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Authentic/Kosher Kabbalah
Kabbalah for the masses! Over 1,000 articles includes topics such as kabbalah prophecies, meditative kabbalah, online text translations, reincarnation and ask the kabbalist features.
Bnei Baruch world center for Kabbalah studies
kabbalah lessons and information, the wisdom of kabbalah - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ, audio MP3 lessons
Bnei-Baruch site
Authentic Kabbalah - Quench your thirst
Breslov - Judaism with Heart
This Chassidic site is inspiring. You have to look and listen very closely for the Kabbalah, but it is there. Wonderful stories and commentaries, with sharp insights in the Breslov teachings link. Enjoy!
Judaism for non-Jews
This site has very good material in sections on Kabbalah, Reincarnation,Jewish Souls and Mystical Marriage.
Rava's Golem
An article about golems, generally, and about the reasons, from a kabbalistic perspectie, that Victor Frankenstein failed in his attempts to create a golem. Part of writer David M. Honigsberg's web site.
School of Spiritual Integrity
Wide range of courses and articles involving many aspects of metaphysics, special focus on kabbalah.
Web Of Qabalah
Aiming to provide a comprehensive resource for the studya dn practice of modern Qabalah. For both beginners and advanced students alike.

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