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*** Database of Number Correlations
A database of the first thousand numbers and how they relate to universal phenomena. Site also explores how the mathematics of permutation relate to a symmetrical pattern in the virtues.
A great source for mathematical information.
EqWorld - The World of Mathematical Equations
A free online site presenting extensive information on algebraic, ordinary differential, partial differential, integral, functional, and other mathematical equations: exact solutions and methods. Tables, articles, references, software, books, and more.
Mark 6/ 649 / Lotto 649 / 49C6 / 13983816 /
Mark 6/ 649 / Lotto 649 / 49C6 / 13983816 / whole set of lottery numbers/sequence.
Mensionization Complementation
Mathematics of the Ancient Mysteries, Includes those of Astrology, Alchemists, Kaballah and I Ching. Excellent resource.
Puzzles with polyhedra and numbers
In this site one can print copies of polyhedron puzzles (for non-commercial purposes only) and one can read several mathematical articles on the subject.

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