Kabbalah Series, Part 6 - Hisbonenus
Depth, Width And Length - 2

Rabbi Joseph Markel

So, again, Iyun is the deep looking into something in an analytical way. That is, he goes over the conceived thing and looks deeply into it very much which is the slowing down, the opposite of going over a subject fast, in order to come to the depths of the concept as it is in its essential self innerness and the inner insides of it specifically.

And now we find that this aspect of Iyun (repetitive deep study) is just in the aspect of a vessel in regard to the actual deep delving of Binah itself. That is , the study is just a vessel to the actual understanding of the Depth of the Musag (concept).

So therefore, according to what was explained before,the deeper the subject matter, the longer and wider are the explanations needed to explain it.

This is apparent in actuality. A shallow subject like how to play Tiddlywinks can be explained by a short explanation. Also one need not supply a width of many different explanations.

A deeper subject like Medicine or Physics etc. needs long explanations and can be explained to many sides with a variety of facets and opinions etc., i.e. a greater width.

The corollary to this is that one cannot truly get to the depth of a subject without first going through the length and width of the explanations.

E.g. one cannot become a doctor by just meditating on medicine. He has to go through the length of analytical explanations such as the explanations of the analysis of the body and its various systems, the effect of diet, the usage of medicines etc. etc.

Also it is understood that a greater width will result in a greater depth of understanding. So a Doctor who widens his understanding by studying alternative systems of Medicine will surely have a deeper understanding thaan one who has a narrower understanding of just standard Western Medicine.

And this is true of any field including Kabbalah. So we must say that Kabbalah, being an extremely deep subject, has an extremely great length and an extremely great width. And conversly we mus say that to become a Kabbalist, one must know the length and width of it in order to get to get to its depth.

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