Temperament: Third Eye and Crown Chakra
Resonates to the number 7
Astrological Sign: Gemini


This particular amethyst possesses God-like qualities. If you place a chevron amethyst on a chakra which is closed or closing, this particular amethyst will reverse the negative energy flow to facilitate the re-opening of the chakra. It gives guidance to the true nature of the spiritual healer. A healer or one who believes that they may have latent healing capabilities or attributes, can meditate with a chevron amethyst. This will create a bridge to the etheric realms and show you the wisdom that is available. In a sense it can bring verification of ones healing abilities.


These stones are rare. Usually they are found in larger sizes because most fractionated during their growth period. These stones are as old as fifty million years old. They access past life wisdom and the wisdom of the ages. They can actually tell the story of creation. The quality unique to amethyst elestial is it's ability to bring a strong sense of universal intellect. In meditation, it dispels negative thoughts and mind wandering (chita). It also assists in the removal of confusion. Most elestial amethyst has smokey quartz in it. See smokey quartz and Elestials for additional qualities.


There are not many of these powerful stones available at this time. These are found in the mountains of Siberia in Russia where the average temperature is minus thirty degreee Celsius to a low of minus one hundred and fifty degree Celcius. There are found at a depth of three to four hundred feet.They are formed as a mass rather than crystal points. The Siberian amethyst only work on the physical, both as blood purifier and liver detoxifier. Point the narrowest part of the your piece of Siberian amethyst upward and place on the throat chakra. This will break up any blockages of blood in the brain. Point the narrowest portion downward to work with the extremities and other organs of the body. This would work for blood clots and blood poisoning and viruses in the blood as well.


Facilitates the opening of the the third eye to build confidence and understanding of ones part in the creational process. Take 15 drops once a week prior to bed time. Also can be used to attain higher states of meditation. Take fifteen drops a half hour prior to meditation. An elixir of the Siberian Amethyst helps circulation and blood flow throughout the body.

The material quoted here was originally posted on Crystal Healing and is reposted with the permission of Geoffrey Keyte. The insights were sent to the list by June Perry.

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