Visions of Chandra
by Timothy Dexter Latus

What information can be provided via metaphysical means about the disappearance of Chandra Ann Levy?

In an effort to help solve this mystery, a number of practitioners have "taken a look". Here's a brief summary of what some are saying.

Looking at Chandra's Planetary Transits

An astrological analysis of Chandra's "planetary transits" (comparing the location of planets at her birth to where they were at the time of her disappearance) gives some interesting information.

There is a theme of learning and growing for Chandra during April 2001 emphasizing people close to her. Challenges, surprises and upsets are apparent and Chandra had to make decisions about what/ whom to believe and what/ whom not to believe. Money seems to play a part. Mystery, deception and possibly even death are indicated by Pluto (the mystery, death planet) being conjunct Neptune (ruling deception, drugs and confusion.)

Indications are that Chandra was having very strong desires to assert her will and had to deal with the consequences of that -- perhaps being held to account for commitments she had made. Emotional dealings with authority figures come into play. Surprising upsets in romantic affairs happen and put intense pressure on Chandra to deal with home, family and self-image in new ways.

Psychic Insights

Using psychic insight to look into the Chandra mystery is a totally different metaphysical approach which relies strictly on intuition. A number of psychics, independent of one another, have given their impressions. Space limitations prevent conveying all the details, but some themes are surprisingly common in the psychic reports.

Most agree that there appears to be a "dark side" to Chandra's life, beyond that of just a romantic affair. A lifestyle in the fast lane and the night club scene was a common impression.

As to the cause of her disappearance, pregnancy or a pregnancy scare was perceived by some. A drug, or perhaps even secret government deal, was perceived by others. An exotic, expensive car like a black Mercedes, BMW or Porsche was picked up by several. A man, not felt to be Congressman Condit (perhaps even foreign) was detected by some.

And, fascinatingly to me, several practitioners felt the presence of a playful dog around Chandra. About half felt Chandra was alive and in hiding, with the others feeling she had been murdered. It was frequently thought that her remains would be found around water.

In an Internet poll, a large number of people were given the choices of suicide, voluntary disappearance, involuntary disappearance, or homicide by person known to her or homicide by stranger. The overwhelming majority felt a homicide by someone Chandra knew.

My impressions? I too sense a deceptive, probably older man's involvement who seems to have heavy emotional baggage and a "deal" gone bad. Money involved. A profound feeling from Chandra at first of being "bound up" or imprisoned, either physically or metaphorically. Strong emotional unrest and fear.

And yet my latest work on this indicates such a sense of victory or resignation from Chandra, that I am torn between an interpretation of death or perhaps Chandra's having overcome the crisis.

And so it is with delving into such a mystery with metaphysical means. The life lessons are clearly apparent but spirituality is truly SO detached from the physical that sometimes earth plane practicalities are difficult to discern indeed.

In any event, join me in sending Divinely Inspired energies for the highest good and growth to this young lady who has captured America's imagination. May she truly live as her namesake: higher than the stars and the moon.

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Copyright 2001 Timothy Dexter Latus, All Rights Reserved.

About the Author:
Timothy Dexter Latus, DPMP, is President of Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences. With 30+ years as a professional psychic consultant, he shares observations about your world from the New Age spiritual philosophy.

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