symptoms will begin to disappear over time, too.

Again, DO NOT TRY THIS BY YOURSELF. Have your homeopath or health practitioner monitoring your case. Do NOT give this to children. Let your health practitioner assess this and make a decision--not you.

Copyright 1996 Dr. Eileen Nauman, DHM, DIHom (United Kingdom) Homeopathic practitioner. Dr Nauman is a published Author and is Adjunct Professor, Wholistic Medicine, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. email: Dr. Eileen Nauman. People interested in finding a homeopathic practitioner, can email the National Center for Homeopathy for information and suggestions.

WARNING: The treatment discussed in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace assessment and treatment by a qualified, licensed health practitioner.
Do not attempt self-treatment under any circumstances.

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