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Alchemy & Hermeticism

Alchemical Psychology
This site introduces visitors to my psychological work on alchemy. Included are an alchemical essay, images,diagrams, vision statement, poems and an overview of my new book, Alchemical Psychology, Old Recipes for Living in a New World (Putnam, 2002)
Alchemy Web Site
Excellent starting place for this subject. Lots of resources and links.
As A Man Thinketh, So Is He
Self help information on creating reality with thought process and belief systems. The life we lead is created by our thoughts. If we would like to improve our life, we will have to improve our thoughts.
Authentic Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® web site
More info for students. A visit is worth while.
Christian Kyriacou
Our Sacred works of Art, Literature, Music and Buildings resonate with and reflect the secrets of the universal energy matrix. Deciphering the vibrational coding enables us to connect with the Sacred patterns of the Harmonic Web
Hermeticism-spiritual tradition of the west
The largest site of Hermeticism on Croatian and Yugoslavian language.Broad spectar of hermetic and esoteric knowledge. Western mistery tradition. Hermetic wisdom in art. History and function of Qabalah. Mistery in Ancient Egypt.
practical alchemy and spagyrie
Magical Path
Magical Path features articles on occult and esoteric subjects including alchemy, magic, qabala and psychosynthesis.
Mystery of Being and Hermetic Philosophy
Essays, meditations and exercises on spiritual psychology and esoteric philosophy to help unfold higher levels of Consciousness and intuition, so as to receive Primordial and Divine Wisdom.
Paracelsus College
Paracelsus College is an oral tradition disseminating the teachings of Frater Albertus and the spagyric method. Located in Australia, 10 day courses are held annually.
Salamander and Sons
Salamander and Sons publishes the finest esoteric, occult and arcane books, on Hermetic, alchemical, mystical, alchemystical, Gnostic, qabalistic, philosophical, magic(k)al, and mythological works by adepts, sages and scholars ancient and modern.

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