Beginning on Sunday, April 9 at 7:17 pm EDT the planet Mercury goes retrograde at 4 degrees 47 minutes of Taurus. It turns direct on Weds May 3 at 12:34 pm EDT in 24 degrees 17 minutes of Aries.

Many people including those not really focused on astrology are familiar with Mercury being retrograde. They know that things, particularly mechanical, often go on the blink during this period, things that used to work perfectly suddenly develop a challenge to their previous operational state. So, some repairs might be necessary but if possible avoid purchasing anything mechanical as the object is likely to either be defective or have a flaw that you weren’t aware of. During a Mercury retrograde my telephone answering machine came undone and I had to purchase a new one. It worked well for quite a while but there was no way to turn off the voices of the people leaving a message when they called. Unfortunately, it had to be positioned near the phone hookup in the dining living room area, so when we sat down for a meal everyone there could hear the person who called.

If you’re having medical procedures or surgery while Mercury is retrograde that doesn’t have to be done right away it's best put it off, as there tends to be more mistakes during. Avoid dental and physical checkups as well. Things are more likely to be either missed or diagnosed incorrectly.

Mercury rules contracts and paper work, over the years I have seen mess-ups with both those things when signed or completed while Mercury was retrograde. Signing on the dotted line before or after the retrograde would be a better idea.

Life goes on and people, speak, write and do business while Mercury is retrograde. Expect delays and hassles, we’re here to learn and this is a favorable time to reflect on what’s going on now and what happened before. It’s a time to go over your goals and thoughts, interestingly many writers were born with Mercury retrograde. They share their insights, perceptions and ideas with the written word… Those born while Mercury was retrograde feel comfortable going over what’s happening and what happened, and deciding whether to share it with others.

Whether you were born while Mercury was retrograde or not, use this period to think about your present and future. Reflect on your life and take action when Mercury is no longer retrograde. As spiritual teacher Adi Da Samaraj wrote, “Relax. Nothing is under control.”

During 2017 Mercury will also be retrograde from August 13 to September 5, and December 2 to 22nd.

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