Heart Chakra
Resonates to the number 9
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Ray Color: Crystalline White
Key of D

When worn or carried or used in a layout this stone helps one to maintain a strong sense of self identity while still preserving the knowledge of themselves as part of a greater whole. It helps you to acknowledge your personal growth on your path of self realization.

Danburite is also used to stimulate the heart chakra to bring about an understanding that self love is a right and not a privilege. It is a stone that can activate spiritual intellect when placed with amethyst on the crown chakra. This would help one to have a great understanding of their spiritual lessons and teachings.


Helps remove gall bladder stones by placing it on the area of the gall bladder for 45 minutes at least once a day for a minimum of ten days or till the situation is alleviated. It can help to correct anorexia and bulimia when consciously directed.


Wearing this stone as a pendant on the heart chakra or doing a layout and placing it on the heart chakra, will assist in the healing of emotional issues.


Danburite intensifies whatever state you are in. So do not wear this stone when you are in any emotionally or mentally negative or stressful state. In meditation this stone can bring about the knowledge that self love, or unconditional love is a gift of God and is bestowed upon the user to share with the rest of humanity.


Instills in your consciousness that everything in the spiritual realm is possible. It holds no spiritual limitations. To accelerate ones spiritual transformation you can use this stone with Moldavite on the third eye chakra. This would be good to use on someone who is just beginning to awaken to their spiritual self. They know there is more but haven't quite come to the greater realization of their own Divine nature.


Herkimer Diamond, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Phenachite(Clear), Optical Calcite, Pink Paba Tourmaline, Aurichalcite, Morganite, Moldavite.


To gain weight take 15 drops sublingually three times a day. I don't have the full information on the Phenacite yet but I do know that is majorly works on the upper chakras - Third eye, Crown, and Eight or Soul Star Chakra.

I decided to see if I could channel a little bit on information on this stone and here is what I received.

The stone phenacite is a wondrous gift of the Hierarchy. It is a stone of the New age and one which can transmute the density of man into his/her divine nature. It is a magnificent tool for the ascension process. This stone can best with utilized with that of Danburite and Tanzanite. It can assist one to access wisdom from the higher realms and will also bring in the energies needed for those on a path of realization. These will help one to integrate the greater light being given to mankind at this time. This stone may be used as an elixir to help open and clear the higher chakras so greater wisdom can be attained. This stone may be used alone or with the danburite and tanzanite on any of the chakras from the heart and above. The combination of Tanzanite and Phenacite would work best at the throat, third eye and crown chakras. The combination of the Danburite and Phenacite would work very well in bring in and integrate light when placed on the heart chakra.

Namaste! June Perry(Gurushakti@aol.com)

The material quoted here was originally posted on Crystal Healing and is reposted with the permission of Geoffrey Keyte. The insights were sent to the list by June Perry.

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