Every year Mercury goes retrograde three times. The next time Mercury retrograde begins on August 12 at 9:02 pm EDT with Mercury at 11 degrees 35 minutes of Virgo, and ends September 5 at 7:31 am EDT with Mercury at 28 degrees 26 minutes of Leo.

While Mercury is retrograde communications slow down and become more internalized. Itís a period when itís best to think before speaking which people born with Mercury retrograde regularly do. During the coming retrograde period, thereís a total solar eclipse on August 21 with a path that crosses the United States occurring at 28 degrees 53 minutes of Leo. President Donald Trump was, according to his birth certificate, born at a time giving him 29 degrees 53 minutes of Leo rising, which if correct, indicates that this eclipse takes place on his Ascendant. Itís likely to be a tumultuous time for him and others having this configuration. I have noticed that people who have an eclipse on their Ascendant often change their location and move. Although itís hard to believe, there should be an even increased focus on both him as well as those heís "close" to. Most likely there will be sudden changes with staff and family, Sometimes an Ascendant eclipse affects oneís health. With Mercury stationary going direct, and appearing to stand still though actually not, in the sky in early September expect repercussions and actions highlighted by the eclipse. Solar eclipses can start building a year before they actually occur and lunar approximately six months and be in effect for six months to a year afterwards.

As previously mentioned while Mercury is retrograde thereís an increased difficulty with both communications and the things people use to get their message across. This includes phones, computers, pretty much anything mechanical related to acquiring and transmitting information. The television and whatever is used to download the signal, WIFI, phones, are more frequently problematic. Avoid buying anything mechanical including a car, garage door opener, refrigerator, whatever needs to have a plug or battery to operate. Realize if the refrigerator or stove isnít working, it must be replaced or repaired immediately whether Mercury is retrograde or not, so check out the warranty and maybe extend it.

During the time Mercury is retrograde try and avoid any kind of non-essential medical treatment. During this period people and decision making arenít as clear so if possible have medical or dental tests and treatment after itís over. Realize sometimes this canít be avoided and most times things go well in this area despite the retrograde, itís just that thereís an increased chance of problems during it.

With worldly decision making and actions being somewhat off, focus on personal things that you enjoy. Take more time for yourself and those you care about. Use this introspective time to go over recent and previous plans and decisions If possible wait until Mercury is no longer retrograde to actualize them. It might be a good idea to write down your thoughts on these issues. Internalization and introspection are positive manifestations of Mercury retrograde for by looking inward deep awareness can emerge. Many of the best writers and authors were born during a Mercury retrograde. For this is a time of insight and introspection.

Mercury will next be retrograde from December 3 to December 22, 2017 and March 22 to April 15, 2018.

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