August 2011 Mercury Retrograde
or Much of It Is In The Details

By Felissa Rose

Mercury will be going retrograde on Tuesday, August 2 at 1:45 pm EDT at one degree 12 minutes in the sign of Virgo. It turns direct in motion on Friday August 26 at 5:58 pm EDT at 18 degrees 45 minutes in Leo.

Mercury rules communication and information, Virgo is the sign ruling details, nuances, and minutiae. While Mercury is retrograde in this sign itís easier to miss things and get distracted. Try to focus and in true Mercury retrograde fashion go over whatever youíve written or intend to share with others, particularly if it has a professional connotation. Thereís less chance of being misconstrued, and getting into trouble. Mercury is retrograde for everyone so others can also miss any mistakes you might makeÖbut then why make them if they can be avoided.

Another thing to avoid is purchasing anything mechanical or electrical. Mercury rules circuits and wires. If youíre forced to buy a device, make sure it can be returned for a full refund but itís better to hold off until Mercury goes direct.

On August 8 at 5:47 am EDT Mercury enters Leo where it will stay through the rest of the retrograde. Professional communications can take a backseat to personal ones. Leo like social events and if youíre planning one make sure that everyone you invite knows about it. Rsvps will be slow with people trying to make up their mind and coordinate their schedule. Have room in the frig for the leftovers because people might forget and not show up leaving you with extra food.

Mercury retrograde times tend to be introspective and with Leo ruling love, get to know that person and discuss your values and whatís important to you, and if so inclined spiritual and philosophical beliefs before making a commitment.

Itís a great time to go inward reflecting on your life -- the lessons learned, the path youíre on and what you need to do to feel whole and complete.

The next Mercury retrogrades are from November 23, 2011 to December 13, 2011 and March 12, 2012 thru April 4, 2012.

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