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  • Astrological Bumper Stickers   by Azubah
  • Astrological Light Bulb Jokes
  • Comparative Religions
  • The Creation by Computer   by anon.
  • Guide to Craft Names   by Lady Pixie Moondrip
  • Haiku Error Messages
  • Interview with A Rock Star   by L. A. Lothian
  • Microsoft Bids to Acquire Catholic Church   by Hank Vorjes
  • Number of the Beast
  • Number of the Beast - MORE
  • Occult Humor: Redneck Pagans
  • Pagan Humor
  • Poisonality Plus (What they don't tell you)   by C. Lichtenstein
  • Questionnaire from the Gods
  • Shalom.mpg - one hilarious video   by White Fish
  • WARNING - New Celestial Computer Viruses   by Donnalyn

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