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The god Thoth, the figure holding the writing tablet, is not giving a ticket to a double-parked chariot. Nor is he taking table number eight's dinner order. But he is writing and taking note of something particular. That is one of his functions. There is much written about Thoth’s symbolism, and the spiritual principles he represents. Here are some references:

In the mystic sense Thoth, or the Egyptian Hermes, was a symbol of the Divine Mind; for he was the incarnated Thought, the living word --- the primitive type of Logos of Plato and the Word of the Christians.(G.R.S. Mead, "Thrice Greatest Hermes," Vol. 1, p.27)
And then there are these insights from Budge:
Thoth was held to be both the heart and tongue of Ra, that is to say, he was the reason and the mental powers of the Gods, and also the means by which their will was translated into speech. ...In every legend in which Thoth takes a prominent part, we see that it is he who speaks the word that results in the wishes of Ra being carried into effect. (Budge, "Gods of the Egyptians," Vol. 1, p.407)

"Thoth, the divine intelligence which at the creation uttered the words which resulted in the formation of the world. He was self-produced, and was lord of earth, air, sea, and sky; he was the scribe of the gods, and the inventor of all arts and sciences. (Budge, "Book of the Dead," p. 5)

The beauty and depth of meaning of these quotes are an auspicious beginning to an understanding of Thoth and the principle he represented.   back