The Last Mercury Retrograde of 2017
December 3 2017 to December 22 2017
by Felissa Rose Gero

Mercury will be retrograde from 2:28 am EST Sunday, December 3 until 8:46 pm EST Friday, December 22. The planet Mercury is retrograde three times every year. Sometimes it overlaps from one year to the next, beginning in December and ending in January. This happened in 2017 when Mercury went retrograde in December 2016 and left the retrograde in January 2017. During 2018 Mercury is retrograde from March 22 to April 15, July 25 or 26, depending upon where you’re located, to August 18 or 19 and November 16 to December 6.

On December 3 Mercury goes retrograde at 29 degrees 17 minutes of Sagittarius at 2:28 am EST and at at 8:46 pm EST on December 22 it turns direct at 13 degrees of Sagittarius. The entire time Mercury will be moving through Sagittarius, sign of exploration, philosophy and long distance travel, whether it be physically or in one’s thinking and outlook.

There’s likely to be the usual Mercury retrograde hassles and delays, mechanical, technological, diagnostic, and communications. It will take extra patience and time to get one’s point across as well to understand what is actually being talked about. Decisions and resolutions take more time and are often delayed or changed until Mercury is no longer retrograde. So, go over things carefully, think deeply and be sure before committing yourself. That’s good to do at all times but even more essential while Mercury is retrograde. Often people discover when Mercury is no longer retrograde what was in the fine print of whatever they signed. Mercury retrograde is a great time to think things out in preparation for taking action when the retrograde is over.

It’s the holiday season and people will be taking advantage of retail promotions purchasing gifts for others and things for themselves. If what you’re buying is mechanical or technological make sure that it can be returned and replaced. There is often something not quite right with objects of that nature that are acquired while Mercury is retrograde. If you feel that you have no choice check out the company’s policy of what can be replaced and how long one has to do it. Whatever you do it would be a good idea not to buy a watch or clock while Mercury is retrograde. Have heard numerous stories from people who have done this and never could get them to work properly.

Delay non-essential dental or medical treatment and/or surgery. It could be right but more frequently the diagnosis is likely to be off as opposed to when Mercury is not retrograde, as people lose focus with both their sense of observation and judgement being somewhat lessened. If you need treatment be particularly careful. Know of one woman who had an accident and needed a cast on her leg during a Mercury retrograde period. Turned out she was allergic to the bandages on the cast, which was very uncomfortable and had to be replaced.

With Mercury moving through the sign of travel and distance, give yourself extra time when traveling for there’s likely to be more delays with planes, cars, buses and trains. Things seem to break down more with parts needing to be replaced. So, as well as giving yourself extra time try not to do things at the last minute.

The holidays are based on spiritual and religious celebrations for Christians and Jews. Whether one has a religious or spiritual way of looking at life both in the cosmos and on our planet, it’s a wonderful time to reflect and practice what one believes. When Mercury is retrograde people are more introspective. By focusing on your inner as well as your outer world, one can be more at peace at a time when people are more caring and considerate. So be kind, treat both yourself and others well , for as the great Paramhansa Yoganada said, “Love is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families and nations.”

Copyright 2017 Felissa

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