The Kabbalah Series - Part 3
ChaBa"D - Chochmah, Binah and Daas
Rabbi Joseph Markel

Definition of Chochmah

The general definition of Chochmah is the discovery of a new intellectual idea which comes out like a flash of lightning as is known. That is, the original flash of intuitive inspiration. It is basically the power of the mind to go out of itself. That is Bitul (nullification, the power of the mind to nullify itself to a concept which is outside of itself. Chochmah is CoaCh Ma"H - the power of what. Chochmah is called the question while Binah is called the answer.

Binah as was explained previously is the power of analysis and explanation. That is, the power to bring the unformed flash of Chochmah into a graspable explanation or theory.

Daas is the aspect of the thorough bonding, connection and attachment of the feeling of the mind to the Musag (concept). That is, the power of attention or concentration. And this is what brings about the aspect of deep comprehension of the musag after the above mentioned Iyun so that it is just like an aspect of a vessel to the depth of the Hasogah (the understood concept). That is, Daas is a Vessel for Binah - Attention and concentration is a vessel for understanding.

And the sign of Haamokas HaDaas (concentration) is when it looks as if he is concentrating and compressing his brain because of his great connection to the Muskal (the Idea) (that is the person scrunches up his face.)

He is very taken up and strongly squeezed into it because he is very concentrated into one aspect and view ...and it is specifically from this concentration that the essence of the depth of the Hasoga (i.e. deep understanding) comes, through the Iyun of Binah which is the opposite of concentration and compression, since in the Iyun of Binah, even though he stands over it and tarries in a concentrated compressed way in the beginning, but immediately he spreads out into a great width into all the particular divisions (of the concept) with a very particular examination as is known.

However it is not so with the concentration and compression of Haamakas Hadaas (the deepening of Daas), on the contrary, it's just the concentration which is the gathering and collection of the entire power of his brain to be connected exclusively to this particular Muskal (idea), which is the opposite of the spreading out of the Iyun with the widening of the subject of the Muskal. However, it is specifically through Haamokas HaDaas (concentration on the subject matter) that he comes to the depth of the Muskal all the way till its source in the depths of Chochmah and Binah. All the way to Daas Elion (Upper Daas i.e. Kesser) which joins Chochmah and Binah together as will be explained later about the depth of the Musag of Binah.

The Power of Binah

But, it is the power of Binah, specifically Binah of Binah which is called Iyun or Hisbonenus, that is, repetitive analytical study which awakens the power of Daas in a negative or positive way. That is, it is only when one understands a concept well that a positive or negative connection or attachment to it can take place.

Because "this depends on that" (i.e. Daas & Binah are interdependent) as it is written in the Writings and in various places. For example "If there is no Daas there is no Binah, if there is no Binah there is no Daas." (Pirkei Avos) meaning that if one does not concentrate on what he is studying and gives it his full attention, he will not understand. But if he doesn't understand (like if the subject is being discussed in a foreign language) there will be no concentration and his attention will wander.

*NOTE - Musag or Hasoga = the idea in Binah. Muskal = the idea in Chochmah

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