Confounding Mystery
by Timothy Dexter Latus

It is difficult to escape media coverage of the "disappearance" of Chandra Ann Levy. Partly because of the odd mystery and also because of a strong astrological emphasis on gossip which has been reinforced by Jupiter's departure from the gossip sign of Gemini.

Decades of practice as a professional psychic has proven to me that anytime a mystery is this confounding, there is an understandable tendency to discern the truth through "other worldly" means, such as psychic ability, astrology and remote viewing.

Frankly, I'm reluctant to join in the speculations except to the degree that this unfortunate incident provides an opportunity to explore and evaluate the practical use of intuition for earth plane understanding and problem resolution.

The Human Dimension

Let us not forget the large human dimension of this story! When her mother speaks of her missing daughter, she recalls selecting the unusual name Chandra 24 years ago for its Indian mystical meaning of being higher than the stars and the moon. Mother was awaiting daughter's return for University of California Master Degree graduation in Public Health when it became apparent Chandra had disappeared.

Chandra's father, Dr.Robert Levy, a well known Modesto oncologist, has regularly been traveling with his wife to Washington, D.C., to bring attention to their daughter's case -- still officially NOT classified as a crime.

The Levy family is Jewish with a broad spiritual foundation. They've explored Eastern and Western spiritual traditions including long trips with Chandra to India, where they gathered material for a book about their experiences. Not surprising that they've been open minded when approached by psychics, astrologers and remote viewers offering to help solve their mystery.

All of us should follow the lead of the Dalai Lama and include the Levys in our prayers and meditations for a positive conclusion to this bewildering experience.

Can Metaphysical and Psychic Tools Help?

A fair question to ask in any such situation is whether metaphysical tools, techniques and psychic ability CAN give us the answer to a mystery such as this.

My opinion is (in the vast majority of cases): NO.

Such tools CAN provide important and valuable insight. In rare cases, insights which may even solve a crime, but I don't feel that ANY esoteric technique can reliably provide THE ANSWER to such situations. And I think it is terribly important that those of us in the profession and those who are "open" to metaphysics, be completely candid, realistic and straightforward about the limitations of our "craft".

Every esoteric technique I'm aware of relies on a HUMAN PRACTITIONER. An interpreter. An artist who is discerning on the canvas of her or his mind the picture that energies paint.

In every instance of employing esoteric techniques you have the ENERGY IMPRESSION of a single human being -- fraught with all the frailties of the human process

. "But aren't crimes solved all the time by psychics?"

Not really. I assure you that for every crime seemingly "solved" by a psychic, there are many dozens where psychics have sent the authorities on absolute wild goose chases.

Most authorities gently confirm this when they say that "psychic" information generally doesn't prove to be of much "practical" value.

Does this mean that esoteric techniques like clairvoyance, astrology, remote viewing, etc., have NO realistic benefit?

Absolutely NOT! Esoteria has not survived millennia as a compelling interest and endeavor of human beings because it is USELESS. Hardly!

It is of ENORMOUS and PRACTICAL benefit when it is utilized and applied correctly -- with deep understanding of what it CAN and CANNOT do. (That generally requires many years of "hands on" experience, by the way.)

Unfortunately (or fortunately) crime solving or mystery solving is NOT at the top of the list of what esoteric techniques can accomplish.

Do all members of the profession agree with me? Decidedly not. For instance, one media prominent remote viewing practitioner, Ed Dames insists that his "brand" of remote viewing is "infallible", saying "We don't have any monopoly on the truth...we only have a monopoly on accuracy..."

How's that for bravado?

His team's predictions included a global economic collapse in 1998 and a "very lethal" catastrophic solar "kill shot" endangering all human life due to heavy solar radiation around spring time 1999.

Frankly I don't doubt that there were energies afoot (discerned by remote viewers) indicating both of those POSSIBILITIES. That's the problem with any suggestion of predictable FACT. One look at an old National Enquirer or thousands of "earth change" predictions by folks whotraffic in that proves the utter folly of "monopolies on accuracy."

My own Y2K predictions from meditations December 1,1999, ( ) illustrate this frailty too. While since that time, actual, sometimes isolated, events have matched most of what I foresaw, the "packaging" of those events did not coalesce in the manner I envisioned when I "painted on that canvas" that December morning.

Esoteric approaches DO provide hints, guidance, warnings, alerts, background, insights, possibilities, options, tendencies, isolated details, motivations, obstacles, ambitions, risks, forces and much more.

But no, in my opinion, any specific detailed, thoroughly accurate accounting of an event has to come from empirical, factual analysis of earth plane realities -- loathe as I am to admit it.

At least that is the case in the year 2001. (But I'll predict it will not ALWAYS be so. What interesting times those will be!)

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Timothy Dexter Latus, DPMP, is President of Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences. With 30+ years as a professional psychic consultant, he shares observations about your world from the New Age spiritual philosophy.

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