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Ancient Mysteries & Archeology

A MAGI Entertainment/Dance Productions
Ancient Art Form of Mid-East/Gypsy Belly & Tribal Dances, plus psychics & magic & more!
Adventures Into the Unknown
I am Stan Grist. I am an explorer and adventurer. My web site contains information about my own search for and investigations of ancient mysteries and anomolous archeology.
Spiritual Egypt Tours with an emphasis on extended quality time at ancient sacred sites. Time to listen within or explore, group meditations, chanting in the sacred spaces, topnotch Egyptologist, deluxe accommodations.
Atlantis - The Sunken Continent Finally Found
Discloses the true site of Lemurian Atlantis in the Indian Ocean and its identity with Eden and other traditional Paradises. Lots on Occult stuff and hidden sacred symbolism by a professional scientist who applied Science to make this wonderful discovery.
Beloved Egypt with Ruth Shilling
Photos of Egyptian sacred sites - especially uncommon ones; achance to win a Hieroglyphic Shirt; "Egyptian Insights" - Writings about Egypt; Spiritual Egypt Tours.
Cultural Expressions
Culturally rich multimedia site with information about African religion (Ifa), culture, art, song and theory. Also information about computers, diaspora books and videos, clubs, poetry and more!
Dream Warriors
A site containing books and other resources for personal growth and development
dream warriors
A site containing books and other resources for personal growth and development
Duke University Papyrus Archive., The
Electronic access to texts about and images of papyri from ancient Egypt.
Egyptian Book of the Dead, The
Complete....and in English for easy reading.
Egyptology Resources
A mother lode! Take a lunch and be prepared for a long stay.
International Institute for Holistic Therapies & Vibrational Healing
IIHTVH is a complementary medicine school teaching workshops, Diploma Courses, Crystal, Spiritual, Colour, Magnified Healing, Reiki, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Relaxation, Meditation, with Branches in UK, France, Australia & Hong Kong
Hand crafted ancient mystical symbols. Cthulhu bust, Mayan Hunab Ku, Sumerian Anunnaki, Tree of Life, bird Goddess, snake Goddess, butterfly Goddess, womb of the Goddess, eyes of Goddess, ankh, om, yin yang, pentagram, Horus eye,
Min Travel ... Your ideal Travel Partner in Egypt
Our services include hotel accommodations, transportation, land tours, Nile cruises, scuba diving, Liveaboard trips in the Red Sea, licensed tour guides, domestic flights, as well as other travel services - all of which are of the highest standards.
Mythscape: Ancient Planetary Catastrophe in Myth & History
Ancient and current evidence of planet-wide catastrophe found in history, mythology, archaeology, astronomy and geology.
naked look at history and religion, A
Yahweh:A Pharaoh of Egypt? Nefertiti: A boy? and other interesting research.
Open Cheops !
Open Cheops provides a more logical and probable construction scheme than any previous theory. It established Pi as a whole number. It contains the formula by which the Earth is scaled. It also contains photgraphs of an un-opened entrance to Cheops.
Oriental Institute (University of Chicago) Demotic Dictionary Project.
Archeology and Egyptology. Good traditional academic resource.
Origin Codes
Origin Codes breaks open the meaning of the language of the universe and shows how this language is more advanced than modern physics yet was known by cultures thousand of years ago.
PyramidPwr generators manifest dreams to reality now...
Custom made PyramidPwr units are an asset to living room décor and even better as generators that will manifest dreams to reality, create abundance and activate healing. Experience pyramidal energy used to its fullest.
Sacred Merkaba Techniques, Science of Inner Love and Light Technology
Sacred Merkaba Techniques from Gary Smith, dedicated to bringing humanity both ancient and most recently released Merkaba techniques from the Ascended Masters and Celestial Beings to activate your 12 Merkaba Fields for Ascension to the New Universe.
Secrets of the Sphinx
Lots of interesting info and unusual approaches to understanding this subject.
Spirit of Place
This podcast focuses on spiritual travel and sacred sites around the world, examining geomantic science, mythology, history and practical tips for the modern spiritual traveler.
Sun Walking
Shaman Lessons, Pre-Egyptian legend and history, mysteries, beyond death, fairies, etc
The Stonecypher
The Stonecypher, a crystal skull, was unearthed in western Utah. It functions as a projection lens when a light beam is passed into it, revealing a coded text etched on interior surfaces.
University of Chicago Oriental Institute.
A museum and research organization internationally recognized pioneer in the archaeology, philology, and history of early Near Eastern civilizations.
Valley of the Ancients
Informational pages on the archangels, lost civilizations, mythological creatures, Arthurian legend and much more.
What Is Thr TRUE NAME?TITLE Of Our Heavenly Father And Creator And What Is
MANY LINKS to various sources, groups and individuals that "make mention" of the Name/Title, "YAHWEH Almighty" and the Name/Title Of His Son, "YAHshua Anointed and the diverse spellings and pronunciations used and the diverse teachings of these various so

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