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Mythology & Folklore

Awaking Arthur
Awaking Arthur is a one hour documentary film which traces the origins of the King Arthur Legend from Megalithic times through to the present-day renaissance of Celtic Culture.
Castlebooks Mythology
Articles, interviews and lesson plans on Joseph Camapbell's mythology of the Hero
Dark fairy and dragon figurines
Gothic fairy and dragon figurines, gothic furniture, artist collections and blog site.
Esoteric Eye
Esoteric Search
Fairy Zone
Nemesis Now Fairy shop featuring Dark fairies, night fairies and astist collections.
Fantasy Fairy Figurines
Fantasy fairy and dragon figurines and giftware.
Perseus Project
Excellent study resource for Greek mythology; helps in the use of the Greek language in study.
A unique source for exclusive New Age sidelines. Including Seahearts, Nyoshoos, Runes, Tarot bags, Dompet Jewelery Travel Bags, Beaded bags, Silver Runic Talismans, Magic bags and boxes.
The Mystica.Org
The true nature of the gods is that of magical images shaped out of the astral plane by mankind's thought, and influenced by the mind. --- Dion Fortune
Vampires: Lilith's Lair
Original vampire art, stories, poetry, magick, chat...
What is in your future
In all of history, man kind has had a longing to know his future. Over the years, thousands of divinatory methods have been tried and proved. These tried and true practices come together here, to help you.

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