Approximately every year and a half the planet Venus goes retrograde. This next takes place Saturday, March 4 at 5:10 am EDT when Venus is at 13 degrees 8 minutes in the sign of Aries. It ends at 6:19 am EDT on Saturday, April 15 with Venus at 26 degrees 54 minutes of Pisces.

Retrograde energy is internalized and Venus is about beauty and balance. It rules art, esthetics, relationships and love, the things that enrich our lives and make it worth living. During this time we reflect internally on releasing what is keeping us from living in harmony.

When retrograde itís a favorable time to think about and reassess those things ruled by Venus. This includes, relationships, art, music, the way things look in our home and on us. Think about and maybe actualize some changes, although in terms of material things like hairstyle, cosmetics, and cosmetic surgery, clothing, furnishings, etc. itís best to wait until Venus is no longer retrograde, when the outer manifestation of beauty works more easily with the internal appreciation of it.

While retrograde the things Venus influences will be less evident or of diminished interest in the world. People dress with less flair, oneís color senses is more apt to be muted. As previously mentioned now is not the time to experiment with new make-up, change a hair style or color. Donít feel bad if you go to a party or social event and feel youíre wearing the wrong thing, whether under or overdressed you wonít be alone.

Venus rules diplomacy, so slowdowns in all kinds of negotiations are likely whether theyíre labor strikes, legal matters and world diplomacy. If an agreement is reached itís more than likely to either not be right and must be altered or fall apart.

Less classy and somewhat trashy entertainment more frequently manifests and is viewed more while Venus is retrograde than at other times. In the past, Iíve mentioned some of what I considered to be trashy but Iím going to let you decide as to what is and what isnít.

As previously mentioned while Venus is retrograde itís best to avoid cosmetic surgery. But the time right before it goes retrograde is favorable for any kind of esthetic procedure or beauty treatment. After Venus is no longer retrograde you can go ahead with it but itís better to wait until May 18 or later when it passes the degree where it went retrograde at. Mercury will be retrograde from April 9th until May 3 which influences general decision making, so itís another reason to wait to have any beauty related procedures.

Many Individuals born when Venus is retrograde often seek an inner meaning to beauty and harmony. This relates to a creative project or what theyíre wearing. Whether it involves things that are decorative or creative they often look for a meaning in whichever they do----such as what does the gemstone or work of art signify, does the stone have any healing properties, what is the real meaning of the artwork? Others born with this planetary placement are somewhat indifferent, avoid embellishments and esthetically speaking donít have particularly good taste. Unfortunately, I have seen more of the latter as opposed to the former.

Aries is the sign of action, a place harmony seeking with which Venus isnít always comfortable. But mixing fluidity with activity through dance or spiritual movement should be more fruitful. Pisces tends to seeks inspiration and an inner meaning for action, esthetics and life itself. They should be more comfortable with this transit of Venus. Itís not a time to look for whatís pretty but what inspires you internally. Although peopleís visual sense is more likely to be off, connect with things that feel right to you. Not the time for beauty treatment, redecorating, or the purchase of art, but a time to think about what you need to harmonize in your being and your life.

Thereís lots of time to think about and go over whatever you perceived since Venus next will be retrograde from October 3, to November 16, 2018.

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