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Following are some tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating definitions and descriptions that once again prove that humor is a necessary companion for the journey on any path. We are encouraged.

Pagan Humor 2

  • Anal Retentive Ceremonial

    Book collection actually holds up the ceiling in places. Is studying Gaelic (Irish and Scottish), Mandarin Chinese, Cuneiform, Latin, Greek, and German all at once. Has twenty volumes of their magical diaries that are all in a personal set of runes based on the alphabet of the Vehmgericht.

    Distinguishing Signs

    Won't go anywhere without a book. Is constantly aware of which direction is North. Always wears black, as it matches everything. And even in 100 degree weather insists on wearing a black leather trench-coat.

  • High Episcopagan

    Do their rituals have a script, a choreographer, a stage manager, an orchestra with chorus and last at least three hours? It's a High Episcopagan! They can memorize pages and pages of Olde Englishe, have more ritual garbs than most people have socks, and consider their main pagan influence to be Nigel Aldcroft Jackson.

    Distinguishing Signs

    Grimoire exceeds five volumes. Don't ask them about that 18th century seed pearl trim on their ritual hat unless you've got an hour to spare.

  • Fundamentapagan

    Has hissy fits when somebody brings up the old "Crowley ghosted Gardner's books" argument.

    Distinguishing Signs

    Goes around correcting everyone's Gaelic/Chinese/Latin/Babylonian.

  • Dances With Bunnyrabbits

    Has many, many, many pets. Has a spirit animal. Personally owns 862 stuffed animals resembling her pets.

    Distinguishing Signs

    Not counting the pagan his/herself, how many animals can you see when looking at them? If the count surpasses five (including critters found on jewelry, garments and undies - what undies?), you've found a worshipper of beasties.

From: Kytheriea . Subject: Re: Humor in our Lives (was Humorous Gods ) Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 18:41:26 -0400. On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, Jem Dowse wrote: I have tried to edit these accordingly to give you a general idea of who I am, and what I am like.

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