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Alternative Medicine/Holistic Health

3rd Eye Readings
Compassionate and accurate Psychic, Tarot and Oracle Readings. Energy Healing Sessions. Free exercises for Psychic Development and Holistic Healing. Try our Spiritual Fellowship for Support, newsletters and meeting other Spiritual people.
A Healing Place
Energetic Healing, Distant Healing, Intuitive Work, Chaldean Astrology and More
A path to better health
Alternative health products that really work. Ultimate enzymes, essential oils, amazon herbs, MSM, and the Aqua Chi machine.
A whole new world
Teachings of the new age of aquarius, spiritual guidens for indigo and crystal adults and children. Transpersonal artwork for visualization and understanding to life on the NEW EARTH AUMRITA crystalstar. Lady-master and chela of the one Guru.
Adawehi Healing Center and Institute
Founded by Jackie Woods,spiritual teacher and healer, Adawehi Healing Center offers whole-person wellness therapies including spiritual growth classes, massage therapy, chiropractic care, color and sound therapy, and much more.
AeonGlobe - for spiritual growth
AeonGlobe offers free online courses and information on topics supporting spiritual growth and good health. Visit us for tarot, homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies, magick, reiki, consultations and free instant tarot readings.
Alt Med Zone
Links to hundreds of alternative medicine & holistic health sites. Daily alternaive medicine news.
Alternative Health Solutions
Explore your health options outside the traditional box of conventional medicine. Watch Tai Chi, yoga and Qi Gong videos; listen in on interviews with practitioners themselves. Read news articles and study results in your search for optimum health!
Alternative Health Start4all
If you are yooking for health alternatives... You'll find them here!
Alternative Medicine - The Pulse of Oriental Medicine Articles and Ezine
The Pulse of Oriental Medicine is an alternative medicine resource for the general public containing hundreds of free articles and resources, plus free ezine.
Alternative Network Directory
A portal of alternative interests: complementary and alternative therapies and practitioners, herbs, diets, crystals, faiths, beliefs, reviews, forthcoming events, monthly newsletter, and community forum.
Amazing Transformational Distance Healing
Powerful Distance - Distant - Remote - Healing is about our powerful technique where our team of healers broadcast over 30 different healing energies to you at a distance for 48 non stop hours. Good for Physical, Emotional, Spiritual or Mental problems.
American Aromatherapy Wholesale Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer
Top rated supplier of high quality aromatherapy products. Offering Therapeutic grade essential oils, Nebulizing diffusers, Essendulums, Pendants, Wraps and more. Wholesale to the public. Worldwide shipping.
Amrita Aromatherapy
Retail&Wholesale of aromatherapy products&accessories
Amrita Essentials - unique aromatherapy products
Amrita Essentials offers a unique line of aromatherapy products such as natural insect repellent, herbal remedies, essential oil blends and synergies.
Ananda Apothecary Essential Oils and Flower Essences
Pure essential oils with many wildcrafted and organic varieties, plus 141 flower essences from Nelson Bach and Flower Essences services.
Ancient Wisdom Herbs
Ancient Wisdom Herbs presents you with the finest Herbal products & Herbal remedies using Medicinal Herbs, Herbal tea, Wiccan Supplies, Bulk herbs, Organic herbs, Essential Oil Blends for our customers from around the globe plus so much more!
Distance angel healing service - requests for healing accepted by email or on the site message board.
Aqua Chi Machine
Cleansing and detoxifying footspa for in-home and practioner use. Therapeutic aid that is self contained and is used in an ordinary bath tub or foot bath.
Aromatherapy by Personal Scents
Your personalized, aromatherapy, bath and body store. Choose from Balancing Blends, Zodiac Blends or create your own.
Aromatherapy Information
Provides information on History of aromatherapy, Massage, Benefits, Products, Recipes and aromatherapy treatment during pregnancy and for stress.
Aromatic Essentials
West Australian site offering aromatherapy,colour and zodiaccandles.Hempseed oil soap, all natural using only essential oils,healing products.
Art As A Healing Force
Art As A Healing Force Web will immerse you in the field of art and healing. On this site we have information about how art heals, the history of the art and healing, and how each person can heal themselves with art, music, and dance.
Ask Claudia Psychic/Healer
World reknowned Psychic/Healer, Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.
Astrology of Healing, The
This site is dedicated to the dissemination of information on medical astrology and self-help using the principles of medical astrology and energetic healing.
Australian Natural Health and Healing
Natural hand-made pet products, aromatherapy, flower essences and clay for the well-ebing of your horses and pets
Ayurveda Ayurvedic Alternative Herbal Medicine, Supplements, Herbs
Manufacture, retailer and wholesaler of strictly traditional ayurvedic alternative herbal medicines, supplements and herbs of India produced in the U.S.A.
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurveda is a holistic healing science which comprises of two words, Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science.
Ayurworld Health Foundation India
Ayurveda Institute, Indian Massage School, Ayurveda College, Authentic holistic education and Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatments offered by renowned registered medical charitable trust in India
Bio-Energy System Services
Distant energy healing and health assessment. How-to-do books on energy healing by Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D. Maintain your balance and health and become a healer for yourself and others.
Bioimaging Consulting Mind Body Spirit Coaching
Luana Scherzberg, a holistic intuitive, provides mind-body and spiritual counseling with the "Biopulsar" biofeedback system. Services include evaluation of the bio-energetic functioning of 49 organs, the aura and the seven major chakras.
Biorhythm Generator
The site's name says it all. This is a re-location and may be temporary.
Blancards International Seminarcenter for Human Development
France Ardeche Spiritual-artistic-therapeutic courses in different languages (French, German, English, Dutch). Lodging on full board in former cloister with organic food.
Body and Soul Alternative Therapies
Alternative therapy products and information - hydrotherapy, herbal bath oils, aromatherapy, homeopathy, arthritis pain releif, complimentary health and food supplements from Body and Soul Alternative Therapies.
Rapid Pain Relief, Holistic Health Enhancement…Now! Be pain-free free, perform, function, and feel better. Predict & prevent injuries, degenerative changes, dis-ease. Both short term and over a lifetime we save untold priceless time, money and suffering.
Information and resource site for the Bowen Technique, a gentle, fast, painless pain relief technique. Includes training schools, practitioners, research, articles, books and videos.
Bronnikov method
People that learned Bronnikov method can see with closed eyes, can well orient themselves in surrounding space, can read texts, can do the energy and informational examination and functional correction of their organisms, and can help other people.
Bulk Bath Salts - Home
bulk bath salts and dead sea salts for taking a luxury bath
Celestial Creations
Interfaith Minister offering hypnosis, medical intuition, hands-on healing, clairvoyant readings, Bach Flower essences, and communication with your higher self & spirit guides.
Center for Krop & Balance
Hatha Yoga and relaxation. Massage therapy, healing massage, face reflexology and vegatesting. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark
Chakra Health Center
Chakra Health Center provides Reiki and Therapuetic Touch Healing Services. CHC does Spiritual Counseling, Feng Shui, Tarot Card Readings, and Guided Meditations. Products sold are SPA healing baskets, CDs, Aromatherapy, and Quartz Crystals.
Guaranteed pain removal and enhanced healing over the phone offered by Medical Intuitive and gifted distance healer with 15+ years worldwide experience.
Complementary Therapist Sheffield Yorkshire
Complementary Therapist, Healer, Teacher and Writer offers a mobile therapy clinic to ladies only within s.Yorks, Chesterfield & Worksop. Professional membership of the FHT, fully insured, excellent testimonials & reputation, appeared on BBC Radio.
Counselling Directory
The purpose of the site is ultimately to provide the UK with a huge counselling support network, enabling those in distress to find a counsellor close to them and appropriate for their needs.
Creating Sanctuary: body-mind-soul
Education and therapeutic support for Soulful living. Trust your instincts - follow your intuition. Learn to return to your own Natural Sanctuary. Online, telephone and in-person.
Crystal Energy Cards
Crystal Energy Cards Set - open your psychic-self! Improve your physical health, balance yourself emotionally and mentally, develop your psychic and spiritual abilities! See the energy images of the gemstones and crystals and reveal their hidden powers!
Crystal Energy Fields for Karma Energy Correction, Healing & Solving Life's
Custom built Crystal Energy Fields for Personal, Family, Business & House Energy Correction; Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness instilled and retained; Specialsed versions for breaking black magic; Calirvoyant Karma Reading undertaken.
Crystal Harmony
Crystal Energy Cards Set, Element Of Harmony Book on crystal healing, wide selection of rough crystals/minerals for psychic/spiritual development - all inside Crystal Harmony. These Cards are the only published images of the energies of the Minerals.
Crystal Healing Light
Crystal healing pendants transmit waves of quantum light to transform, energize and harmonize your subtle energy, to benefit your health and well being.
Crystal Sound Institute
The Crystal Sound Institute empowers individuals by providing a 12-month training program, healing performances, workshops, resources for practitioners, and research focusing on the use of singing crystal bowls and the voice.
Crystal Well-Being ~ Crystal Healing, Meditation and Chakra Balancing
Explore the healing energies of crystals, crystal meditation, crystal healing layouts and chakra balancing. We have a wide range of crystals and chakra jewellery available. All our crystals have been carefully selected with healing in mind. - Holistic Botanical Dog Products
Botanical dog shampoos, ointments, holistic skin & coat care products with therapeutic essential oils and organic herbs.
Distant Psychic Healing and Metaphysics
Online yogic metaphysics school. Distant psychic healing and other alternative wellness tools available. Free features and monthly newsletter.
Earth's Essences
Aromatherapy, essential oil and skin care information, scented candles, body and skin care, gifts, tips, treatments and resources.
If your career, heaalth marriage and love life, family values, or your fullfillent of any research objectives for the welfare of mankind with the various challenges it faces. Impress your atention then... You are at the right site. A site that is devoted
Edelsteine und Heilsteine
German site: Edelsteine und Heilsteine sowie alles rund um Steine.
Egyptian Rods
Egyptian Rods and the Pyramid-are ultra-modern technology, that strengthen up the whole organism and allow the psycho-physical abilities' evolution go faster.
energy cristals

Energy Therapy - for natural health
Energy Therapy, by balancing and removing blocks in your aura, can reduce conflicting emotions and stress, and renew confidence, good health, and spiritual happiness. When the distortions are gone, the aura resumes integrating the body, mind, and spirit.
Entdecke Reiki
Reiki-Praxis / Seminarzentrum / Esoterikladen Erleben Sie Reiki-Seminare in einer neuen Dimension. Reiki-Ausbildung, Reiki-Sitzungen, Wirbelsäulentherapie
Every Day a Mandala
Beautiful, colourful and magical mandalas for spiritual use or just for fun. Pick-up your every day free mandala design or mandala line-drawing.
Everyman Edict
Individual and corporate training in personal and spiritual growth topics. Also offers a free eBook - Ensouled! "A good story about an ultimate truth we all need to practice."
Eye Exercises for Natural Vision Correction
Naturally improve your eyesight fast without glasses, contacts or surgery using this amazingly simple natural vision correction method.
Florida Keys Retreats
Lydia Wong's Energy Balancing retreats for optimum health and wellness, instruction in Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Energy Medicine seminars as taught by Donna Eden. The finest selection of Tai Chi and Yoga videos and more....
Foundation for Homoeopathic Research
Articles, services.
Our therapeutic gemstone necklaces work on every level- body, mind, emotions and spirit - to produce consistent and powerful benefits for their users.
Global Soul Search Directory - for Personal Growth
Find information and resources on self-help, psychology, astrology, readings, hypnosis, meditation, stress management, oriental practices and alternative healing. Click over to Global Soul Search for personal growth!
Gone West Herbal Baths & Remedies
All natural, healing herbal baths & remedies, gift baskets based upon Native American herbal remedies and other ancient sources. For weight-loss,stress, pms, colds, flu relief,attract love,abundance,sleep aid, detox, skin problems & more.
Halls of Reiki
Reiki goods and services
Halls of Reiki, The
The Halls of Reiki consists of four wings with many rooms containing extensive information on Reiki. Room titles include History & Origin Information for New Practitioners Reiki in Daily Life Reiki First Aid Reiki Links and much more. Site also conta
Healing Holograms
Reiki Master Bill Austin has assisted hundreds of people around the world to release their blocks so that they may realize more of their full potential.
Healing Music Organization, The
The Healing Music Organization (HMO) provides information, resources, tools including crystal singing bowls, and a forum for dialogue to people interested in the healing power of sound and music. The Healing Music Organization serves as a bridge between t
Healing With Tuning Forks and 5th Dimensional Light Energy
Julie Dawdy uses Vibrational Technologies, an Empowerment Modality for natural healing in Oklahoma. This activates our DNA structures aiding in the mental, emotional and physical changes and integrates expanded DNA into our conscious being.
Healing, Health and Happiness Center
Holistic and energetic healing including HBLU (energy psychology), BioSET Allergy Desenstization, Divine Intervention and more.
Health Journeys
Belleruth Naparstek's Health Journeys website offers visualization audiotapes, books, research and resources on guided imagery, a complementary medicine and holistic mind and body healing process. - Alternative Medicine
Healthopedia resources provide alternative medicine information
Heart of Spirit
Healing sessions: long distance energywork, guidance, instruction, information. Accelerated healing for physical, emotional, spiritual issues. Also: Making the Connection spiritual awakening sessions, workshops & products for healing and spiritual dev
Herb 'n Home
Newsletter on herbs, natural living, etc. Sample newsletter is $3.50
Herbal Diary
Informative site dedicated to aromatherapy & herbal remedies and recipes.
Herbal Musings
Library of articles, newsletter, action alerts, message boards, chat, many natural products for health, beauty, home and garden., natural, alternative, herbal remedies you can afford.
Herbs Guide
Contains information on medicinal and natural herbs.
Dried herbs,teas,capsules and salves
Herbs-WholeSale - Herbs, Alternative Products, Supplements and vitamins provide a selected collection of best quality herbs, alternative health products, Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals at affordable prices, with huge saving on bulk buys.
High Octave Healing
Flower essence formulas for healing, well-being, and transformation. Body care atomizers. Holly Beatie is a former world class Biathlete who is now focusing her passion on creating and advanced line of products using a global pharmacopoeia.
UNIVERSAL TRADERS is the premier rock salt manufacturing and exporter all over the world. Being close to the source of Himalayan rock salt mountain range.Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps Manufacture , Wholesaler and exporter from Pakistan.
Holistic Alchemy
We are wholesale-only manufacturers of AUTHENTIC aromatherapy soaps and toiletries. Our products are 100% animal- and cruelty-free and are made with aromatherapist-grade essential oils and organically grown botanicals.
Holistic Bodyworker
Body works massage and oxygen spa in Dallas, Texas provides oxygen/ozone sauna therapy. A source for Reiki massage, herbs and supplements, as well as Oxy-up.
Holistic Calm. Stress Management
Manage stress using safe and holistic methods. Articles, tips, freebies, products, newsletter and more. Yoga, tai chi, NLP, meditation, massage aromatherapy, nutrition, water therapy.
Holistic Direct
Natural Health portal offering practitioner and educational directories, as well as information on conferences, seminars, & retreats.
Holistic Energy Mission
We provide services on,Vedic,Astrology,Astrology,Future,Planets,Constellations,Holistic Energy,Spiritual Counselling,Stress,Personality Management
Holistic Healers Academy
Holistic Health Practioner program: over thirty courses to choose from / AADP accredited home-study courses. Tuition: $675 or $160 per individual course.
Holistic Home Page, The
The Who's Who of The Holistic Unite.
Holistic Web Directory
National Search directory for holistic health services and alternative medicine practitioners. Plus Discussion Boards; Calendar of Events; Articles on health, fitness, & diet; and a complete line of books, tapes and cds.
Homeopathy Encinitas
Alternative Medicine/Holistic Health
Huna Healing Retreat
Private huna healing retreats. Individualized intensives and facilitations with two huna priests for personal and spiritual growth, and holistic healing. Only 2-3 exclusive retreats per month scheduled. 3 to 11 night stays in sacred guesthouse.
Hypnosis Music
HypnoAcoustics provides healing products that combine the tool of hypnosis and music healing to create positive changes in your life.
HypnoSoft Internet Hypnosis
Create a custom, talking hypnosis on the Internet, delivered via email. Any topic! Completely confidential and affordable.
ID Aromatics
Essential oil wholesalers and aromatherapy suppliers. We are one of the top wholesalers of aromatherapy oils, essential oils, fixed oils, infused oils, massage oil blends, wholesale soaps, creams, cosmetic bases, and wholesale containers.
Imani Natural Products
Excellent source for medicinal quality essential oils. Not MLM. Retail and wholesale available. On-line ordering.
Incense|Wholesale Incense|Incense Stick
Our products contain 100% exotic natural flowers, seeds, roots, sandal dust, devdar dust, rosin and many great herbs that are aromatic. This incense will definitely help you to get whatever you need or wish as it can change your life.
Index of /hrbmoore/ManualsMM/
*A careful perusal can give one hints about plant compound thermosensitivity,* from the Alchemy Forum. And, HerbRep3.txt, a manual for primary care physicians/other health care practitioners wishing to integrate herbal therapy into their practice.
Inexpensive devices designed to reduce the negative effects of electromagne
Radbusters, inexpensive devices that reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMF). We sell Crystal Catalyst Beads, Electronic Smog Buster Tabs and Smog Buster Cell Phone Tabs. These products address a wide variety of problems caused by e
Integrative Health
Full body scans and health analysis remote or on location using Medical Intuition and Colour Therapy
International Conference of Alternative Therapies 2008
The International Conference of Alternative Therapies 2008 is a celebration of holistic therapeutic modalities including hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, and many more. The conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea.
IvyRose Holistic Health
"IvyRose Holistic Resources" includes natural therapies, anatomy & physiology (revision for therapists), daily health news from around the world, e.g. Medical Research. Also crystals, astrology, tarot, individual therapists, books, etc..
Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure energy work for northern NJ New Jersey
Call Marlene for appointment: 973-875-1777. Jin shin jyutsu to help heal your body AND your energy! Caring & experienced. I can teach you self-help acupoints to use at home after your session.
Jypsie's Potions Aromatherapy
A web-site containing a great deal of information on aromatherapy, as well as properties and uses of many essential oils.
Kacha Stones - Rare Healing Crystals
Huge selection of Rare Healing Crystals, many hand mined and Celtic! Unique handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry. What does Crystal Healing really do? Free astrological compatability and free question and answer service.
Kerala Ayurveda Academy
Kerala Ayurveda Academy is dedicated to teaching Authentic Ayurvedic programs in the United States. We offer Certified and Masters’ programs which are available through our in classroom centers or through distance learning.
KJ -Reflexology and Massage in London
I provide Reflexology and Massage for your feet, hands and head at your domicile or at work. You can receive my treatment in the comfort of your home. I offer visits in South West London and Central London.
Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing:
Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing.
Love and Light Bridge around the World
An international site that makes well-know people in the spiritual world available to all. Site created in English and Dutch
Loving Life
A site dedicated to self-help techniques to relieve learning disabilities, chronic pain, and stress.
Magia Esoterica
MAGIA (Magic) is a place on which you can find answers to your doubts and recipes from the powerful Egyptian Magic. Egyptian Magic is the most ancient and long standing way to alter and modify the altered states produced by negative energy.
Maharishi Vedic Health Center
This holistic health program for chronic diseases is the most comprehensive system of health care; it surpasses goals of alternative medicine; based on complete knowledge of natural law, herbs and techniques to restore the connection between the inner
Massage Therapist Seattle WA
Find out how a career as a massage therapist can impact your life at the Massage Therapy School in Seattle WA, a state-of-the-art Cortiva Institute.
Massage therapy and assisted stretching
Concise synopsis and understanding of massage therapy, bodywork practices and assisted stretching with respect to aches, pain and stress as well as movement and flexibility.
Medical Astrology by Alex Klouda -
Medical astrology provides an alternative approach to restoring health and to prevention of disease. A medical astrologer can determine dispositions and tendencies toward various types of illnesses.
Medium/Clairvoyant & Animal Communicator
Seeing is believing,... when you experience the work that will change your life. Come and join me on the journey of a life-time, and learn how to achieve optimal health for body, mind and soul.
Menopause Relief Products for Women
NATURAL MENOPAUSE RELIEF. How to ease the transition and provide effective Menopause Symptoms Relief from the onset and duration of typical menopausal
Midas Health
Our goal is to provide you with an alchemical assortment of morsels of knowledge, musical offerings of delight, simple techniques for energetic self-empowerment and future ONE Model (Oriental Natural Energetics) offerings.
Miracle Pain Relief
Achieve fast, painless, long-lasting relief from back pain, headaches, joint pain, sports injuries and more with the Bowen Technique. Learn how to take charge of your own health.
Monavie- Acai Fruit Juice
MONAVIE-Acai Fruit Juice on sale now!
Moonshadow Healing Studio
Moonshadow offers Tera Mai Seichem treatments, Reiki treatments & courses, Indian Head Massage, Therapeutic Tarot, Birthday Mandala Readings and Body Alignment. Regular meditations, workshops & courses. Free distance healings. Stunning gift shop!
Morris County Health & Wellness Center
This New Jersey alternative medicine clinic describes acupuncture, massage therapy, oriental herbal medicine and other treatments they offer, including diet and exercise programs. - Everything about mushrooms
They're ideal for today's contemporary cooking styles and so at home in classical cuisine. Great cooks are well aware of' versatility and creative potential.
Natural Healing
Natural healing technique based on horizontal meditation.Scientifically proven!An ex-patient's testimonial.
Natural Path Healing
Articles on holistic healing, nutrition, iridology, and spirituality. Site maintained by Aaron Ander, Holistic Health Practitioner in Nelson, BC, Canada. Monthly newsletter available.

New Bach Flower Therapies
A lot of useful information on the remedies, how they are made, info about Dr. Bach, astrogical diagnosis, body maps showing relationships to areas of the body and more. And we sell his book here, too.
Northwinds Productions (Shirley Knapp)
"Shirley Knapp is a spiritual teacher and energy healer whose works are the result of ten years' worth of holistic private practice and guided teachings. Her site offers audio samples, information on her new book, and updates on classes, workshops..." Discover The Secrets Of Health, Prosperity & Joy
From Angels To Psychic Mediums, Acupuncture To Zen, And Men's Health To Women's Health, Provides Education, Empowerment And Entertainment On Over 60 Alternative, New Age, Holistic Subjects.
Online Wellness Information Library
Holistic health information about detoxing, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, foot reflexolgy, etc. Spiritual development guidance on questions of shamanism, Reiki, spiritual acceleration and more.
Opening Doorways to Heal
Open the Doorways of Light within to dissolve all separation between self and the Universe, thereby activating your full potential as a Divine Spark of Consciousness.
Original Intrasound Gel and Powder by Victor Roehrich
Intrasound Gel and Powder are the dedicated lifework of a man named Victor Roehrich. Can Intrasound be beneficial to you as it has been to over 20,000 satisifed users?
Pacan Tibor - healer specialized on cancer
My specialty is healing tumors located in colon, brain, kidneys or pancreas. My method which is using energy from my hands can be compared to chemotherapy. This is best for patients that are in the worse condition and when there is no way out.
Past Forward: Past Life Healing
At 250+ pages, Past Forward is the Biggest Site on Past Lives! Our FREE exercises can help you... Enjoy Vibrant Health! Become Richer! Know More Love! Heal Your Life NOW by Healing Past Lives!
Phillipsburg Massage and Sports Therapy
Business owners and decision makers are discovering what that athletes have always known; massage improves competitive performance! Find out what it can do for your company.
PlanetLink Homepage
Alternative medicine, natural health, holistic therapies, herbs, vitamins, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, aromatherapy, consciousness transformation, metaphysics, and spirituality. They sell products, too.
Positive Mind States
A resource site promoting the understanding of mind power as it pertains to: whole brain integration, brainwave frequencies and synchronisation, brainwave entrainment, self healing, meditation, spirituality and much more.
Practical Mastery
Practical Mastery™ helps people clear negative energy patterns, release dysfunctional beliefs, embody positive emotions and become more peaceful and centered. Practical Mastery™ gives people a set of tools to assist them in becoming enlightened.
Primrose Aromatherapy
UK based Internet shop selling pure essential oils, aromatherapy accessories and gift ideas. Secure on-line shopping.
Prosperity Place
"Information and products to help you live a happier, healthier and more productive life." Clearly bridging the gap between spirituality and commerce. Interesting, useful information and products.
Provision Centre
The Provision Centre is a full service Holistic Centre catering to the needs of the Canadian Holistic Community. They provide a multitude of services to assist Practitioners, Corporations and Holistic Minded Individuals.
Pure Massage
Information on massage techniques, massage tips, aromatherapy, aromatics, health farms and much more.
Integrer frykt (fortrengninger)på en lett og behagelig måte reis dypt inn i din sjel og forstå formålet med ditt liv. oppnå livsglede!bedre helse!og harmoni i ditt liv !
Quality Pendulums and Divining Rods from Europe
Large variety of quality pendulums and divining rods from Europe for alternative and spiritual healing, water and mineral dowsing, etc.
Reflexology Massage and Reiki in London
KJ is therapist offering a combination of traditional healing techniques (Reflexology & Massage) with new age techniques such as Reiki(healing your energy levels). KJ offers treatment in a clinic or in the comfort of your home
reiki and taoism site
imara reiki distance course and free first usui/tibetan reiki attunement
Reiki Entdecken - Reiki Seminare und Reiki Treffen in Hannover
Auf diesen Seiten findest Du einführende Informationen zu Reiki, den Stufen des Reiki und dem Reiki-Seminar-Angebot in Hannover. Über die monatlichen Reiki-Treffen hinaus hast Du die Möglichkeit, Reiki im Rahmen einer Schnupperanwendung kennen zu lernen.
Reiki in Stockholm, Sweden.
Reiki healing info site. Links to Astrology Zone,Tarot, i-ching, runestones free readings. Reikimaster & Astrologer Anki Petersson Stockholm, Sweden.
reiki-box energie aus dem internet
direkt reiki vom internet, reiki postkare, reiki via email
ReikiJoy Jewelry
ReikiJoy Jewelry offers a practitioner directory; infomation and articals about healing and Reiki; Reiki kanji, energy and yoga pendants, earrings and pins. Enter our monthly drawing for FREE Reiki jewelry.
German online magazine about Reiki with a large community (board, chat) and many articles and news about Reiki. introduces relaxing products, aromatherapy essential oils, herbal teas, music, and therapeutic pillows, to help balance the various aspects of your life-your work, relationships and your leisure. - Mushrooms in pictures
The site is based on Roger Phillips seminal work 'Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe' and the similar book published on the mushrooms and Fungi of North America.
Rudralife - Empowering and Healing Through Rudraksha
Rudraksha - The Ancient Indian bead for Success, Self Empowerment ,Well Being and Growth.
Salt lamps
Salt lamp not only can give a warm, beautiful light but also ionize the air and increase the quality of living space in home.
Samadhi - Reiki, Tarot, Life Counselling, Therapeutic Tarot
If you want to improve the quality of your life, if you want to explore and activate your inner abilities and feel the harmony, then you are very welcome to use my distance services – Tarot sessions and spiritual counselling.
San Diego Homeopathic Mental Health, Rehab and Recovery
Classical Homeopathy for treatment of addictions, mental illness, criminal behavior, juvenile crime, learning and behavior disorders.
Sea Vegg
With Sea Vegg the oldest plants on Earth are now the world' s newest and healthiest food supplement!
Sekhem Healing Arts
Offering Course & Treatments in the healing arts of Sekhem, All Love Skhm, Learning the art of Komyo Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Jumon Workshops. The Reconnection, (Teachings of Eric Pearl) Parallel Realities & DNA strands.
Sekhem Healing Arts
Offering Course & Treatments in the healing arts of Sekhem, All Love Skhm, Learning the art of Komyo Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Jumon Workshops. The Reconnection, (Teachings of Eric Pearl) Parallel Realities & DNA strands.
Silver Moon Crystals
Silver Moon sells Crystals, Crystal Balls & Eggs, Dowsing Pendulums and Thereapeutic Bracelets. Also has a good "how to" article on dowsing - constantly updated.
Simply Wholistic
Spa Trainer,Spa Consultant,Lifestyle Consultant.Alternative Therapies/Holistic Treatments-Nutritional Therapy,Colour Therapy,Chakra Balancing,Crystal Healing,Kinesiology,Psychic Healing,EFT,Counselling,Life Coaching,Reiki/Attunements/Workshops
Singing Bowls
Blog all about ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Skin Care Cosmetics and make-up
Spa quality skin care products.
SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.
SKS is a supplier and consultant of plastic and glass bottles, plastic and glass jars, metal containers and closures for all your packaging needs. Our online selection of containers and closures is extensive and priced just right.
Hemi-sync. A patented & clinically proven way for you to facilitate, stress reduction, relaxation, sleep, meditation,focused attention, expanded awareness. . . using only the natural power of sound
Spiritual Healer Carol Goddard
Carol Goddard is a spiritual healer, life coach and meditation guide. Carol authored a self help book "A Life Like Yours" and produced meditation music CD.
Spiritual Voyage Online
Een van de grootste web's over alternatieve geneeswijzen en paranormale zaken. One of the biggest web's about alternative medicine. We are still building on the English version
Spiritual Well-Being - Natural Healing
Natural healing with angelic inspiration, vibrational living and aromatherapy.
Subtle Energy Solutions
The use of Subtle Energy research in health, including effective products using subtle energy, homeopathy and enzymes.
Super Salt Lamps
Our lamps are made of Himalayan Salt Crystal Rocks and provide a comfortable atmosphere. Unbeatable Discount for Importers!
Tai Chi / taijiquan in northern NJ New Jersey. Serving NJ, NY PA area
Traditional school of tai chi chuan / taijiquan. FREE uniform. From influence of Master Jou Tsung Hwa (see: Private lessons also available. Wantage, NJ Call: 973-202-9409.
Telespectral Living Light Center
In a world of ever changing values and technology, the Living Light Center is dedicated to the total wellness of your mind, spirit and body. Many of our services are possible by phone and some are at no charge. Ask for Sandy or Jim today.
Tera Mai Reiki Holistic Healing
Tera Mai Reiki I, II, III and Master courses, treatments, distance training available.
The Blessed Seed
Hi, We are producing a healing oil that has been used for 1000`s of years but is little known in UK. It has exceptional healing benfits Kindest regards Daniel Goodwin
The Body Soul & Spirit Expos - Canada's Holistic & Spiritual Lifestyle Expo
Body Soul & Spirit is one of the internets largest Holistic Lifestyle Online Community & International Holistic Expo, both showcase products services and resources that foster the individual quest for wholeness & self-understanding
The Bridge - Centre For Self Empowerment
A spiritual resource for all seeking enlightenment. Dellaina Andrew uses love and light to aid spiritual development through counselling, regression, channeling and healing.
The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. One of the largest associations for s
The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. One of the largest associations for spiritual healing in the world. Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning.
The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
A comprehensive guide to this century-old method of learning how to release harmful tension from your body.
The Energy Point - Pontal Energético
Was created tocapture share oscillations energetic vibrations among those whohave the equipment orthose whocan achieve amental link with him so as toprovide spiritual mental physical andecologic sway of any livingbeing through anenergetic frequency swap
The Healing art of Setsukido
Find out all about the healing art of Setsukido which treats both the body and the spirit to benefit the whole person through massage and counselling.
The Holistic Care
The Holistic Care provides free energy healing, Free Reiki Attunements,Usui, kundalini, ayurveda reiki, Free yoga resources.
The House of Radionics
Welcome on the House of Radionics website! Here you can purchase all boards, genuine drawings and irradiators designed by Raphaël Dajafée. You will also find a selection of high quality products such as: Radiesthesist items, Books,New Adge music etc...
The Way to Wellness
The Way to Wellness--transcending cancer consciousness, nurturing the now as a way to live above the opposites and experience healing.
Theramune Black Seed Nutritional Supplements
Discover the Healing Secrets of Black Seed Herb from the Mediterranean
Three Dimensional Healing
We offer psychic healing, holistic consulting and lifestyle counseling. We do this through the avenues of health, wealth, prosperity, discovering your soul’s purpose, and spiritual warrior / adventure training.
Total Health
Total Health includes the New Age book, "Life Is A Trip": written following a doctors' open-heart surgery and his amazing experiences after, it explains the afterlife! There's help for those facing dying or the loss of a dear one, PLUS a FREE download.
Touch in time
A reiki healing site offering a local service and information
Trusttouch baby massage therapy techniques
Information and benefits of baby massage. The work of Registered Massage Therapist, Bonnie Peters, teaching parents to massage their babies to alleviate pain,to sooth and calm and for the nurturing and bonding experience it provides.
vedic society

Wanda Pratnicka: real exorcist, psychotherapist.
Wanda Pratnicka is a world-famous lay exorcist and psychotherapist. 30 years experience with 25.000 successfully performed exorcisms. Her first book is"Possessed by ghosts. Exorcisms in 21th century".
4 Body Assessments - a multidimensional approach to healing and spiritual transformation.
Wholelife Expos
Holistic health, personal growth, spirituality and alternative medicine seminars. Whole Life Expositions feature well known speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Suze Orman, James Van Praagh, James and Salle Redfield, and Kevin Ryerson.
We provide information about a number of different holistic healing methods, and hope to help people to find the treatment suitable for them. Reiki, Homoeopathy, Chakra Balancing, Tai Chi and Mind Body Medicine are the main subjects of this site.
Willkommen im ESO-Laden von Corsicareiki
Willkommen im ESO- Laden von Corsicareiki - kostenloser Versand von allen lieferbaren Büchern der Esoterik, Naturheilkunde, Infos, Buchvorstellungen u.v.m- Seminare auf Korsika,Fernhilfe, internationale Meister/-lehrerliste, kostenloses Handbuch ...
world ayurveda congress
Kochi in Kerala the south Indian state ,is holding the world Ayurveda congress 2002 from november 1-4 2002. This will the largest international gathering of people who have a passion for Ayurveda .
World's Finest Portal on Health information and Natural Treatments, Home Remedies and Various Health Guides!
A complete ayurvedic and herbal guide to cure all your health problems. It will not only help you in getting rid of your problems but also help in sustaining good health.
Yoga Guide
Articles on finding a good teacher, what to wear to class, sattvic food guidelines (yoga diet), where to find free online yoga books, a glossary of common terms and related topics.
Yoga Insight
Immerse yourself in the ancient art of self care with yoga-insight. Information guide for all Yogi.
Young Living World
Young Living Essential Oils...Nature's Solutions For Body, Mind And Spirit...
Your Life Blueprint
The Meaning of Life begins with the Meaning of YOUR Life! Discover your life in 2 hours through holistic counseling based on Your potentials including health & diet, how to manage stress and emotions, career, relationships, and your true spiritual nature.

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