Spring 2008 Mercury Retrograde
By Felissa Rose

Mercury went retrograde on May 26, 2008 at 11:49 AM EDT in 21 degrees 32 minutes of Gemini. It turns direct on June 19, 2008 at 10:32 AM EDT at 12 degrees 59 minutes of Gemini.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, sign of everyday information and communication. Individuals born under the sign of Gemini love to learn and share a varied assortment of data. Often they know a little bit about a lot of things. While Mercury is retrograde people tend to internalize their thoughts and become more reflective. Negatively this can lead to indecisiveness and worry among Geminiís as well as members of the other 11 zodiac signs.

Reflection, meditation and calming oneself would be quite helpful now. Then appropriate decisions can be made without excessive activity in oneís think box.

While Mercury is retrograde mechanical things tend to break down more frequently. Along with communications Mercury rules wires and electrical equipment which are apt to go on the blink. Best to put off those major technical and appliance purchases until Mercury is no longer retrograde. This relates to cars as well.

Since this is part of vacation time, be prepared for travel delays. Gemini rules short trips and with the way the economy presently is people would be more inclined in that direction. Take a map and donít rely only on your GPS.

The next Mercury retrogrades will be on September 24 to October 15, 2008 and January 11 to February 1, 2009.

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