By Felissa Rose

Approximately every 26 months the planet Mars goes retrograde for a period of a little over two months. The last time this occurred was from April 17,2016 until June 29, 2016. This year on June 26 at 5:06 pm EDT Mars will be going retrograde at 9 degrees 12 minutes in the sign of Aquarius. It turns direct on August 27 at 28 degrees 36 minutes in the sign of Capricorn.

Mars has a strong influence on the way that we take action and move. It rules the muscular system of our body and largely defines the exercise we participate in as well as the way we do most physical activities. This includes anything from taking a walk to nailing a picture on the wall. Retrograde energy is internalized which can manifest with Mars as going over what you intend to do before taking action as well as taking more time when actually doing it.

Itís not the best time for construction though in many parts of the country the weather is warm and most conducive for working on all kinds of building. So, if youíre involved in this expect it to take more time as thereís likely to be delays and even revisions. Even if things work out in the end the process might not go the way one expects. If youíve read my previous Mars retrograde reports have mentioned a neighbor whose hard work and construction didnít work out the way he hoped. My neighbor was remodeling a kitchen as his girlfriend was going to be moving in with him. Since his loft was right above mine I was very aware of how long it took him. Turned out that his girlfriend decided not to move in. At the time the lofts in the building were rentals but soon afterwards the building became a cooperative and he couldnít afford to buy the space and had to leave his space and new kitchen without any financial gain for his work. Hopefully, there will be less drama in your Mars retrograde experience.

As mentioned Mars rules the bodyís muscles and has a strong influence on accidents and injuries. Aquarius rules the lower legs below the knees as well as the ankles. Capricorn the knee and the skeletal system of the body. So be particularly careful during this transit and it would be a good idea to stick with the level of exercises youíve begun before this planet went retrograde. For Mars transit through signs tends to vulnerability and inflammation in the parts of the body Mars is moving through in the zodiac. Mars also rules surgery and if possible put it off until Mars is no longer in retrograde. Be particularly careful when using equipment and tools as they are ruled by Mars. While Mars is retrograde people are more prone to have accidents and injure themselves, so take care and make sure that whatever tools and equipment you are using arenít damaged.

Retrograde energy is internalized and Mars rules oneís drive, actions and also oneís anger. Anger needs a release and is never good to keep it in for too long. But before expressing it take some time to go over the reasons, situation and try to express it clearly and in the moment. Avoid bringing things up that happened in the past for the time to vent about that is over.

When it comes down to it action always beats intention. So, make sure what you want to do resonates with what you hope to achieve. And always act with kindness and speak with truth.

Mars will next be retrograde from September 9 to November 3 in 2020.

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