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Mysticism & Comparative Religion

A gothic vampyre site
This site explains the need for the blood and the true path to immortality.
Aesthetic Vedanta
You have a fine set of links on your web site. Would you consider adding a link to 'Aesthetic Vedanta,' a site for Swami B.V. Tripurari's significant new book from Mandala Publishing Group? The book, which won the prestigious Grawemeyer award for religiou
Allspirit Mailing List
ALLSPIRIT has been set up with the intention of uniting all, whatever spiritual path they are following. We will share the poetry of Rumi, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rabindranath Tagore Mary Oliver, Sara Teasdale, Kahlil Gibran and many more.
...a peer-reviewed, limited area search engine...[wherein] quality is controlled by a system of hyperlinked internet indices managed by qualified professionals who serve as Associate Editors of the project.
Christ in the Desert
Monks-on line. A sense of the look and feel of the middle ages and illuminated manuscripts.
Christnet Organization
A global resource of information on all religions, and aspects of spiritualism, meditation and culture. While it is "religion" based, it is non-denominational and includes all types of spiritualism and worship and healing ministries.
Rosicrucian Online Magazine. Dedicado à milenar Filosofia Rosacruz.
a tour of the universe focusing on the convergence of scientific and spiritual thought, an overview of ancient and modern perspectives of timeless mystical principles, high-quality image galleries and a directory of links
Critical Consciousness on the road to 2012

A site with humor, filosofi,sex, histories and happynes
Enlightenment quotations from Mysticism and Poetry
Our site contains numerous impact-FULL quotations that explore Human spirituality and Being. Many insights provide Enlightenment about God, Humanity, and the world
Esoteric Theological Seminary
Our focus is esotericism -Esoteric Christianity, true gnostic teachings, hermeticism and the world's wisdom traditions. Ancestral teachings -Celtic, Teutonic and Native American...also have their place in our lessons...not sure what catagory to put it in
The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is dedicated to the study and dissemination of Gnostic wisdom, contained in Art, Science, Philosophy, and Religion.
Excellent resource on Gnosticism. Very complete. Visit.
Gnostic Judas
Unravel the mystery behind The Gospel of Judas, the divine mission of Judas Iscariot, the ancient Gnostics and the real meaning of Jesus' life.
Gnostic Texts
Gospels of: Thomas, Mary, Philip, The Dialogue of the Savior, The Apocryphon of James, The Hymn of the Pearl, and more!
Golden Mean
This site contains essays and a link to the Golden Mean discussion group which tries to chart a course between the chauvinism and sciecne and scpetics and the 'true believers' of the New Age fringe to get to the bottom of the many mysteries that plague u
Gospel of Thomas
..these are *secret sayings*, and are intended to be esoteric in nature. The Sayings are not intended to be interpreted literally, as their New Testament parallels often are, but to be interpreted symbolically, as noted by Saying #1.
Guardian Publications
Religious and Esoteric publishing house dedicated to the dissemination of traditional ideas whilst maintaining high academic research standards.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Absolutely comprehensive! Bring lunch and a water bottle, pack a tent. All subjects (spirituality, law, civics, etc) and traditions, through the Renaissance. Original texts, translations.
Jewish Magazine
A Monthly Internet Magazine of Spiritual Development
Kissing Sophia: Meditations on Goddess Spirituality
This site is filled with poetry and philosophical speculations on the nature of reality and the cosmological function of gender and sexuality.
An online magazine dedicated to the spread of higher conscious through articles drawn from both scholarship and mystical experiences, concerning world mythology and religions, mysticism, New Age, esoteric philosophy and other spiritually-oriented matters.
Misticismo Cristão
Blog about christian mysticism of Antonio Carlos Gomes de Castro
Mystic Warrior
Learn proven mystic techniques to improve your life and expand your mind from the award winning author of Mystic Warrior. Receive a free copy of Mystic Secrets Revealed when you sign up for the newsletter at
Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts
Selections from six Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi Library.
Noble Hermitage, The
A mystical, philosophical, astrological, approach to viewing life, from the viewpoint of the hermit brothers at the Noble Hermitage.
Our Lady of Light Publications
Prophecies and revelations of the Divine Mother about events unfolding on the world stage.
Site honors the various sacred teachings of traditions around the world. The site is divided into subjects, where one can read comparative texts from major traditions.
Religious and Sacred Texts
A host of texts: Apocryphal, Analects of Confucius, World Scripture Compilation, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Early Christian Texts, The Urantia Book, Islamic, Mormon, Bahai, Gnostic, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Taoist, Sikh, Zen, Divrei Torah.
Religious HOT LISTS at
Links, and links, and links..........
Rhapsody for a Unicorn
A literary thriller by Oscar Cappelli about the mystery of the Knights Templar, biblical archaeology, the esoteric roots of Jewish-Christian culture.
Site of The Soul
A site of Spiritual and Personal Growth. Explore your spirituality on many levels, by visiting the Prayer Room, the Purifying Room, the Temple, or the Hall of Right and Truth. Much more to explore.
sometimes our lives seem shadowdy it's hard to tell what's . . . .
exorcist or help with a haunting I will travel to you do you know the risk I take I do hauntings and exorcist work is not easy not safe unless you know what I know I take all the risk as a pro I know what they are do you
Spirit and Flesh
A website exploring the oneness of mind and matter, heaven and earth, and spirit and flesh.
Tagore's Poems
Spiritual Poetry from one of the great masters.
The Coven Organization
The Coven Vampyre Organization is an international Vampire organization for the preservation and prosperity of the Vampyre community and culture.
The Temple of Love
Unites every religion through the mouths of the great prophets. is the first online magazine about Spirituality from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.
world of ghosts
paranormal and ghost discussion forum

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