Amethyst Elixir

To prepare an elixir for amethyst start with a clean stone (soak in a heavy brine of sea salt for 12 hours or heavy concentration of tea for about the same time). Or you can put it in the sun for a day to cleanse and recharge it. I often do a combination of both is the weather is good. Place the clean stone in a sterilized glass bowl with 12 ounces of 90 proof pure drinking alcohol, or a very pure brandy. There is a California brandy that is very good. I don't remember its name off hand but it begins with a K.

Cover with bowl with a ceramic plate and place it in a dark cool place and let it sit there for 7 days. This then is your mother batch. I have a few more steps I take after this like placing it under a copper pyramid, etc. but you can skip that part. Then you would take several amber or cobalt blue bottles that have been washed and sterilized for 15 minutes. You can usually purchase these through your local drug store. Get the ones with the droppers, preferably glass droppers.

When you sterilized the jars, don't put in the rubber tops or plastic -- just the jars and the glass dropper. When the jars are finished boiling you can drop the covers and plastic droppers, if that is what you have, into the pot with the jars and immediately turn off the water. Cover the pot and let it sit about 15 minutes more.

Remove the bottles and caps and droppers and drain upside down on clean hand towel paper. When cool enough to handle fill them with your mother batch. To make an individual batch for your use or for sale follow the same procedure for washing and sterilizing the bottle. Use about a one ounce size bottle.

When sterilized and dry, fill half the bottle with 90 proof pure alcohol or pure brandy. Add 15 drops of the mother batch to the bottle and then top off the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Make sure not to fill it all the way to the top because when you put the dropper in it is going to displace some of the liquid. Shake it up and let it sit for at least 48 hours and then you can take as directed.

This elixir will also help build confidence in ones creative abilities. It is also excellent to take 15 drops before meditation to helps facilitate a higher state.

Dosage would be fifteen drops taken sublingually (under your tongue) three times day. I would also carry an amethyst or wear one as a pendant or earrings would be even better.

Care of Stones and Crystals

It is always a good idea to clean your stones and crystals when you first purchase them. Many stone and crystals absorb negative energy and can reflect it back. It is good to clean your stones often by either placing them in a heavy brine of pure salt and letting them remain there for 12 hours. Some softer stones can be cleared by letting them sit in the sun for a day.

There are some stone like Jade and Diamantina Quartz Lasar Wand crystals and citrine among others which never need cleaning. Boji Stones only need to be held in the sun for a minute and they are cleansed. If you don't have sea salt on hand you have to make a very strong solution of tea and soak your stones in this for cleaning. You can put several stones in a cleaning solution at a time but once cleansed, discard that batch of solution and make a fresh one when you need to clean and clear your stones again.

Namaste! June Perry (

The material quoted here was originally posted on Crystal Healing and is reposted with the permission of Geoffrey Keyte. The insights were sent to the list by June Perry.

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