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Eastern Religions & Philosophy

Antarbrahmandiya Sanskriti Kendra Newsletter Site - Read Stories of Many Yo
Published by Swami Shyam, our Newsletter has stories about Babaji Nagaraj, Pilot Baba, Ganga Baba and many other great Siddhas of India whom Swamiji knows personally. Links.
Buddhist Monk Amulets
Authentic Buddhist Monk Amulets from Thailand. BuddhistMonkAmulets offers a large selection of amulets, vintage to newer and all have been blessed by Buddhist Monks.
China Feng Shui Products Wholesale
Wholesale over 500 items of Feng Shui products and China Folk Crafts, like bagua mirror, buddha, ching coin, crystal, lucky bamboo, wind chime, fortune bell, candle holder, fu dogs, dragon, money frog, gem tree, mystic knot and more.
China the Beautiful
The mother lode of Chinese philosophy, art, literature. Absolutely worth any time you spend here.
Divine Powers
This site is about using Mantras to bring Divine Powers into your Life. Useful Mantras, and how and why they work is explained in details. Plus few words on Reiki and spiritual healing , Telepathy as well as techniques on Meditations, Vipasana.
Egyptian Imports and Collectibles
Beautiful site with dozens of Egyptian catagories, visual aids and tools for those on their spiritual path. Sacred essential oils, statues, daggers, papyrus and jewelry, cultured stone, marble and alabaster items for the home, office, or group settings
Feng Shui Chinese
Feng Shui advice for the home and office
Feng shui consultations and Chinese astrology
Feng Shui Consultations, courses and cures from feng shui master Alan Stirling, plus free Chinese astrology horoscope, celebrity profiles and feng shui tips for home and office
Feng Shui Institute
Feng Shui Institute - international feng shui resource centre for traditional chinese feng shui
Feng Shui Interior Design Secrets Revealed
Feng Shui Interior Design: Master's Secrets Revealed to Deepen Love, Increase Wealth, Improve Health, and Raise your Spirit with Tips for the Home, Office & Garden. FREE Feng Shui Bagua, Feng Shui Readings & Chinese Astrology Horoscopes
Feng Shui School of Excellence the number one feng shui school for successf
Feng Shui School Courses and Workshops from the accredited Feng Shui School of Excellence. Study traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese astrology to get the best feng shui results
India Essence
Where the spirit of India reigns! Hindu and Buddhist religious statues, Malas, Religious diety posters, wooden items, jyotish astrological charts and more!
indiayogi welcomes you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, and endeavours to provide a gateway to spiritual resources in India.
Interlude: An Internet Retreat
A pause that refreshes. Good, restful, meditative, contemplative.
International Centre for Yogic Arts and Sciences
ICYAS is a Yoga Teacher Training Academy with an international orientation.
International Journal of Tantric Studies.
Useful. worth a visit. A subject which needs deeper understanding beyond the "sensational" and this is a place to start.
Introduction to I-Ching
For beginners, maybe. But it's also good to start from a position of not knowing, as if for the first time. Then maybe something can be seen.
Lamp of Unity
A Sufi lover once cried out during his meditation,"O God, with what intention was I created?" Soon after this God responded: "The reason for your manifestation was that I might behold Myself in the mirror of your soul, and plant my love in your heart."
List of Sufi-related Resources on the Web
This is a good place to begin searching for information on Sufism on the web.
MA Center
This web site offers comprhensive information about Ammachi, name is Mata Amritanandamayi Devi a great spiritual leader of modern India. She is popularly known as the hugging saint, since she sits and hugs people for many hours of the day.
Mahikari-USA, non-profit organization, offers "Spiritual Training" & "Spiritual Volunteer" programs in society, based on the "Mahikari-no-waza," which purifies spiritual aspects of everything, and the "Teaching of Righteous Law," the guiding principle of
Master Jami Lin's Feng Shui Interior Design Secrets Revealed
Feng Shui Interior Design: Master's Secrets Revealed to Deepen Love, Increase Wealth, Improve Health, and Raise your Spirit with Tips for the Home, Office & Garden. FREE Feng Shui Bagua, Feng Shui Readings & Chinese Astrology Horoscopes
Mind Yoga
Our Bhakti-yoga society promotes wellness, healing, self-help and empowerment through mantra, meditation and 'PK' mind power.
Mystikka - Empathic Psychic
Empathic psychic relationship readings since 1993.
On line Free Yoga with mantra, mudra, meditation. Articles and world wide
On Line yoga sets, meditation, asanas, mantra, mudra, articles, world wide links. Support available.
One: The Digital Dialog
We celebrate and explain the differences among the major faiths of the Western World: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Our publications bridge faiths and serve to inform anyone who seeks spiritual fulfillment and religious knowledge.
Path to Tao
Site presents a new edition of Tao Te Ching, blessed personally by its Author Lao Tse, and stories of Immortal Masters of Taoism telling about Tao and the Path to It.
Philosophy Foundation: A School of Advaita
The Philosophy Foundation is a community dedicated to the practice of Advaita Vedanta. Our classes and retreats are led by experienced students and discussion is supplemented by practical exercises, retreats, and initiation into meditation.
Prayer flags in English from West Wind Prayer Flags
West Wind Prayer Flags are created in the spirit of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags. Printed in English with universal blessings of compassion and love.
Pure Buddhism
What pure Buddhism is - according to Shakyamuni and other Divine Teachers of Buddhism. They teach us today how to meditate, how to cognize the Primordial Consciousness, how to attain the Nirvana. Texts, video, slideshows.
Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center of NY
"TRUTH IS ONE: SAGES CALL IT BY VARIOUS NAMES." - Rig-Veda. Advaita vedanta.
Reiki in Hannover - Meisterinterviews
Es ist nicht leicht, den richtigen Reiki-Meister zu finden. Diese Seite soll dabei helfen, in dem teilnehmende Meister im Interviewstil relevate Fragen beantworten und ihre Lehre darstellen.
Religious Portal - All about Hinduism
Religiousportal carries complete information on hindu Religion.It carries thousands of subjects related to hindu Religion.It also deals in Hindu Relgious Products like Rudraksha,yantra,hindu god idols,japa mala,shankha,Meditation and Spiritual Accessories
Sadhu Sanga
Sadhu Sanga offers illuminating material for those seeking to deepen their spiritual understanding and practice. We offer talks and excerpts from Swami Tripurari's books, articles, and an on-line Bookstore.
Sathya Sai Baba Avatar of our days
Dedicated to the Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. Texts, pictures, slideshows, video and other material.
Shri Ram Chandra Mission--Sahaj Marg System of Meditation
Sahaj Marg is a form of Raja Yoga that blends well with all religions. Easy to pracice in daily life. Self-submitted.
Sivananda Yoga
More of the perennial philosophy. Sivananda Yoga Om Page
Soka Gakkai-USA
Official website of Soka Gakkai-USA, the American branch of Soka Gakkai International, promoting the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin.
Spiritual Masters, God, Meditation and other inspirational writings by Sri
What is spirituality? It is the common language of man and God. Here on earth we have hundreds and thousands of languages to allow one person to understand another; but when it is a matter of God and man, there is only one language, spirituality.
Spiritual Resource Library
Online Library of Vedic literature/Books, Artwork & Music, links & downloads Includes: Yoga (Astanga, Patanjali, Hatha) Hindu Buddhism Zen Vaisnavism Krishna
Swami Shyam of Laxman Jhula: Kundalini, Meditation & Travel to India to Stu
Study and travel to the Kumbha Mela with Swami Shyam. Visit his other literary sites listed on the Net, email the Master with your spiritual requests. Help build his Ashrama. Free Vedic Ebook downloads, cds, etc.

Thai Buddha Amulets
Buddha amulets from Thailand. Old and new amulets made and blessed by Buddhist monk from temples throughout Southeast asia.
The Beauty of Pure Islam
The pure Islam teaches people about development of oneself as love and aspiration to Allah the Creator of the universe. The Founders and spiritual Teachers of Islam speak from the pages of this site. Texts, audio lectures, music.
The easiest means to self-development

The Esoteric Teaching
The Esoteric Teaching is a Eastern mystery school transplanted to the West. Harinam Press publishes information on Vedic Astrology, books, CDs and articles on the eternal universal principles of spiritual advancement of the Esoteric Teaching of the Vedas.
The Gayatri Mantra

The Prabhupada Connection
A website dedicated to the founder of the Hare Krishna movement.
Threshold Society & Mevlevi Order, The
The Society is the authorized representative for the Mevlevi Sufi tradition in North America, and offers training programs, seminars and retreats around the world. Good resource and links.
Uplifting Yoga Broadcasts
Internet home of Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) Yoga Teacher and Vedic Astrologer in San Francisco - Get a Free Daily Horoscope and Uplifting Yoga Broadcasts!
Vivekananda Centre London
Teachings of science and spirituality using vedic philosophies
Vraja Journal
Musings, reports and photography from the groves and meadows of the land of Vraja. Writings on philosophy and religion, views from India's sacred places. Peeks into the world of Gaudiya Vaisnava practice.
Wei Wu Wei Archives, The
Contains extracts from eight books by Buddhist/Taoist philosopher and essayist Wei Wu Wei, plus background info., bibliography, links, etc.
White Lotus Foundation
Hold 3 or more yoga instructor sessions per year, personal retreats, shorter courses and facility rental for other groups. Beautiful location near San Marcos Pass above Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands National Park. Good essay on the four yogas.
wholesale feng shui product and orientl gifts&art,fengshui onlie study in c
wholesale feng shui product and orientl gifts&art Feng shui online study in china Relate:
wholesale/retail feng shui product and oriental gifts&arts, feng shui onlin
wholesale feng shui product and oriental gifts&arts Feng shui online study of china school
Learn quran online - quran learning tajweed. Read Quran classes for kids and adults from online quran tutor.
Zen Hospice Project
The death experience. "The Zen Hospice Project organizes programs dedicated to the care of people approaching death and to increasing our understanding of our own impermanence." A buddhist approach to death and dying.
Zen Meditation Society, Baltimore
Calendar of events, articles, etc.

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