For the first time in 2018 Mercury will be going retrograde. This occurs at 8:18 pm EDT on Thursday, March 22 when Mercury is at 16 degrees 54 minutes of Aries. The retrograde ends when Mercury turns direct on Sunday, April 15 at 5:22 am EDT with Mercury in 4 degrees 47 minutes of Aries.

Aries is the sign of activity and action; retrograde energy tends to be internalized. This can create a disharmony between the wish to think and go over thoughts and information creating a slowing down of decision making, and the desire to move ahead quickly. This slowing down of acting can work well with a well-planned and well-organized strategy enacted after the Mercury retrograde is over.

Life is about experience. Much of the time we partake in whatever is going on by participating, expanding, resolving or doing whatever needs to be done. As well as planning for future endeavors, Mercury retrograde is a time when we reflect and go over what has happened, what we experienced and learned, thinking of ways to handle It differently when it comes up again.

Mercury rules wires and along with Mars moving parts. Many have learned the difficulty of buying things that work efficiently when Mercury is retrograde. Anything from a car, washing machine, computer, phone or even a watch. I have a friend who was not paying attention to Mercury retrograde and purchased a watch from a street vendor. No matter what he did it never worked properly, either being hours ahead or behind. He never was able to find the street vendor to replace the watch, so my friend had a truly Mercury retrograde experience.

If possible it would be a good idea to postpone non-essential medical examinations, surgical procedures or examinations. Sometimes they are unavoidable but be open to the need for flexibility. I know of one woman who had an accident when Mercury was retrograde that required the bandaging of her leg. Unfortunately, she was allergic to either the bandage or the medication placed under it which required it to be removed and replaced.

If youíre having difficulty connecting to people, or getting a needed response be aware that itís a harder time to make a decision. People are more easily distracted and less focused. Things will take longer to enact and do. Mercury rules information as well as paperwork and contracts. Try to not sign anything or make a major move. Foolishly I did so twice. The first time the phone company was unable to find or create an outlet to connect my phone until Mercury went direct. The other time the electric meter in the basement was mismarked. My neighbor didnít pay his electric bill and his meter was marked as mine, so until I went down to the basement and figured it out myself, the electricity in my place kept being turned off.

Although not particularly favorable for action itís a wonderful time for inner reflection. Doing so can deepen oneís insight and awareness of what has happened in oneís experience and life. Itís a period when patience is both appreciated and developed.

In 2018 Mercury will also be retrograde from July 26 to August 19 and November 16 to December 6.

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