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This was posted to the Festival mail list and we were just recently reminded of it. Our appologies to the Mountain Astrologer because we understand that some of these appeared there and others were made up by the poster, So some of these are Copyright 1996 The Mountain Astrologer and others aren't.
Astrological Bumper Stickers

  • Aries: I don't brake for anyone, so get out of my way!
  • Taurus: I'd rather be braking.
  • Gemini: I brake to change the radio station while talking on my cell phone.
  • Cancer: I brake for yard sales and open houses.
  • Leo: Hey! Give me a brake!
  • Virgo: I brake to check and see if my brakes are working.
  • Libra: I brake for others, if that's all right with you.
  • Scorpio: I'll brake when I'm damn good and ready, so leave me the hell alone!
  • Sagittarius: On the road of life, one brakes for many things but stops for none.....
  • Capricorn: Born Braking.
  • Aquarius: I brake rules.
  • Pisces: I brake for worms and caterpillers.

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