Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Stability
Root and Heart Chakras
Resonates to the number 4
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Ray Color: Black- Red Ray, Green -Green Ray
Key of A

Green actinolite works on heart chakra and the black works on the root chakra. . Green has the same healing properties as jade. It brings the body functions into harmony and balance. Actinolite can effect the color vibration of other stones. It enhances their overall effectiveness.


Stabilizes the physical crystallization process (a process that anchors either a positive or a negative now consciousness). Crystallization is that absolute moment, that absolute process. The actinolite can restructure the cells into a positive crystallization.


Helps strengthen the needs and the thought process of the physical body, and allows it to accept what has taken place.


Produces the thought that creates the balance process of the emotional and the physical acceptance.


Produces the openness and the well-being that allows you to be available and receptive to Gods energies. It is a protective shield which repels ones own negative thoughts. This is particularly true of the black actinolite.


Aqua Aura, Diamond, Opal and Apophyllite.


Physical and emotional and spiritual healing. Make elixir with aqua aura, diamond, opal, apophyllite and black actinolite. Place in 190 proof for 30 days. By itself actinolite (green) would produce the same effects as Jade. The black actinolite would ward off unwanted thoughts. This would be good to take about a half hour before meditation. Take fifteen drops under the tongue.

June Perry

The material quoted here was originally posted on the Crystal Healing Mailing List and is reposted with the permission of Geoffrey Keyte. These are channeled insights sent to the list by June Perry.

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