The Origin of Hypnosis
by Barbara Clauser

Hypnosis is as old as man himself. Perhaps it may go back as far into time as the Garden of Eden. Eve may indeed have been the very first person to become mesmerized or hypnotized by the apple on the tree of life. So great was her fascination that she went against the Creator to possess it. That red delicious fruit captivated her. She was truly spellbound by the wonder of it all. Whether you believe this to be truth or legend the preceding piece is a wonderful example of how our minds work when we set ourselves upon a certain path. Sooner or later we will explore that path and by doing so we are following the power of hypnosis.

According to scripture and legend, the serpent made a suggestion to Eve suggesting how wonderful the taste of that apple would be. That is what hypnosis is, accepting suggestions. Hypnosis can be traced back to all the early healers, shamans, witch doctors, medicine men, witches, wise women, priests and to all healers to this very day. All of them used the power of suggestion to heal their patients. All of them used a ritual or, perhaps, a spell. Some may have used a potion, a pill, or another type of medicine to open up the faith channel of the patient. These were accompanied by very powerful suggestions. They might say, “Take this or do that and you will be well or find a marked improvement by the morning.” The Christians used the anointing with oil, the laying of hands, prayers and meditations. These are all powerful healing suggestions and tools. Many of the healings then and to this day are accomplished in this fashion.

Hypnosis is truly a natural holistic way to improve every aspect of our lives. The techniques and knowledge are invaluable and if applied daily could change ones life, giving it a more focused direction, improved health, and a peaceful disposition. Hypnosis is not meant to replace traditional medical care. But it may be used along side, working hand-in-hand with everyday standard health practices. Look for future articles on self improvement with the power of hypnosis.

Copyright 1997 Barbara Clauser. Barbara Clauser C.M.H. is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, holistic practitioner and a motivational consultant. She is the author of Myths, Miracles & Wonders on the Power Within which is soon to be released. She is a graduate of Notre Dame Academy and a graduate of Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. She is an avid student of the behavioral sciences. She is on the board of directors of the American Cancer Society and she is doctor recommended.

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