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"Nexus: A Neo Novel"
Our blog offers a dynamic perspective on writing, spirituality & info on anxiety & depression. Spiritual Topics include: Compassion, Higher Guidance, Connectedness, Equanimity and Non-violence. We also introduce visitors to our new novel, NEXUS.
"Wealthy Soul" by Dr. Michael Norwood
A personal journey of grief and loss while maintaining a positive and healthy mind and body.
101 Insights
On-line deck of 101 inspirational cards. A site designed for your personal and spiritual growth.
1111 Spirit Road
1111 Sprit Road is designed to assist those who are looking to develop and nurture their inner wisdom.
Spiritual poetry, quotations and song lyrics can all be found in abundance on Allspirit. From Advaita to Zen, ancient to contemporary, there is something here for everybody.
Amoira - Wisdom Words on Fate and Destiny
Inspirational quotations and wisdom words on fate, providence, divine guidance, grace, and spiritual life. Als prayers and poems.
Ardath Publishing
New Australian author Kim MacKenzie has launched first novel "Bluey and the Rainbow Band", written for a young adult (or adults who are young at heart) audience. The inspired animal adventure story is uplifting and unique.
Daily Awakenings to help you live with more inspiration everyday.
Best Inspirational Quotes
Incredibly Inspiring for Your Heart and Mind.
Inspiration, deliberate creation, intuition, upliftment, fun, love, a broader perspective and beauty. Suggestion for category, spirituallity, deliberate creation. thank you
Center for Positive Living
This church exists solely to teach and promote a healthier, happier, more prosperous and loving approach to living based on a recognition of the Oneness of all things and an understanding of spiritual law.
Counselor of the Heart - Awaken to Who You Really Are!
Inspirational verses, understandings, wisdom and teachings - plus spiritual counseling, support and guidance, group chats and more. When we stand in UNITYLOVE together, we can do everything our Hearts desire, for ourselves and for our world.
Divine Inspirations
Inspirational music and poetry free for all to share
dreamriver press
Dreamriver Press is a freshly launched publishing house that aims to put out books in the fields of mind-body-spirit, environment, new economics, alternative health, and fictional fables for all ages.
Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa, Fa Lun, Falun Gong, Falun, Gong, Cultivation, Zhuan Falun, China, spirituality, Enlightenment, Health, Fitness, Yoga, Dafa law wheel, meditation, Qigong, qi-gong, Qi gong, tai chi, Buddha, Tao
Finding Happiness
Finding happiness is the key to life, discover yourself and find real happiness is being yourself
Free from minister johnny mcfall
here you can post, click on the link for a up lift, and more all free
Heart and Soul
A collection of quotes selected to provide hope, wisdom, advice on living and spiritual growth.
Inspirational and Entertaining Quotes
600 sayings from famous people or anonymous
Inspirational Poems and Stories
Read inspirational poems and stories online or submit your own.
Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes
Famous inspirational quotes and sayings to inspire you and start your day on a positive note
J.A.B's Gift World
We create unique personalized gifts for all occasions and for all ages.
Letter to God
Letter to God is a place to leave a letter to your God and read letters left by others to their God, find answers in the self help article resource
Lifestyle@ Docspond
Helping millions find their bliss and return meaning to success. Helping children of borderline parents validate their emotions to find motivation to achieve their goasl.
A place for Lightworkers to gather. Dedicated to spreading Light through human empowerment.
Love Quotes
Love Quotes collection with famous quotes, love quotations, and love sayings, Browse quotes by subject, or by author. Over 10,000 of famous quotes and sayings!
Make Magic Happen | Daily Inspiration Club
Join our Daily Inpiration Club and recieve a fresh quote every day to inspire and motivate you to live a magical life. Or just browse thru our favourite quotes online.
Motivational and Inspirational Quotes
Inspiring quotes organized by category. Topics include leadership, success, happiness, life and words of wisdom.
My Name is Zing
Poetry, prose, journal, diary, call it what you will. I am recording my observations, my responses to my everyday life - my feelings and thoughts are stored in this pages. This blog has become a record of the landscape of my life.
Mystical Reflection
We create custom-made spiritual meditation pictures using a picture of you placed into the mystical environment of your choice.
New Intimacy, The
Value and respect for differences! That's The New Intimacy. Successful conflict resolution, real romance, personal growth, practical spirituality in dating, marriage and all romantic relationships.
Our Inner Source
Edgy articles, interactive forums, and exclusive interviews. Our Inner Source also provides an inspirational gift store, in which we give ten percent of our profits to various charities. We promote Inspiration, Connecting, and Giving.
Outside the Box with Dr. Kevin
"Outside The Box with Dr. Kevin" is a unique podcast based internet radio show featuring Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and a variety of interesting guests. New episodes are posted every Monday evening at 7 pm EST
Poetry of my Heart's journey
An offering of mystical and spiritual poetry, that reveals the Soul's path towards Light and Love.
A comprehensive collection of spiritual and illumining poetry by poets from the East and the West, including:Tagore, Sri Chinmoy, Sri Aurobindo, Rumi,Hafiz, Blake, ao Tzu, Kabir
Point of Life
Home of Author/speaker Michael Levy Inspirational/Financial/ Motivational. His Life Enchantment Lectures include; Wellness, Dis-ease Prevention, Vital - Energetic Living. Stock Market, Authentic Mental States of Mind.
An inspirational journey into past lives. How an 'ordinary' housewife became an international radio guest, a successful author, song writer, and TV presenter and how her book is currently being turned into a movie!
sheimala's garden
spiritual art colorful,expressive,vibrant
Singing Bowls from the Singing Bowl Shop
Offers handmade and hand-hammered singing bowls directly from Tibet and Nepal, including information on the history of singing bowls and how they are used in meditation and music.
Spiritual Growth Lounge
Resources for spiritual growth, self awareness, and personal motivation. Includes inspirational stories and articles, inspiring quotes, relevant product reviews, and a recommended spiritual books reading list.
Spirituality Information
Spirituality information on science and spirituality, religion and spirituality, spiritual articles, books, music and movies.
Sri Chinmoy Poetry
Sri Chinmoy Poetry is an extensive collection of uplifting and inspiring poetry by Sri Chinmoy. Includes poems selected by different poetic themes
The Virtues
An ongoing, evolving and spirited exploration of personal growth, character and virtue through sacred and philosophical teachings, stunning visual art, quotations, book recommendations, and web site links.
The World Teacher Trust
The World Teacher Trust W.T.T. a non-profit organisation inspired by teachings of Masters of Wisdom. Website in English, German, French, Spanish. Publications, Newsletter
Think and Grow Rich /Science of Getting Rich
Learn the secrets of inner and outer wealth with these free online classics.
Who is the free spirit centre?
The Free Spirit Centre is a virtual centre where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.
The importance of the body in the spiritual search. A body-oriented interpretation of the lessons from a Course in Miracles. The Divine is to be found within our bodies.
Word Paint
Showcasing extracts of Prem Rawat's (Maharaji's) talks. Beautiful graphics, many languages, beautiful poetry.
Words of Peace
Hear Prem Rawat on TV programme 'Words of Peace'broadcast all over the world. He gives insight and inspiration to millions

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