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Art, Symbolism & Language

All Pagan Worlds of Soslan Khan Aliatasi - Online Gallery
A website dedicated to fine-arts and photography. Numerous paintings and photos are shown (to be purchased at reasonable prices !). Three versions accessible : English, German and Russian.
Alter Eco - Environmental Art
Using recycled materials, Alter Eco - Environmental Art is about identifying with a better ecology, whether it is environmental or humanitarian.
Alternative Mystical Psychedelic and Fantasy Art
Be creative in the design of your rooms by decorating your walls with stunning works of beautiful art. Available as posters and prints.
Amy E. Fraser
Amy E. Fraser's provocative, colorful images evoke intense emotion. These powerful paintings boldly express intimate and often painful views of the female experience. Ancient iconography is re-envisioned to depict modern womanhood.
Aquarian Oracle
Archetypal Wisdom in Verse. Inspired insights & Prophecies using special meditative poetry from the Realm of the Archetypes.
stages et formations de clown et clowns, rire et humour, conte et conteur, théâtre et comédien.
Ariel's Abstract Creations
Aboriginal fonts of consciousness designed to expand awareness of the artist within. Original designs by Ariel Speaks.
ART - Art from Recycled Technologies
Sculpture and jewellery designs from recycled and found materials for people who want to express individuality and identity with their intrests
Art Gallery - Visionary Kabbalah Art
Art gallery of Jerusalem artists, Yael Avi-Yonah and Dov Lederberg, showing original works inspired by Kabbalah and Jewish mystical teachings
Art of China Home Page
Beautiful pages, some take more time to down load than others. See the Zodiac (very fine!), among others.
Art Sacred
Art Sacred offering unique gifts of icon paintings, stained glass, calligraphy, bronze & stone statuary & Ketubahs reflecting the sacred & spiritual beauty of world religions & cultures. Art Sacred is dedicated to the vision of the oneness of humanity.
Awaken your spirit at!
A unique collection of spiritual short stories that awaken your spirit and remind us of the inner truths within us all.
Brendan Granahan, author of Voyager: An American Prayer
A pair of gold-coated, copper phonograph records attached to twin NASA spacecrafts, Voyager I & II, are the unlikely symbols in Brendan Granahan’s spiritual novel, Voyager: An American Prayer. images created with joy and good intention
Welcome to created with joy and good intention by Susannah Bec. Browse Digital Dandelion gallery for images that communicate and stories told or implied! Send free Ecards, buy paintings or just browse the online galleries.
Buy Art
Buy art online – online art galleries directory. Learn and look for art on the Internet. Art galleries reviews, expert advice, and much more...
Caladan Gallery
Caladan Gallery is devoted to the exhibition of a diverse and visionary body of artists' work. The exhibitions change monthly and reflect many different genres and mediums.
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Caroline Putnam Artist
Online Portfolio of Artist Caroline Putnam
Ceremonial Gourd Rattles
These hand crafted rattles are based on the archeological research of Marija Gimbutas on Old European Goddess culture and inspired by pottery designs dating 5000-1500 B.C.
Color Me Divine
Unique Spirit Art Portraits and Totem Animal Vision Portraits. These unique Divine Inspirational digital/hand painted pieces will delight you, your family and friends. Art that colors you divine.
Crystal Cloud Graphics
Free web sets, animations and clip art for Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, Islam, Angels, Holidays, Astrology, Ecology, Peace, Egyptian Traditions, Celtic Traditions, Native American, Wiccan, Goddes, Greek Pantheon and more!
Earth and Moon art for the soul
Soothing, soulful art, apparel and home fashions for the thoughtful human.
Earth Temple - Cape Town Sustainable organic architecture.
Earth Temple Architects is a sustainable architecture company offering environmentally-friendly solutions to modern living.
E-JEWEL Jewelry Design - Rings, Earings, Jewelry Online
Gold jewelry, Bracelets, Necklaces, Medallions, Pendants, Pins, Watches, Piercing, Judaica, sterling silver jewelry, gemstones and more. all of the items are made by a special design methods originated in Yemen.
Elegant Stone Mall
The mall contains items that are made of natural stone or related items such as crystals, animal carvings, sculptures, shona art, fossils, candles, minerals, resources, about stones, and much more.
Empath's Isle
Welcome to webrealm of artist and graphics designer, Michele-lee Phelan. This realm is a blend of fantasy and reality, and contains dragons, elves, and anthropomorphic creatures, pagan aspects with a good dash of sensual erotica.
Esoteric Incarnations
Celebrates the higher Self through original paintings, posters, murals, and greeting cards.
Founded by single mom/artist Terresa Ford-the mission of Esoteric Incarnations is to be an integral part of the spiritual community & encourage arts expression. It seeks to participate in the spiritual evolution of all man/womankind.
Ever Changing Forms
I would like to take you on a journey in to a world of Spiritual symbolic sight through my artwork. Come with me beyond the physical sight and realm of interpretation, by means of your unlimited imagination.
Exposition 1986.
Concepts of humanity.
Galerie Sublimatio
The Transfigurative and Esoteric Art of A. Andrew Gonzalez. Featuring Fantastic, Surreal and Sensual Visionary Art.
IdeaworkS...bend the imagination!
Original artworks based on celtic themes, faeries, castles, merlin & magic; handmade greeting cards (celtic, faerie, and goddesses); and coming soon: bath products for spiritual healing and ritual cleansing purposes.
imagination's window

Innerscapes Gallery
dream portraits of night and day visions painted in realistic and imaginary landscapes.
inspirational, visionary art by Melissa Harris
Inspirational, Goddess, visionary artwork & messages by Melissa Harris on notecards, prints, journals, t-shirts and magnets.
Isis Rising Gallery on the Web
Isis Rising has long been the foremost gallery of Visionary painting in the world and counts among its distinguished artists Gilbert Williams and Charles Frizzell, as well as accomplished painters from around the world.
Island Tribal Designs
Now Anyone Can Be A Tattoo Artist! ITD manufactures temporary body art materials and business systems of the highest quality and functionality.
Ka Gold Jewelry
Ka Gold Jewelry - making jewelry with deep meaning from different religions and concepts. Egyptian, Jewish, Kabbalah, Christian, New age, Sacred geometry and more.
Kwiatogron - wallpaintings
Welcome... Me, Athe KwiatoGron and me, Filippo KwiatoGron would like to greet you. We introduce ourselves through our art works that were made during the last few years.
Landscape paintings by Vasiliy Kikinev - landscape paintings for sale, oil
landscape paintings, landscape paintings for sale, Vasiliy Kikinev, art, art work, paintings, landscape oil paintings, oil paintings, flower paintings, still life
Handcrafted ancient mystical stone symbols and UFO art. Mars face,Cthulhu and alien busts,Mayan Hunab Ku,Abydos helicopter,Sumerian Anunnaki,Tree of Life,bird,snake,butterfly,womb and eyes of Goddess symbol,ankh,om aum,Horus eye,yin yang,and pentagram.
Lookinglass Works Art of the Imagination :: Feminine Spiritual Portraits
Dream-inspired feminine portraits :: visionary & spiritual art prints & posters :: feminine spirituality :: journeys in the creative otherworld :: beautiful art of the imagination by UK artist Lauren Halkon.
Sacred geometry, form, proportion, pyramids, dimensional physics, Egypt, Sri Yantra.
Magnificent Mandalas- Art of Transformation
Let the pulsing luminescent energy of these images sooth your soul. Mandala meditation aides help you to focus and center.
Mansoor Amarna Collection, The
Wonderful ancient Egyptian art.
Marie's Crystal Visions
~Marie's Crystal Visions~Custom Made Unique Handmade Jewelry, Healing Crystals & Precious Gemstones, Glass, Wood, Shells, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Anklets, Bookmarks, Key Chains, Fresh Herbal Tea Designer Strainers, Plainville, Connecticut.
Symbolic, Spiritual and Abstract Artist working towards a clearer reflection of Truth.
Marjorie Kaye - Mandalas and Other Works
This is the website of Visionary artist Marjorie Kaye, best known for her Mandalas. She uses bright and vibrant color as well as much detail to materialize her meditation into mandala form.
MAX - Arts by Max - Christianity And The New Age (Comment 2) - The Book Of Comments - Copyright © 1987-present - All rights reserved "... When will Jesus come? When will Jesus come... at last?! Or when will the spaceships come at last?"
Michaël BELLON on Amaltee.
Paintings suggested. Oil and acrylic on caneva.
Michaël BELLON-Collection "Les Arcanes Majeurs du Tarot"
Collection of 22 tables of personal inspiration, reserved for cultural exposures, without sale, since 1981.
Museo Gregoriano Egiziano
Spectacular Egyptian art from the Vatican's art collection.
My Blue Notes
Mybluenotes takes you through life's contradictions - by David Lee Kollberg
Mystic Healing Art
Fine artworks in forms of oil paintings,digital paintings,giclees, posters, cards and several products of artist mystic Dr. Oscar Basurto . Teachings and motivational quotations.
Mythica Art & Vision
Art & stories deeply rooted in mythology, archetypes & the divine feminine. Mystical watercolor paintings & dreamlike fiction. Mythical fish, dragons, mermaids, goddesses, angels & fairies in a colorful, fluid style. Prints & gifts available.
Mythical Pendants
A site for supplying pendants depicting ancient symbols, including Pagan, Wiccan, Gothic and Egyptian.
n o w i k o n i k . c o m
Metaphysical New Age artworks, Free Meditaion DVD's, Free Numerology, and 10,000 Dream Interpretation database...
Noga Lubicz Energetic Jewelry
The Brazilian shaman and jewelry designer Noga Lubicz channels and produces energetic jewelry in series or one-off pieces to connect to your higher self
Pagan Art Work,by Pagan and Proud of it
The faces of the Great Mother the elements, astral visons and some fantasy for fun always something new to see
Paintings of the Third Millennium
A Dimensional Door to the Spiritual World
PrimalX - Other Worldly Photography
Welcome to my Kodak and Fuji induced dream world... filled with warriors, gypsies, witches, vampires, wild animals, and otherworldly things. You can see the most amazing things, and I have evidence on film...
Rafala's Place is dedicated to the creation of spaces that encourage and nurture the process of self-discovery and realization, individual and collective spiritual journeys and participation in the creation of the health and well-being of our communities.
Santa Fe Glyphx
Southwest Art mandala theme inspired by dream symbols, the works of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung archetypes, mythology pictures-personal and universal. Liz Simon's work embodies metaphysics, symbolism, zen meditation. May appear in Santa Fe art galleries.
Solstice Studios

Song of Azrael
An angelic communication offering unique dialogue. Was Azrael an Angel of Death? Journey with us back in time and rediscover the ancient legacy that brought the legends to life!
Spiritual Art on the Web
The attunement to the most subtle phenomena of living nature and to sublime works of art can be of great help on the spiritual Path. Site's materials: screensavers, videos, photogalleries, wallpapers, audio lectures, music.
Stephen hawks web pages
There are some very esoteric paintings among my art works including a rendering of the Apocalyptic seals based on Eliphas Levi and Rudolf Steiner's indications.
Susannah Bec Images...Words...Astrology
digital art,paintings,photos,thoughts,poetry,astrology,music,articles and good vibes
The Bike Path
The Bike Path is the HomePage of Author/Artist Wayne Eliot Lankford. Mountain Biking, Metaphysics and Spirituality blend to produce written and artistic images of the sacredness of everyday life.
The Power of the Ankh
Revealing the hidden mystical and spiritual power of the Worlds oldest and most popular sacred symbol - the Ankh. Includes articles on the historical and metaphysical properties of the Ankh, Ankh jewelry and related books.
The Simon Cook Gallery
Here at the Simon Cook Gallery you can view and buy prints of Simon's work, ranging from evocative english beach and seaside scenes, colourful animal paintings, stunning landscapes, portraits, mystical new age images and work from new artists.
Transcendent Visions
Transcendent digital art by Troy R. Bishop.
Universal Mandala
Let these luminescent and sacred images lift your spirits today!
Visionary Art
Vibrant esoteric art by German artist living in London, England
Whisper's Rain
Welcome to the gothic emporium of occult artist Whisper. Come see what we have to offer.
Wholesale singing Bowl: Singing Bowl, Hand painted Tibetan Thangka painting
Buy online Wholesale singing Bowl: Singing Bowl, Hand painted Tibetan Thangka paintings, Pashmina scarves, pashmina shawl, pashmina wraps, Felt products, felt bags, felt slippers, felt shoes from Nepal.
Wild Speculation
A gallery of wildlife, spiritual, fantasy, and science fiction art for sale by highly talented artists.
William Butler Yeats
So why Yeats? Simply beautiful, esoteric writing and translations. Get yourself a copy of his translations of the Upanisads and Bhagavad Gita and you'll see why.
zari watch
From the Heart of Switzerland comes the finest watches in the world. Zari Watches provides you THE FIRST AND THE ONLY! Selection of Esoteric Swiss Watches at the lowest prices on the Internet.

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