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Native American

Children of the Sun
Creating intrest in Native American heritage (maybe educate you some too *wink*). Animal stories, traditional and personal. "As the Teepee Turns" vignettes of my life, like a soap opera, Native American style. I also share a great detoxification product.
The Coyotespeaks speaks about many things ranging from the Hopi and Native Prophesies to the latest findings in Post-Quantum Theory showing that we are all connected just like the elders us.
Hayehwatha Research Institute
Hayehwatha Research Institute - The return of Hayehwatha and research into the spiritual realms of the Universe.
Native American Spirituality. Path of Heart.
Dedicated to the true spiritual culture of the Native Americans. On this site, Divine Indian Spiritual Chiefs tell about the Path to Perfection the Path to Freedom.
Native Prophecy NetCenter
Prophecy curious are you? Read the eBook and learn from indigenous elders worldwide how to prosper during the coming "End of the world as we know it" and about the new world that is coming soon!
Red Hat Speaks
Welcome to - Where old tyme Cherokee Wisdom may be found!
Ruffles Talking Feather Homepage
The Homepage for Talking Feather Chat, a weekly Internet gathering on Native American Issues.
Star Knowledge
Very informative site.
Vision Quest Studios

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