Horus and Ani   back

This picture is a small portion of the "Papyrus of Ani", known to many from "The Egyptian Book of the Dead." Here Horus is introducing the scribe Ani into the presence of Osiris, Lord of Everlastingness.

Ani was a scribe, symbolic of dedication to the study of the Truth and The Eternal, Immortal Law. Ani's heart, having been weighed by Anubis, was found pure, and the result was recorded by Thoth.

Horus, the son of Isis, says to Osiris:

...I have brought unto thee the Osiris Ani. His heart is righteous, and it hath come forth innocent from the Balance; it hath not sinned against any god or goddess. Thoth hath weighed it according to the decree pronounced unto him by the company of the gods; and it is most true and righteous. Grant that cakes and ale may be given to him, and let him appear in the presence of Osiris; and let him be like unto the followers of Horus for ever and ever. (Budge, "The Gods of the Egyptians," p. 145.)

The soul, guided by Horus, has a direct path to resurrection, and escapes the cycles of rebirth. This Return to the Source is "The Way of the Initiate." This theme is also found in the Judao-Christian and Vedantic traditions.   back