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Children: Spirituality & Education

Abzu's Fountain Press
Abzus' Fountain Press specializes in creating loving and empowering books for children of Pagan and Goddess Tradition families.
Link to "Namaste! Songs, yoga and meditations for Young Yogis" Some songs were created specifically for use in Yoga and Creative Movement classes for children & families. Other pieces are meant to uplift ALL AGES towards "being present" everyday!
"SPIRIT BOY - an Earth Spy" is a novel for the young readers/tweens, and parents on AMAZON. SPIRIT BOY speaks in a manner similar to Abraham-Hicks duo about the Law of Attraction. Tricia teaches these principles and is available for lectures.
Christian clothing for children and adults, Biblically designed, proclaiming the Word of God, till all hear of His grace through Jesus Christ.
Bridgeway Homeschool Academy
Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Everything you need for homeschooling Pre-K-12. Affordable, full service accredited academy includes customized curriculum, personal advisor, report cards, transcripts, graduation, diploma.
Bumples offers unique animal stories based on cooperation and friendship for children ages 3-9. All problems and challenges can be solved by the animals from Bumpleville. Whimisical pictures and plenty of heart in each book.
Elowyn's Pagan Parenting Cauldron
This site has been created as a place for Pagan parents and their children. We offer a Daily Guide, and our site is full of info, such as Pagan parenting articles, Pagan children's stories, chants, magickal info, and much more. Join today!
Learn Quran, Prayer, Islamic Education Online By Our Experienced Qari and Huffaz.
Essentiol Learning Institute
Learning Disabilities. Resources for all varieties of learning disabilities explained with a solution for each learning disability. LD in children and adults can be identified and overcome with our testing and proven learning disability programs.
Heartsong Books
Home of a site with a children's book for all ages---Glory---celebrating flowers and the life and spirit of Edward Bach. Also other really good books.
Little Soul Books
Little Soul Books is dedicated to addressing the spiritual development of children. Spirit-centered activities & books are provided.
Magical Child Books
Picture books for Pagan and Wiccan kids. Free teaching guides and coloring pages.
Nest Family
Nest Family-christian animated children video's, bible video's with activity book, educational toy's, cd's, cd-rom's, etc. On-line store. Registered with Better Business Bureau. Business Opportunities.
Practical Spirituality
Has lessons for teaching children, teenagers, adults and handicapped through movement, meditation, yoga, etc.
Quran Tutor
Our experience Koran tutors will teach you how to read the holy Quran online. Get the benefits of online Quran courses and classes from us.
Strange War - Stories for a culture of peace, The
By Martin Auer, renowned Austrian writer of children's books. Downloadable free of charge. Available also in German, Russian, Danish, Chinese, French, Estonian and other languages.
The Angel with the Golden Glow
Inspired by a brief life, The Angel with the Golden is the recipient of the 2000 silver Benjamin Franklin award in the category of Metaphysics & Spirituality. It is deeply moving those who have experienced loss, especially the loss of a child.
Theta DNA Healing
An alternative healing technique creating miracle healing. Training courses are throughout the UK and Europe. Theta Healing helps self esteem, relationships, abundance, health, wealth, illness, etc
Wizards & Fairies Pagan Children's Books
Learn Quran, Read Quran, islamic & quranic teaching at home with tajweed. 1 to 1 Online quran classes for kids, adult & new muslim. 1 week Free Trial

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