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Celtic, Pagan & Wiccan

A Mystikal Gateway
Large well designed pagan site offering readings (astrology and tarot). Lots of information and education as well as a huge inventory of pagan merchandise. Athames to Zen items.
A Touch of Wearable Whimsy
A touch of wearable whimsy sells unique handcrafted affordable jewelry. Styles of jewelry include celtic jewelry, pentacle jewelry, wiccan jewelry, goddess jewelry, renaissance inspired jewelry, and the occasional surprise.
ADF Home Page
"ADF is a national religious organization devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidism." Lots of information. Worth a long visit.
Australian Gothic and 3D art, information and card images from over 150 Tarot and Divination decks, original poetry, fiction and book reviews, Pagan/Wiccan links and more.
Alchemy Realm
Unusual selection of alchemy, gothic, wiccan and pagan jewellery including a range of rings, earrings, bracelets, talismans, pendants and t-shirts.
Alchemy Revival
Stockists of Alchemy Gothic Jewellery, rings, pendants,bracelets, T shirts and acessories
Alisha's Broom Closet
Alisha's Broom Closet, purveyors of fine metaphysical goods, custom Book of Shadows design, and magickal home parties!
Ancient Cirlce
Wicca-Pagan Services and Sacred Arts as well as Eclectic Coven open both online/distance and local to the St. Louis Metro area. Lots of good stuff. Brand new site, so not all links are fully functional yet... they will be ASAP.
astrology, card readings and more
Do you need answers about life's important questions? Questions about love, romance, your spouse, cheating and infedelity? Questions about money, your career over 400 awards in less then 12 years
Avalonia - Wicca & Witchcraft
A great collection of original articles, resources - including free lessons for those interested in Wicca & Witchcraft.
Dried herbs, magick supplies wholesale with no minimum order.
Brahm's Bookworks
Handcrafted Old World Style Book of Shadows and Grimoires.
Branwen's Cauldron of Light
Supplies and information for witchcraft, Wicca and Santeria. Resources include moon phase table, glossary, poetry, humor, spells, correspondences, essays and more. Personal attention to your ritual and magickal goals.
Brewers' Witch BBS Home Page, The
Deep in the heart of Texas. Houston's techno-pagan resource. Welcome to the Lone Star State. Lots of info.
Celtic Jewelry & Gifts
Celtic jewelry, Viking jewelry, Key of Solomon talismans, aromatherapy items, incense, greeting cards, handmade candles and much more! Secure online shopping and immediate delivery!
Celtic Knots, Celtic-Jewelry, Pendants, Wedding Bands & Rings, Irish Celtic
Offering Celtic rings: knots, wedding rings, engagement rings and gold celtic cross necklace with best price on celtic trinity knot and beautiful range of irish wedding and claddagh rings at
Celtic Moon Pottery
Wheel thrown and hand carved stoneware pottery for spiritual and every day use. Some items are infused with herbs to aid in ceremonial use. Food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Celtic: language, music and tourist links developed by Rowan Fairgrove. Very thorough.
Children of Artemis - Witchcraft & Wicca
The Children of Artemis site is dedicated to providing information on Witchcraft and Wicca. The site contains News, Events, Information, Books, Music, Art, Links and much more.
Claudia's Lighworker Supplies
Secure online shopping for the most beautiful metaphysical jewelry on the market today - Goddess, Egyptian, Totems, Pentacles, Celtic, Gothic, Rings, Books of Shadows on CD, Psychic Protection eSeminar, Energetic Vitamins and much more.
Coffin Full of Crows
A Place of Darkness... & Light. Since 1998 Coffin Full of Crows has been catering to all spiritual paths, by offering unique items focused on personal as well as spiritual growth. Let us be the source for all your spiritual needs.
Converging Paths
Helps individuals with differing faiths to understand one another, foster tolerance,and encourage the breakdown of harmful stereotypes. Contains a personal and informational guide to the neopagan outlook and lifestyle.
Courtney Davis Jewelry
Hello, we are the new exclusive producers and wholesalers for Courtney Davis Jewelry. Courtney is one of the most sought after Celtic artists in the world. We offer Celtic, New Age, spiritual, and religious Jewelry for Wholesale.
Crescent Magazine
Crescent Magazine, a publication for Witches, Pagans and Wiccans, strives to address the needs of our community. We aim to integrate the Art and Pagan communities through a variety of resources. It is the print and online representative of Witches Agani
De Danann
Information and resources for Celtic Pagans. Articles, reviews, forums, journals, links, wiki, and other community tools offered.
Domain of the Everlasting Midnight
A Myjestic coven of wicca located in Sullivan county NY. Always open to new seekers.
Dragon Whispers
Dragon Whispers Ritual Items and spell kits, Jewelry, altar plate, chalices, and of course Dragons, lots more at the Dragon Whispers
Dragons and Dark Fairies
Nemesis Now gothic dragons and dark fairy figurines, gifts, furniture and homeware.
Dragons Den - South African Wicca Community Site & Online Store
Wicca source for the South African pagan community with a Pagan Library, Wicca Forum, Web Directory, Pagan and Occult Bookstore, Wicca Book of Shadows, Wicca Supplies Store
Druidschool will show you how to hold the higher awareness of the true Celtic Druid through our Homestudy Online Course and our Psychic Workshops and Healing Seminars. We offer training in how to become a Celtic Druid with Ritual Ceremony and much more.
Echoed Voices Online Magazine
Echoed Voices is a non-profit venture dedicated to keeping you up to date on issues facing the various traditions and paths of contemporary Spirituality. Enjoy!
Elysium Cache
We offer Hand crafted Pagan Altar tools and supplies. All Items are created from ethically collected materials, with aesthetics and spirit as our truest goal.
ePagan Auctions - The Leading FREE Pagan Auction
Thousands of items to bid on! *Giveaways * Free eMail * Free Greeting Cards * FFALinks * Banner Exchange * Member Calendar * Much more! NO FEES!
Esoteric Wonders
Offering the latest news and information related to paganism and the esoteric.
Every Witch Way
Good quality, good value gifts and products. Everything you need for your Craft. Books, jewellery, Green Man, Fairies, Altar products, spells and lots more.
Eye of Horus Magickal Supplies, Books & Art
Esoteric Art, Books, Supplies: Art, Books, Candles, Garb, Incense, Music, Statues, Stones, Textiles and Tools for the Craft practitioner or spiritual explorer seeking the sacred. Shop securely online or at our store in Minneapolis.
Fabrisia's Boschetto
Dedicated to Stregheria (Strega)also known as Italian Witchcraft. Learn about: the Etruscans, beliefs, festivals, dieties, Diana, Aradia, history, Befana, charms, faery, herbs and much more. Also contains general information about Witchcraft for new and
Free Love Spells
Offers all kinds of free love spells and sex spells, including wiccan and other magic, to help you find that special someone.
Free Spell Casting
Witchcraft and love spells powerful enough for any bring back your lover and finding your soulmate.Free help spells are given to those with financial problems asking for help.
Freya's Realm Pagan Resources
A website dedicated to bringing you information on all aspects of Paganism and Witchcraft.This is an eclectic site, where you will find topics here such as Runes, Spell-casting, Herbal Magick, Sabbats, Moon-Lore, Deities, Crystals, and more.
Goddess Chant
Fantastic music and CD featuring Shawna Carol in celebration of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. Joyous, exhuberent and passionate!!! Reccomended by Margot Adler and Starhawk!!!
Gothic Dropshipping
Work from home selling gothic and pagan gifts without having to hold your own stock!
Gothic Figurines
A selection of gothic, wicca and occult figurines from nemesis now fairies and dragons to alchemy jewellery.
Gothic Legends
Nemesis Now fairy and dragon figurines and Alchemy Gothic jewellery. Everything you need to comfortably live on the Dark Side! Make sure you come and see us and see the sale.
Gothic Spell
Wiccan & Pagan Online Store - serving the magickal folks. We have all your needs covered with some gorgeous unexpected extras. Come and pay us a visit today. Brightest Blessings
Halls of Avalon Online Pagan Community
Halls of Avalon is an online Pagan community which embraces each one of our members, just as the Goddess embraces us. We invite you to join our warm family, where you will be given continuous love and support as you walk down your chosen path.
Hecate's Cauldron
Dark Goddess Hecate, learn Her mystery; Her magick. You will find rituals, invocations, chants, Sabbats, magick and much more.
Hexenalltag von Cheyenne
Informative Hexenseite von der Athame bis zum Zauberstab, ideal für Junghexen, spirituelle Hilfe und Beratung, Tarot, Orakel, Kräuter, mit Hexenforum und Chat, Hexenlinkliste
Indiana Pagan Council
Website for the Indiana Pagan Council. An organization of many paths and traditions.
Interesting Times
Stocking a range of wiccan and pagan products including gemstones, crystals, incense, talismans and seals.
Kewl Ristar: futhark rune magick, The
A brief intro into the runic realms of a practicing Vitki, as well as personal points & views concerning the Eldar Rune Futhark, Northern Spiritual Tradition, & Eclectic Witch Magicks
Kitsune Magickcraft
Now available online, Kitsune Magickcraft offers handmade, homemade products for everything from health issues to increasing psychic power, as well as services including tarot readings and Reiki treatments. Custom orders are encouraged, as are questions.
Kurth Works
Maker of Custom Wiccan Wands and Staffs.
Ladyhawk's Treasures
Wiccan, Pagan, Occult, New Age shop offering wicca supplies, pagan jewelry, pentacles, ritual items, divination tools, candles, herbs, oils, spell kits, Alchemy Gothic Jewelry and much more! Brightest Blessings, Ladyhawk
Llewellyn's Spell Search
Search our database of spells, charms, prayers, and potions or read the Spell of the day.
Lyn's Garden
hundreds of candels,books,incense,jewelry,tarot decks,crystals,music,oils,runes,and much more
Magic Candles Wands and Staffs
100% Handcrafted Magic Beeswax Candles My candles are ideal for spell casting or honoring deities. They are 100 times more powerful than store bought candles
Magical Jewelry
We are a manufacturer of high quality handcast pewter pendants with all original designs.
Magickal Myths and Metaphors
Offering the Largest Range of gothic and traditional Fairies, Dragons, Steampunk products along with alternative Services such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Tarot Readings.
Magickal Needs
Specializing in celtic, metaphysical & gothic jewelry. Magickal Needs also has an outstanding collection of period reproductions dating from 200 B.C.E.
Witchcraft store with custom witchcraft spells, Wicca supplies, pagan and occult tools, and Santeria supplies. Resources for New Age and pagan community.
Memphis Pagans
Our site is for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Heathens, and all of the like a place to network, talk, and meet and to help build and support the large and vibrant Pagan community in the Mid-South area.
Military Pagan Network
An association of pagans seeking to assist military personnel in pursuit of personal options.
Modern Nature
An online pagan community. It is open to all who are respectful of others choices in religion and spiritual path.
moon calendar
Drawn mainly from Celtic and Norse traditions, the Moon Calendar helps you to develop a feeling for the nature of each moon season, and the annual lunar and solar cycles.
Mountain Raven Clan
a pagan wicca teaching workshop
Mystic Gifts and Charms
New age gift shop - Wicca and Pagan Supplies
Mystical Beginnings
A Very enchanting place to visit. Filled with information and activities both on and offline.
Mythic Images
Original visionary designs and precise museum replicas of votive figurines, altar statuary, and wall plaques of ancient mythic archetypes—Goddesses, Gods, Elementals, Mythical Beastes, etc. Our centerpiece is Oberon Zell’s revelatory “Millennial Gaia.”
Myths 'n' Gifts
Myths 'n' Gifts offers unique mythical and gothic fantasy themed gifts including dragons, fairies, mythical furniture, candles, incense and oil burners, stoneware, crystals and much more! Nemesis Now retailer. Free gift for purchases of £40 or more
Nemesis Zone
Nemesis Now Gothic Fairy and Dragon Figurines Gifts and Homewear
New Age Celtic Christian Church
Official Prayer site of the New Age Celtic Christian Church of the 21st century
Nine Houses of Gaia, The
Earth-based religion. They also publish "Open Ways."
Open Hearth Foundation
A Pagan community center initiative, the OHF works to create dedicated gathering space and resources for Pagans of all paths.
Pagan Federation North East
Pagan events, meetings, listings and articles
Pagan Federation, The
Provides contact between groups and genuine seekers of the Old Ways; promotes contact and dialogue between the various branches of European Paganism and other Pagan organizations world-wide; provides information on Paganism to the public.
Pagan Paralegal, The
Wiccan Paralegal with over 15 years experience in Orlando, FL area providing professional, accurate, affordable legal document preparation to members of the Pagan Community for divorce, bankruptcy, name changes, copyrights, wills, incorporation, and more!
Pagan Shop
Pagan and wicca supplies from athames to cystals and ritual equipment. Also a range of hand made natural oils.
Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft supplies handcrafted by Sliverlight Source
We offer a wide selection of pagan, wiccan and witchcraft related items. Choose from capes, robes, dresses, tunics, jewelry, altar supplies and much more. All products are beautifully handcrafted.
Persephone's Grimoir
A place where the new and experienced can go to discuss and find information on topics such as magick, spells, rites, Sabbats, aromatherapy, healing, animal guides, witchcraft, craft tools, herbs, candles, and fantasy topics such as faeries and dragons.
Peter Stone Company
These folks offer a variety of Celtic, New Age, Wiccan, and Pagan styles of sterling silver jewelry.
Phelan Powerful White Witch A True Psychic | Atlanta GA | 770-912-4811
Hi! I'm Phelan, a true psychic, powerful white witch with over 18 yrs of exp in the Atlanta area. Spell work available!
Piece of Heaven Web Design
Offers affordable custom web design solutions for small and home businesses, original graphics, pre-designed web page templates, website maintenance and search engine optimization services.
Project Mercury: Chicago Near West Pagan Social
We are a group of Pagans and Pagan friendly individuals in the Chicagoland area who meet in an environment where we will not be judged for who we are and what we believe.
psychic help
Specializes In Voodoo, Black And White Magic Reunites And Seperates Lovers. Seperate A Male Or Female From Your Lover tarot, house's that want to be their own, see johnny mcfall What is a spell? - A spell is a ceremony with
Purple Sunrise Online
Gothic, fairy and celtic gifts from Nemesis Now and others.
Quantum Ocean - Handcrafted Rune Necklaces
I handcraft Rune necklaces with molten pewter Rune symbols on glazed sea shells and sea stones. The oceans energy supercharges the Rune as you wear the necklace.
Raven and Crone
Online shop for witchcraft, wiccan and pagan supplies for all spiritual and magickal rituals. Orders usually ship within 24 hours and we carry over 2000 items to meet our customers needs.
Ravenworks makes specialty one-of-a-kind ritualwear. Gorgeous cloaks, capes, ruanas and scarves are our focus. We also carry accompanying jewelry, circlets and ritual tools.
Ritual Hut Home Page
A good balance between information and products for sale. Great incense selection. Links to pages focused on rituals from diverse cultures. And, yes, they'll be selling books, too.
RuneMaster - Celtic, Nordic and Medeival Jewelry
Very Unique Celtic, Nordic and Medeival Jewelry
Sage RainWillow's Wicca Page
Poetry,links,spells,LOADS of information on magickal and medicinal herbalism.This site even has an online Wiccan Temple.
Sage RainWillow's Wicca Page
Poetry,links,spells,LOADS of information on magickal and medicinal herbalism.This site even has an online Wiccan Temple.
Silver Lake

Silver Threads
An excellent collection of useful links for the Pagan and Wiccan community. Has divination and zines.
Spells, genuine magic spells that work
Spells and magic spells that actually work, include love spells, health spells, wealth spells and learning spells, shopping for ultimate gifts we have hundreds of magic spells to choose from
Superior Love Spells
Love spells that get results. Kofi casts the most powerful love spells available to mankind.
The College of the Sacred Mists
The College of the Sacred Mists Online College Degree Training Program, students may gain Wiccan Degrees resulting in ordination into the Priesthood. Our Extension Classes include tarot, chakras, divination, pendulum and much more for the working witch.
The Glastonbury Shop
We are a leading mystical, magical and spiritual internet mail order company. The Glastonbury Shop strives for excellence in bringing you a range of the best quality products to enable you to explore your world.
The Magickal Cat
Discount Pagan & Wiccan online store offering 4500+ metaphysical items, including ritual tools, books, jewelry, herbs, amulets, candles, altar items, tarot decks, wands, pendulums, and more. Secure checkout server.
The Mystik Dragon's Keep, Wiccan Supply
The Mystik Dragons Keep the source for Wiccan supply, Magickal Accessories, and hundreds more items for the home, self, and altar.
The Pagan Barter Place
A place to barter, trade, sell your witchy wares. We have catagories ranging from art and crafts to wholesale and everything in between. Cleaning out your broom closet and not sure what to do with the things you no longer need. Post them here for barter.
The Raven Wand
Wicca Forum for thoses how are intersted in the craft,Advice on spell casting,herb magic etc. & genral chat.
The Ritual Chest
Alarge selection of Wiccan, Pagan, Metaphysical, New Age, Esoteric, Magickal, Ritual and Alter Supplies.
The Sisters of the Triple Goddess
A group/coven designed for women who are either new or old to the Wiccan/Pagan religion...Based in the Memphis,TN area...Owner/operator-Samantha Lexine Deveraux 901-216-5365...for more information e-mail
The Temple of Manannan
A Temple dedicated to the Manx Celtic God of the Oceans; Manannan Mac Lir. A fun place to talk on message boards, learn about spirits and deity communication, and lots more!
Traditional Cornish Witchcraft
Lore, tools, Powders and other Information about the Cornish Cunning tradition.
Largest collection of the most powerful, tested and easy to use spells. Obtain impressive results with our white magic spells and black magic spells for love, money, revenge, career and power.
Unreal Witches Ball
Once again it is time for all good agans and Witches to come out and celebrate our favorite time of year. Pull out your top hat and tails  for an evening of music, dancing and partying with all your favorite Pagans
WICA - The Witchcraft Information Centre & Archive
The Witchcraft experts: free news, courses, research, consultation, books & other online services. Read the latest international news & research; study Witchcraft with our courses; seek advice on Witchcraft issues; buy products on Witchcraft, all at WICA.
Wiccan Jewelry, Metaphysical Gift Shop, Wicca Store
Serving the wiccan and Metaphysical community. Wicca products include jewelry, Witchcraft, wicca products, oils, herbs, candles, spells, Incense, products, Athames
Willow Grove Magickal Shoppe
We are on online store and a real shop in Indianapolis, selling Pagan and Wiccan ritual and spell supplies.
Witchcraft Herbs
Specialists in witchcraft herbs, resins and magical incense.
Witche's Brew: For All of Mother's Children
Interesting; lots of links, an ftp with downloadable programs.
Witche's League for Public Awareness
The Witches' Do's and Don'ts, "...a document distributed to over 40,000 people visiting Salem over the last 10 years." And did you know Witchraft is a real religion recognized by the United States government? Lots of good information.
An exciting new site with Astrology, Tarot, a magik spells newsletter, healing, great articles and events.

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